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WhatsApp Chatbot Use Cases For E-commerce Online Store

With more than 2.2 billion monthly active users in 180 countries, Whatsapp has become the global leader in messaging. Even though it began as a platform for people to interact with their friends and family, a portion of it has gradually become a possible channel for companies to communicate with customers.

In reality, the popularity of Facebook Messenger and chatbots for easing business-customer interactions inspired the development of the WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp bot for Business. WhatsApp Company is an application developed by WhatsApp that facilitates communication between small business owners and their consumers.

On the other hand, WhatsApp Business API is designed for big and medium-sized businesses. WhatsApp’s advantage is allowing them to interact with clients from across the world and send automated instant responses at scale.

Know About Chatbot

A chatbot is an application that is created to process conversations with users. Chatbots work as computerized virtual assistants, competent in communicating with people with text messages on quick messaging forums, platforms, and onsite live chat applications. 

A chatbot also is used in various industries like the restaurant business to enhance customer experience. The chatbot can be used to take the customer’s order and then send it to the kitchen. The chatbot can also be used to provide updates on the order status to the customer. We posted a complete article on it.

Though they contain some limitations, AI-driven chatbots are becoming “smarter” with time. We will witness a condition in the future where it can become hard to differentiate between people responding to you and chatbots responding to you — chatbots of the present time are that fast at learning to communicate like us. 

Advantages of an AI-Driven WhatsApp Business Chatbot

WhatsApp, driven by an AI chatbot, offers companies the chance to increase their consumer base and provide the highest level of support and service. Listed below are the benefits of WhatsApp chatbot from various perspectives:

For Clients and Customers 

The WhatsApp chatbot is highly advantageous for consumers and clients:

  • Customers and clients may receive immediate responses to their inquiries and begin connecting with your company anytime.
  • The Business’s help is provided to consumers and clients around the clock.
  • A chatbot driven by artificial intelligence customizes discussions, enhancing every engagement’s quality and value.
  • Along with identification and data protection, business verification includes end-to-end encryption.
  • They can locate your company on a platform they currently employ.
  • They are already familiar with using the program.

For Business Leaders

These are the advantages for company owners of having a WhatsApp bot for Business:

  • The platform is accessible to businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and big enterprises.
  • WhatsApp’s ability to provide a superior customer experience increases consumer engagement and retention.
  • Bots boost consumer connections to increase brand exposure and loyalty.
  • The omnichannel WhatsApp AI bot integrates all of your company’s web touchpoints.
  • You acquire the opportunity to broadcast customized news, notifications, and informative content.
  • As the advantage of WhatsApp business is an international platform, you can globalize your Business at any moment.

For Marketing

In several ways, your marketing team may employ a WhatsApp chatbot:

  • WhatsApp chatbots enabled by artificial intelligence would allow marketers to send customized, time-based messages to clients, known as the WhatsApp drip campaign.
  • The process of generating and contacting leads becomes time- and cost-efficient.
  • Marketers can automate the customer’s progression through the marketing funnel.
  • Customizing offers and discounts for prospective leads or repeat consumers is simpler.
  • To engage leads, marketers might provide multimedia material.

For Sales

After marketing, WhatsApp Conversational AI will also assist with sales:

  • The fast bot-to-human transfer provided by WhatsApp chatbots powered by AI enables your sales representatives to turn “hot leads” into sales.
  • Artificial intelligence chatbots are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist clients with purchasing decisions, relieving the load on your sales force.
  • AI-powered chatbots may execute marketing campaigns to convert “cold leads” into “hot leads.”
  • It can send out automatic orders, appointments, and other update alerts.
  • Rapid responses from an AI bot maintain consumer engagement throughout the purchasing experience.
  • Customers receive relevant and comparable product information from an AI chatbot, allowing your firm to upsell.

