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Yeti Smart Home will lead you to forget about going app by app to control your lights, sound systems, and every smart device you have. Create routines to turn on/off your lights when you wake up. It creates more innovative homes! Nowadays people are getting smart home devices — you can get the most out of smart devices. Luckily smart homes are on the way.

For instance, you can have Philips Hue, Lifx, or Belkin WeMo as a lighting system, Sonos as the sound system, WeMo to control switches, and Netatmo for security cameras or heating systems…among others. As such, there are so many brands in the smart home ecosystem. Every smart device has a smartphone application that can control the device.

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A Bluetooth speaker has been our all-time favorite, particularly, if you are a music lover — you cannot go anywhere without it. In such a scenario, it becomes really difficult to choose a speaker that will not just serve your purpose of producing the best sound quality while you are at home, but it should — Yeti Smart Home is here to make things right for you…

What Yeti Smart Home Technology Is All About

Yeti is on a journey to empower people’s homes to be smarter and take care of themselves/their loved ones. As such, to truly change the way our homes take care of us for the better we need to get all your devices working together in harmony. To do so, we must forgo any selfish approach and work together with all brands to create the best experience possible for you.

Although technology may be the backbone of all that we do for you, we firmly believe that it’s through great caring and support that makes us shine (learn more about Yet in full detail). That’s the very reason why Yeti is always available to help you out through its chat inside Yeti! Whilst, offering you an in designing for ease of use and engineering for perfection.

They know that you don’t want any extra hassles when it comes to your daily life. That’s why they focus on designing smart home control experiences that are simply beautiful and easy to use. To achieve that, they rely on the best technology and engineering expertise working behind the scenes to let your home handle all the work — almost like magic!

One thing is for sure, innovation comes best through playfulness. Thus, they don’t believe in traditional company cultures of meetings and spreadsheets. It just doesn’t fit with Yeti. Instead, they prefer spending their time talking to you — to figure out the best ways to make your life easier than going back to the Yeti cave to their whiteboards to design and build them.

Use Yeti Smart Home App — Take Control With One Single App

Yeti is a free-to-download smart home app that lets you control your smart home devices with many interesting premium upgrades. So, do you have smart home devices at home? If you do, you’re in the right place. You arrived here because you probably have more than one brand at your home. Or if you are looking for extra smart home device functionalities.

Whilst, bearing in mind, that if you install different smart home devices at home you probably will end up with more than one app in your phone to control all of them. Perse, this is due to every brand having its own app to control its devices. Fortunately, Yeti can help you manage all your smart home devices in your house — only one app to control them all.

Many functionalities and automation are available inside the app. And, as such, we encourage you to download Yeti and discover them — simplify the control of your smart home today! After all, you can even easily subscribe to Yeti Premium through the official website to get a special discount straight away. So, what else are you waiting for? Go ahead and try Yeti now!

Yeti, Your Smart Home Companion

With that in mind, according to a Yeti insider, they are continuously working to make it more useful for smart home users and ultimately democratize the way we interact with smart homes. So that you’re always one click away from a truly smart home. They are on a journey to empower people’s homes to be smarter and take care of themselves & their loved ones.

Yeti Free Functionalities For All Users:

  • Use your smartphone as a remote controller for your devices: With Yeti, you can control your smart home devices using a single interface
  • Cloud and Local control: you can decide if you want to use local control or link your smart home brand accounts and enjoy remote control for your smart home devices.
  • Multi-Platform: Install Yeti on all your devices, Android smartphones, and tablets, iPhones, and iPads. There are no limits to your smart home controller.
  • Rooms: Organize your devices into rooms/groups to simplify and speed up their access. You can create as many rooms as you want!
  • Support: They are always willing to help you and improve Yeti. Let us know through the chat available within the app!

