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How To Track Phone Location Or Someone | Legit Ways & Apps

Do you need to know how to track phone location if lost or keep track of someone’s location? User:My daughter is messing up, and I want to know how to track a cell phone location for free. Is it possible to track the location of the target device for free without knowing them?” Each day, most of us have the same type of questions/queries in our minds, right?

Well, you are not the only one who has such a question in mind. These days, almost every parent wants to know what their kids are doing with their devices and where he/she is. This is happening due to the risk of harmful threats. Here in this article, we will talk about the topmost free methods which will help you to trace a cell phone number for free.

Whether you’re trying to keep tabs on a loved one, a valuable employee, or a prized pet, there are several ways you can do it. This blog post will discuss the best methods for monitoring someone’s location and provide tips on making the process as easy as possible. We will also discuss the best app available for real-time location tracking. Keep reading for more!

But first, is it legal to install a cell phone tracker on someone else’s phone? In some countries like the US, if you do it with their permission, or you’re a bona fide law enforcement officer with a warrant, yes. But, if you’re talking about doing it behind someone’s back and you don’t have a warrant, no. It’s always advisable that you get a warrant from the police first.

Why Track Phone Location & Someone Else 

Monitoring someone’s location is not only helpful in locating them if they are lost or missing. You can also prevent accidents and keep tabs on people who need supervision for safety reasons. If you are a caregiver, location tracking can monitor a person’s well-being. You can also track the behaviors that make your loved one feel safe and happy.

For example, suppose a family member is going through an anxiety attack and needs help getting out of her house. In that case, you may want to track a cell phone location for free so that you can get her to safety. Tracking can also be used to monitor your physical activity. For example, if you are training for a marathon, you can use a location tracker in this case.

Particularly, in order to map out your runs and see how far you have run over time. This information can help you improve your performance and avoid injury. If you have a family member or friend who you are always worrying about, tracking their phone location can give you some peace of mind. You’ll be able to see where they are and make sure they’re safe.

Why really track phone location by phone number?
  • First, in order to keep an eye (not a spy) on your kids or children
  • Secondly, to keep tabs on a family member, a relative, or even a long-lost friend
  • Thirdly, supervise and make sure (not a dictator) that your employees stay productive
  • Lastly, all we want, sometimes, is to know (not in an abusive way) if our spouses are cheating

So, as you can see, there are many reasons why you might want to trace someone else. Or even track phone location if, for instance, it was stolen. And, as an example, you can use a specialized mobile tracker solution such as Spyine to track phone locations or even find someone’s location by cell phone number. This works remotely from a web browser like Google.

You can install the app to receive periodic location updates on the target device. Spyine works on both Android and iOS. And, you’ll be able to locate your lost phone. There are many other tracking ways to consider. You can use these apps to track your stolen/lost phone, monitor your child’s cell phone activity, or track incoming/outgoing SMS and phone calls.

Steps To Track Phone Location & Someone — Make Your Life Easier!

According to, there’s always an easy way to track someone’s location without them knowing. We can blame it all on today’s digital age — it has made it all easy to stalk someone or even track phone locations. The increased use of mobile and the internet has narrowed down the distance between people living in different parts worldwide.

Whereby, a lot of features have been introduced into these devices, which make it possible for people to know where another person is at all times. Such features can be used by parents to keep track of their children as they move around in unfamiliar territory or by bosses who want to keep tabs on how their employees are performing when they are away.

Ways To Track Someone's Location — Make Your Life Easier!

Image Source: Credits from the (map-phone-city-street-network/image-photo/) loyalty-free website.

To make your life easier, there are a few examples of different ways that you can try — that’s if you want to trace someone or to track phone location. Whereas, you can use tools such as GPS tracking, phone tracking, or even spy apps. Let’s take a look at each of these methods in more detail. And then, you can let us know what you think in our comments section.

Step #1: Location Tracking Via GPS Software Toolkits

For those not tech-savvy, this is the best way to keep track of someone’s live location. Moreover, GPS tracking is one of the most accurate methods to track someone’s location. You can use a GPS tracker app on your phone or a standalone GPS tracker. In addition, some phones have built-in tools that you can use to find a lost phone or share your location.

To track phone location on Android, you must install a GPS tracking app on your phone. There are many GPS tracking apps available, so do your research before choosing one. Once you have chosen a GPS tracking app, you will need to create an account and add the person whose location you want to track. After that, you can see their location on a real-time map.

A way to track someone’s location on an iPhone too, right? Well, to use an iPhone monitoring app, you must have access to the target phone. Once you have access to the phone, you can install the tracking app and then log in to the app using your device. The tracking app will then show you the person’s location in real-time, allowing you to see where they are.

Step #2: Location Tracking Via Phone Number & Spy Apps

You can also track phone location by cell number. This method is not as accurate as GPS tracking, but it can be helpful if you don’t have a GPS tracker. To do this, you will need to find a website that offers phone tracking services. Once you have found a website, you must enter the person’s phone number into the search box. It’ll show the person’s map location.

Alternatively, you can use a spying app tool to keep track of someone’s location. For your information, most spy apps are designed to track someone’s place and activity without their knowledge. So, it’s crystal clear that by using these apps, it’s very easy to keep track of someone’s location secretly. However, these apps are illegal in many countries.