Regarding Customer Service and Engagement

Having a WhatsApp Business Chatbot is also advantageous for your customer service and engagement efforts:

  • WhatsApp AI chatbots can respond to both primary and complicated client questions. By interacting with a bot, your company may provide immediate responses to customers’ inquiries.
  • An AI bot enables a human agent to take over a discussion on the same platform when necessary.
  • A chatbot may provide your store’s location pins to assist consumers in finding your establishment.
  • Your team may conduct microsurveys and collect consumer and client feedback using the WhatsApp chatbot.

Businesses now recognize the significance of reaching clients where they are already present. One of the main advantages of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business chatbots is that they may assist in establishing a steady and long-lasting relationship with your clients without requiring them to use multiple channels. 

With the creation of a user-friendly chatbot, businesses can take advantage of WhatsApp’s devoted audience base and increased engagement. With the right chatbot platform, customer care processes may be expedited, and clients can receive superior service compared to rivals.

How to Create Whatsapp Chatbots? 

People converse with the WhatsApp chatbot integration using the chat interface as if conversing with a real person. It is a series of automated responses that resemble a human conversation on WhatsApp. Since May 2022, WhatsApp has made its API available to enterprises of all sizes. Previously, WhatsApp API was only available to medium, and big enterprises, so smaller firms had to contact other suppliers to gain access.

By evaluating historical data and prior transactions, the chatbot in the WhatsApp platform enables businesses to provide customized suggestions to clients. By integrating WhatsApp chatbots, a company may automate tedious marketing processes, allowing the sales and marketing teams to concentrate more on lead generation.

Building an intelligent chatbot in WhatsApp using cognitive services would allow businesses to automate several tasks, such as product research, product catalog, customer assistance, follow-up communication, sales, conversion, etc. Overall, a WhatsApp bot service helps a business increase brand recognition, nurture leads, and establish client loyalty.

WhatsApp, one of the most prominent messaging services, has released the WhatsApp for Business application. The advantages of WhatsApp business allow companies to build an online presence on WhatsApp, smoothly engage with consumers, and flourish.

WhatsApp for Business is a tool that may assist businesses in developing an AI-based chatbot application to boost their Business’s accessibility, engage with their consumers conveniently, and communicate with them in real-time. By incorporating WhatsApp chatbots into CRM and ERP solutions, firms may improve customer relationship management.

To create an application like WhatsApp chatbot you can follow a few easy steps mentioned below:

  • Just type WhatsApp chatbot in the Google search bar and select the suitable link & click Signup.
  • When the user has signed up, wisely check the infrastructure for customer support.
  • Judiciously test or examine the chatbot.
  • Make the chart flow.
  • In the last, examine the chatbot over mobile WhatsApp.
  • If the platform works well, the user can explore the payment option or choose to find the other platforms.

Intelligent WhatsApp Chatbot

Building an intelligent chatbot on WhatsApp using cognitive services would allow businesses to automate several tasks, such as product research, product catalog, customer assistance, follow-up communication, sales, conversion, etc. Overall, a WhatsApp bot for Business helps a business in increasing brand recognition, nurturing leads, and fostering client loyalty.

WhatsApp chatbot is a hub of different tools which can be utilized for diverse purposes. These tools offer an easy and accessible interface to their users for rapid conversation. Users are capable of tracking their engagement and can check the average order value & the level of fulfillment amongst the clients after the communication. To become better in customer interactions, analytics find out the areas as well as opportunities where extreme output can be gained.

Final Words

WhatsApp chatbots are a great way to improve customer communication and help boost sales in eCommerce online stores.

Hence we can conclude that a WhatsApp chatbot integration is simply one of the finest marketing tools you should choose. Utilizing it in one’s WhatsApp Business API will assist make a company more efficient. In addition, it is almost completely risk-free because it’s free, and there is no prospect of making it a paid application. The end-to-end encryption of this platform also makes it a safe app for receiving data from any customer. They are simple and efficient to develop, and one can take the services of companies that offer expert services in this regard.

We can help you with your AI-based chatbot application development. At groovy we have experience and an expert team to serve you with a beneficial and successful endeavor of WhatsApp API chat and help you get API access and guide you through the application solution for your business.

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