What Casino Games Are Popular In The Philippines?

The Philippines is a country where Casino Games and gambling are a common pastime. Now that there are many online gambling facilities, it is not a surprise that Filipinos would visit an online casino and play. However, one cannot help but wonder what casino games are popular in the Philippines — and that is what we will discuss today.

What Casino Games Are Popular In The Philippines?

1. Lottery Games

Filipinos love the lottery. For a small amount of money, one can win a substantial prize — so big that it can be life-changing. Although many Filipinos are still old school in their manner of betting, online casinos such as Asialive, that have a lottery system are now emerging as a viable market

The thing is that the Philippine government may not allow some casinos to offer a lottery because it is in direct competition against the government’s own lottery program.

2. Blackjack

Filipino kids learn how to play blackjack early, considering that this game is something Filipinos play as a pastime. On the internet, blackjack is one of the most played Filipino games.

Why? Because blackjack is a card game. In a country like the Philippines, games facilitated with cards are a lot more accessible than others. One can simply head to a department store and buy a pack of playing cards. Even in land-based local casinos, one can observe that there are more blackjack tables than roulettes. It is noticeable that blackjack tables are more popular than slot machines.

Although slots are now gaining popularity, only real gamblers know how to play these machines. Despite that, slot machines are still among the favorite casino games. There are many variants of blackjack. However, the most preferred in the Philippines is the classic version, where blackjack pays 2:1.

3. Poker

Poker comes in many forms. In the Philippines, there is a poker version called Pusoy and Pusoy Dos. The hands, such as straight, flushes, etc., are all the same in the Texas Hold’em variant. It is only the gameplay that varies.

Because of that, Filipinos are accustomed to the hands and their order of strength. Online, a Filipino player merely has to understand the gameplay. It is why many people love to play on the web.

Here are some other poker variants that Filipinos love:
  • Caribbean Poker
  • Texas Hold’Em
  • Stud Poker
  • Oasis Poker

Texas Hold’em is what Filipinos like to play. However, they would rather play with a machine than with humans.

4. Bingo

Bingo is a staple gambling game in the country. There are even malls that have a specific bingo area. In rural places, Filipinos play bingo with their neighbors. Bingo is a long game, so it has become a pastime for people as they wait for the day to be over.

The bingo game that Filipinos play is the classic one. They do not want special variants. In online casinos, one can see that most Filipinos want a simple bingo game, not new iterations that make the game confusing.

Is Online Gambling Legal in the Philippines?

Yes, both land-based and online gambling is legal in the Philippines. However, it is illegal to operate a gambling facility without a license. The licensing body in the Philippines is PAGCOR. All gambling facilities that operate must secure authority and permit them to operate from this institution.

Online gambling is a bit murky. There are many online gambling facilities that accept Filipino players, but they are not Filipino companies. So far, there has been no massive action taken by the government to block these sites.

What Casinos Accept Filipino Players?

Many online casinos cater to the Asian market. In the Philippines, there are even local gambling websites, but they are mostly catering to the cockfighting industry.

For reference, here are some online casinos that Filipinos love:
  • GGBET – one of the biggest casinos in the world, GGBet started as an online sports betting site. The company grew and is now offering eSports and casino games. Their lobby also has live dealer games.
  • ICE CASINO – this is an online casino that offers several types of bonus promotions for new and old players. What you will like about this operator is the loyalty program.
  • 22BET – go to 22Bet if you love slot machines. There are over 1,000 slot machines on the site, and they offer 24/7 customer support.

Filipinos do not limit themselves to casino games. In the country, most people who gamble prefer sports, particularly boxing, and basketball. It is most especially so if a Filipino boxer is on the fight card. In addition, lotteries are a big thing in the Philippines. There are many lottery outlets spread in the country, and Filipinos view this gambling game as a gateway to becoming rich.

Playing on the web, the most preferred games are the lottery, bingo, blackjack, and slot machines. If a casino has a sports betting arm, then the operator can expect Filipinos to wager on their favorite basketball teams.

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