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Why A Website Testimonial Page Is Important | Free Guide!

When it comes to internet marketing, nothing ever beats the odds other than a website testimonial page design that complements your efforts. Ever heard the phrase that happy customers are your biggest advocates? One thing for sure, happy customers are gold for your business.

And not just because they buy but also because they add value to your marketing strategy. Understandably, most consumers won’t trust your business right off the bat. They’ll first need to sniff around for proof that your company is credible and that your product will resolve their problems or satisfy their needs.

But, after reading the words of satisfied customers, they might just be convinced to buy. Glowing customer reviews provide your audience with all your business social proof. Thus the idea that — if so many people are loving your product, it must actually be good.

What Is A Testimonial?

By definition, a testimonial is a third-party statement that comments on how good someone or something is. That said, you can place website testimonials on a dedicated ‘Testimonials’ page, as well as on your ‘About Us’ page, product pages, and more.

And by so doing, you can convince interested users that you’re worth their trust. In fact, reaffirming your product’s worth is one of the key techniques in the psychology of selling. There are several different types of testimonial features to know about.

Samples Testimonial Features:
  • Customer quotes
  • Case studies and success stories
  • Short videos
  • Customer interviews
  • Social media posts
  • High profile reviews
  • Press reviews

Of all the features listed above, customer quotes are the most common form of website testimonials. Since they’re easy to obtain and feel the most relatable for your audience.

Why is a Website Testimonial Page important?

First of all, a Website Testimonial Page represents a webspace location for an endorsement, recommendation, or statement. Especially, by someone who is sharing a positive experience with a business or product.

And this one of the reasons why many businesses choose to publish customer testimonials on their website. Simply, because it helps to provide social proof to others who may be visiting the site. To boost the credibility of your business and the desirability of your brand online, create a website first.

A website that not only describes your services, but that also highlights positive customer reviews. And as I mentioned earlier, these reviews, which can take the form of quotes, short videos, and more, are the ones known as testimonials.

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With that in mind, are testimonials really that important for a business website? Well, the short answer is “Yes”. But, despite the fact that 89% of B2B marketers identify testimonials as the most effective content marketing tactic, many businesses are slow to adopt them in their marketing campaigns.

Allow me to help you understand just how much of a difference testimonials can make. So, let’s look at some essential elements of a website testimonial page for any web business. And then compare how a website with testimonials addresses them versus one without.

You’ll Boost Sales & Conversions

The main purpose of your website is to generate sales-worthy leads that will grow your business. Not to mention, most businesses today employ content marketing to help them achieve this goal. While regularly providing prospects with informative and useful content is highly valuable, it’s missing the human component that today’s consumers require before they buy.

This explains why the vast majority of consumers today read reviews before making a purchasing decision. According to Dimensional Research, 90% of survey respondents claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decisions!

In reality, your web testimonials can instantly boost your sales and conversions by influencing your site visitors more powerfully than any content you generate yourself. If you don’t leverage your customer testimonials, you’re missing out on a proven approach to increasing conversion rates.

In fact, according to Reevoo stats, 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates.

You’ll Build Trust & Get More Referrals

While today’s consumer relies largely on his or her own research and findings of a solution or product, word-of-mouth continues to be a powerful influencer. Word-of-mouth helps consumers obtain trust, which is essential in their purchasing journey.

One thing for sure, you can use testimonials to help drive conversions while also building trust and facilitating word-of-mouth promotion. This is in part thanks to the fact that the vast majority of people (88%, to be exact) trust online reviews from strangers. As much as they trust recommendations from people they know.

The number of reviews people will read before they trust a business and make a purchasing decision illustrates how important building trust is. Not only that but according to Search Engine Land, 85% of consumers read as many as ten reviews before feeling they can trust a business.

How to Create a Great Website Testimonial Page

Testimonials are essential tools for all business websites, today. And every type of business can benefit from incorporating testimonials across all web assets. If you’re not already displaying your testimonials, now is the time. In general, there are two main ways to get testimonials on your website.

First, you can ask for testimonials by contacting returning customers. And then also, look for testimonials on social media, in email messages, and more. When it comes to asking for customer testimonials, start by sending an email to your biggest fans. But, the email should be considerate and polite, short enough for them to read quickly, and easy for them to respond to.

The second way to get customer testimonials is to simply keep your eyes open for them. Scroll your social media pages and your email messages for notes of thanks from customers, and listen for in-person praise. Any words of kindness can be turned into website testimonials.