Yeti Premium Pack Exclusive Features:

  • Automate your devices with routines: Automate your devices triggering them at a selected time or location and soon via sensors and other conditions.
  • Faster configurations with charms: Create setups for your devices and activate them with a single tap.
  • Easier access using widgets: Run your charms faster without opening Yeti using the Android and iOS widgets.
  • Control your devices with voice: As a premium user, you have exclusive access to the Yeti Skill for Alexa. Forget about touching your phone and running your charms using your voice.
  • Manage multiple homes: If you have more than one automated home, you can add them within Yeti to manage them separately. This comes in handy to have access to all your smart home devices, regardless of which home they are in!
  • Faster customer support: They will answer and solve all your issues in record time. Under 48hrs guaranteed timeline.

Moving on, once you install Yeti, you can decide if you want to pay to enjoy the premium features they offer or keep using the free features forever. Be that as it may, you can see a list of the supported products in full detail.

Yeti Plays Quite Well With These Brands:

As an example, if you have Philips Hue lights you’ll need the Philips Hue application to control them. If you have more than one brand at home, you have to install not only the Philips Hue app but also have to install one app for every brand you have at home to control your devices. Moreover, you can only control one brand per application.

You would have to switch apps every time you want to control more than one device. This sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yeti Smart Home is an application where you can control all your smart home devices regardless of their brand. So, as an example, you can control all the lights you have at home even if they are different brands with the same application.

And you could also control your sound and heating system with that same app. Uniquely, they’re always open to new ideas and love to try new things out! What’s more, they are continuously adding new features and support for new brands. Yeti is free and available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store as you’ll find out down below.

Consider the following links:
  • Download Yeti For Android
  • Download Yeti For iOS Devices

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We all love a smooth experience when using the internet. It doesn’t matter whether you’re completing some official assignments in the office, watching videos on YouTube, streaming movies from Netflix, or searching the web. A slow WiFi connection is something that irritates us all. Especially, if you have to wait for hours or move from one room — it offers you:

1. Quick Discovery + Easy Control

On one side, you can tell Yeti which brands you own and he will scan your home network to automatically find them. While, on the other side, discovered appliances will appear on the Yeti home screen where you can control all of them.

2. Automate Almost Everything

Though this is available on the Pro Yeti plan, you can easily and quickly create rules that tell your devices what to do by themselves based on different conditions so they better adapt to your lifestyle.

3. Fast Smart Home Devices Control

Yeti Smart Home has a really easy and intuitive interface where you just need to tap and hold on to widgets to quickly control your devices. You could easily control your lights and speakers with only a couple of taps on the home screen.

4. Have Limitless Rooms Control

You can now control devices all together as a group if they are the same kind of device. For example, if you have two or more lights, automatically an “all bulbs” group will be created so you can perform an action on the widget and it will affect all your lights.

5. Easy To Go For Premium Version 

A premium version of Yeti is now available. That said, you can Click Here to read and learn more about the premium version of Yeti in detail.

Summary Notes:

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As you can see, Yeti Smart Home App is a toolkit that allows you to control all your home’s devices from a single application. Just tell Yeti which brands you own and he will scan your home network to automatically find them. And, as a result, all discovered appliances will appear on the Yeti App home screen — where you can control all of them in one click.

Moreover, you can even create rules that tell your devices what to do by themselves — based on different conditions — so they better adapt to your lifestyle. For your information, you can link up with yet to be on the know always.

Follow The Links To Connect With Yeti:

That’s it! You’re now one clicks away from a true smart home experience — courtesy of Yeti Smart Home — a one-click application. So, what’s your take on this one? Or rather, what do you think about Yeti? Kindly let us know your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, recommendations, or even contribution questions (for FAQ Answers) in our comments sections.

In case you have any questions you can always reach out at [email protected] or talk to Asun or Elena using the Yeti in-app chat. You are also welcome to Consult Us at any time if you’ll need more support or help in regard to Yeti or any other Smart Home Technology queries. And now, until the next one, thanks for your time, you are welcome for more!

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