Why Hire Content Strategists Over Copywriters | #10 Reasons

The relationship between a need to hire content strategists and copywriters can be difficult to understand, especially for beginning marketers. Many people wonder which type of professional they should hire if they need work on their website content, blogs, or social media posts.

When it comes to creating impactful and engaging content for your business, the roles of content strategists and copywriters are often intertwined. However, there are distinct differences between the two that make hiring a content strategist a valuable investment for your organization. While copywriters excel at crafting persuasive and compelling language, content strategists bring a holistic approach to the table, focusing on the bigger picture and long-term goals.

Content strategists bring a holistic approach to content development. They possess a deep understanding of the target audience, market trends, and business goals. This enables them to create content that aligns with the overall strategic vision. Unlike copywriters who often focus solely on writing engaging copy, content strategists have a broader perspective. They analyze the competitive landscape, conduct thorough research, and develop a comprehensive content strategy that encompasses not only writing but also content planning, distribution channels, and measurement of success.

That said, in this article, we will list 10 main reasons why a business owner would choose a content strategist over a copywriter. Make sure to read the whole post as it may improve your understanding of this profession!

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Why Hire Content Strategists Over Copywriters

The Core Reasons To Hire Content Strategists Over Copywriters

  1. The first reason is that content strategists create completely custom-written pieces from scratch instead of using templates or pre-written articles. If you really care about your brand’s voice and tone, then you would rather have the content made specifically for you rather than using something that’s already been written.
  2. A copywriter takes a more general approach to write, writing for the average person instead of being able to write about your industry in-depth. This is why hiring both of these professionals could be ideal as they would collaborate on specific articles and make sure they are accurate and interesting.
  3. Content strategists take on strategic roles where they work with other members of the marketing team to make sure all content fits together instead of just focusing on one aspect of it like copywriters do (posts vs email newsletters etc.).
  4. Since content strategists’ main focus is strategy they can help you find new topics and angles that really interest your target audience. They can even come up with a new value proposition if you want to re-brand.
  5. The reason why content strategists might be a better fit for your business is that they will make sure each piece of content on your website tell a story and fit into the bigger picture. Copywriters focus on writing specific pieces that may or may not create a continuous flow throughout your site — which doesn’t always help new visitors understand what it’s all about and where to go next.

More Reasons May Include.

  1. Content strategists are also great at keyword research, which is important when you’re trying to optimize your website or blog posts for search engines. They will make sure everything is checked before publishing it on the site and make sure there are no grammar mistakes or typos.
  2. Since content strategists use lots of different methods to create content, they will work with both internal and external sources (like surveys or interviews) to find out what your audience really needs and wants from you as a company. This will let them come up with a unique approach that can’t be found anywhere else on the web.
  3. A content strategist makes a good team member since they know how to collaborate effectively with other members of the marketing staff by reviewing content before it goes to be published. They can even teach others on your team how to handle other kinds of content effectively which will help them get more work done faster and better!
  4. If a copywriter was originally what you were thinking about hiring, then a content strategist might actually be a much better fit for your business since they have a wide variety of skills that can’t be found in someone who only does writing. This person would also have great SEO knowledge so you don’t end up wasting time and effort formatting everything for search engines.
  5. Copywriters are often known as excellent writers, but sometimes reaching out to an audience through the written word isn’t always the best idea if you’re looking for long-term relationships with customers who would be willing to buy your product or service. Content strategists can help you create other types of content that will engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Here are some FAQs recently asked by our clients about content strategy

1. How long does it take to get a response?

We understand that your time is valuable, so we try to react as soon as possible. Usually within a couple of hours or sooner!

2. Do you offer monthly retainers?

Yes! Our rates are very reasonable and depend on the size of your company, budget, and needs. You can contact us for details by clicking the link above.

3. What type of information do I need to send when requesting an estimate?

Please include all relevant information such as goals you hope to achieve with content marketing, current content marketing efforts (if any), website URL(s), social media profiles, etc.

, so we can put together a proposal as quickly as possible.

4. Can I request a time frame for the work?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a certain turnaround time because every project is unique and complicated in its own way. We will do our best to meet your expectations and deadlines though, so you’ll always be updated on progress as well as have access to exclusive materials before they’re published!


Hiring a content strategist is an investment, not just an expense. That’s why it’s important to seek out people with experience. A person or company that has proven themselves in the past knows what they are doing and will do their best to bring you good results.


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