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Just keep in mind that you should ask customers for permission to use the testimonials on your website before publishing them. Whichever option you choose, be sure to avoid these common email mistakes when writing to your clients. Like using a misleading tone or reaching out at an inappropriate hour.

Also, make sure to add an email subject line that will guarantee engagement and a positive response from your valuable customers. Below are some tips and ideas you can use when designing and building your own testimonials page.

What you should consider:
  1. Show your product in action
  2. Use the highest-quality photos and video you can manage (send out a crew if you can!)
  3. Make your customers look good (not just your own business and your product)
  4. Ask your customers to share concrete numbers that demonstrate the ways you helped their business
  5. Give visitors to your page the ability to filter testimonials or case studies by industry, company size, and location so they can find the stories that are most relevant to them
  6. Try out different formats – tweets and other social media posts can be testimonials! (Just get permission)
  7. Make it easy for more customers to submit a testimonial
  8. Don’t forget to use testimonials across your site where you want to drive conversions – including the home page
  9. Don’t just use quotes; show examples of your product in action
  10. Display a mixture of familiar logos and real customer faces

When someone you know recommends a restaurant, you are more likely to dine there, right? Compared to when you just stumble upon an ad online. Even positive feedback from a stranger will earn trust points. Because reviews show that the product has been tried and found to be worthwhile (or not).

A 2014 consumer survey confirmed that more than 85% of consumers rely on online reviews and customer testimonials when researching local businesses. That’s because social proof – especially testimonials – is something people trust, believe in, and depend on. To get started, you can build trust with your customers by displaying authentic testimonials using Spectoos.

Spectoos | Show the world how great you are!

By all means, Spectoos is an affordable testimonial widget that you can use to create a great website testimonial page. In order to highlight all the positive words you’ve received and more. All you need now is to Sign up to use the Spectoos testimonial widget and watch what a big difference it makes for your business.

This plugin allows you to easily collect and display your website customer testimonials that convert. It has a powerful dashboard to give you all the information you need to optimize your customer testimonials. Such as total views, testimonials click-through rate percentage, a call to action button click-through rate percentage, number of leads, and leads conversion rate percentage.

You’ll also be able to share with your customers and get authenticated testimonials in a breeze. Get up and running in minutes, simply share the request form page URL with your customers and get authenticated testimonials, it is that easy!

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On the other hand, whenever we talk of workflow automation, it has powerful tagging tools to ease your workflow and save you a ton of time. Tag your widgets and enjoy the power of automated workflow. You can use multiple widgets to display a different group of testimonials, all done automatically once you set it up.

And as for the mini-sites, it’s also SEO optimized in order to help your brand or business website rank high in SERPs. A public page created automatically for your account with your testimonials. The page is SEO optimized and will rank your brand high on the search engine result page.

In short, you can use Spectoos to:
  • Display Customer Testimonials in No Time: Collect customer testimonials to build a visually compelling widget to embed easily on any page.
  • Build Trust With Your Audience: Real opinions from real people matter — it’s why each testimonial links to a credible and verified social profile.
  • Increase Conversion & Generate More Leads: Grow your business by leveraging your testimonials and increasing your website conversions.

With Spectoos, you can also fully customize your widgets and pages to match your brand. All the testimonial widgets and pages are fully customized. While allowing you to match your brand colors and font size to those of your website design. So, go ahead and Start For Free!

Final Words,

As we all know, it’s easy for marketers to brag about how great their product or service is. Writing compelling content copy, shooting enticing photos, or even producing glamorous videos are all tactics we use to draw attention to our brands.

While all of these strategies can be successful, there really is no better way to gain trust and prove the validity of your brand like customer testimonials. But, why? Simply, because Testimonials take the spotlight away from the seller, and shine it on the customer.

It’s important to realize, your customer was once in the shopper’s shoes. Debating what product to choose, comparing prices, reading marketing message after marketing message. Once the potential new buyer hears from someone they can actually relate to — someone who isn’t being paid to say these wonderful things — then their trust deepens, and their chances of purchasing rise.

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For these reasons, it is absolutely critical for businesses to display customer testimonials on their websites. There are many ways you can use testimonials — for example, on landing pages, and in emails. But, there’s no better way to feature client quotes than on your very own beautiful customer testimonial page.

I went hunting for examples of the best customer website testimonial page I could find. These 11 example companies show how powerful customer testimonials can be, and how to make the most of them. If you’re just getting started with a customer testimonial page, these examples should provide you with plenty of inspiration.

But, if you’ll need more support, you can Contact Us and let us know how we can help you. Not forgetting, you can also share some of your additional opinion thoughts, suggestions, contributions, or even questions in our comments section below.

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