They should only be used if you have a valid reason — no matter how good your intentions are, tracking someone’s location comes with many risks. In this case, we do not recommend or advocate using spy apps. Not unless you are authorized to do so — by obtaining a solid abstract/go-ahead from the state law agencies or other enforcing bodies.

The Downsides of Location Tracking

How to keep track of someone’s location secretly? No matter how good your intentions are, tracking someone’s location comes with many risks. The first and most obvious is that it violates that person’s privacy. Suppose you’re tracking someone without their knowledge or consent. In that case, they may feel like you’re invading their space.

Sometimes, they could even become agitated or even violent. Another downside is that it can be used to stalk or harass someone. If you’re constantly checking up on someone’s location, they may feel like they can’t escape you and could start to feel unsafe. This is, especially, true if you’re not careful who has access to the tracking information. If you decide to track;

To mitigate any outcome risks:
  • Only track people with their permission
  • Be clear about why you are tracking them in the first place
  • Knowledge about your tracking intentions makes them less likely to feel like you’re invading their privacy
  • Make sure those you are tracking are comfortable with you knowing their location at all times
  • Keep the tracking information private — only share it with people who need to know (and whom you trust)

Ultimately, if you follow these tips, you can safely track someone’s location and minimize all the risks. You should stop tracking — almost immediately — someone if they ask you to do so. Essentially, respecting their wishes is the key to maintaining a good relationship with them. Just remember that it’s a sensitive issue and should be handled carefully.

The Topmost Best Spy Apps For Android And iPhone

Realistically, the word ‘Spy Apps’ alone screams scandal. We are living in a time where illegal hacking and camera access have made many IT experts and big entrepreneurs alike apprehensive. Perse, it’s quite normal to feel a little cynical about digital spying. However, as with everything, the use of phone spying apps can be both ethical and unethical.

More so, depending on an individual’s preferred use. As of today, there are a variety of options at hand when it comes to choosing such apps. So, the prospect of choosing the best phone spying apps can be daunting. Not to mention, there are thousands of spy apps on the market to keep track of someone’s location, but only a few are worth your time.

For this and many other reasons, I am here to help you at ease in your decision-making process. So, I’ve compiled a list of the topmost best spy apps for Android and iPhone — you can choose the right one for your needs from this app list.

  1. mSpy
  2. Spyera
  3. uMobix
  4. FlexiSPY
  5. Highster Mobile
  6. Hoverwatch
  7. SpyBubble
  8. Mobistealth
  9. TheTruthSpy
  10. pcTattletale
  11. SpyFone
  12. Cocospy
  13. XNSPY
  14. iSpyoo
  15. Spyic

Besides the above mentions, iKeyMonitor is yet another great application software to consider. iKeyMonitor is an easy-to-use and powerful parental control app for iPhone and Android. It allows you to monitor text messages, calls, visited websites, current GPS location, WhatsApp, Skype, and Snapchat, among others. Learn how iKeyMonitor works in detail.

In a nutshell, using the above phone spy apps is quite useful if you’re a parent. And, for one thing, you would want to know how important it is to keep track of your kids. It’s not like you are spying on them, rather, you want to ensure that they are safe. With a phone tracker, you can see where they are at all times and make sure they’re not getting into any trouble.

First of all, let’s get one thing very clear — any given mobile phone device does not send out its location just like that — not without the owner doing something. As an example, this could be clicking on a link that installs something. Or it could be leaving it on the bar when going to the restroom. Secondly, there are a few questions to ask ourselves (see some below).

Basically, anything you do to their phone without their knowledge is wrong and you could be prosecuted in most of the world. Always remember, how illegal it is to install a cell phone tracker on someone else’s phone depending on where you are and what the tracker does. At best, you’re looking at a “C” felony and perhaps 1-3 years in prison.

If your tracker also intercepts communications, now you’re looking at violating wiretapping laws — potentially a Federal offense that’ll land you in Federal prison for 20 years. So, how can I stop someone from hacking my cell phone? Well, you’ll need to get a quality mobile phone device gadget from the best-known manufacturers (iPhone or Blackberry).

Let’s ask ourselves some questions and answer them: 
  • One, is it illegal to send an email to someone with a link that prompts them to install some spying app? Yup!
  • Two, is it illegal to install an app on someone’s phone without their knowledge that reports their position to you? Yup!
  • Three, if one enables Google Location Sharing on their phone which shares their location with you, is it illegal? Nope!
  • Fourth, is it likely you will go to some hellhole of prison for years and years? Not Really! It depends on a few facts.

One thing is for sure, it’s nearly impossible to get into users remotely. But, you should also add anything extra that would make it a pain in the ass for someone even like me — it is also a great set of measures. Consider something like how many passcodes are allowed per minute or not allowing USB access while locked. But, if not using a quality phone, there’s a way.

Consider the following safety precautions:
  • Don’t use any third-party or unverified applications
  • Also, encrypt everything and don’t use fingerprint sensors
  • Use passphrases with numbers like “ThePurplePandaEatsPopcorn12273”
  • And then, on all your accounts, make each keyword different from the other
  • Set your phone to erase itself after 10 failed attempts on the passcode lock, etc.

Overall, how hard it is to hack someone’s cell phone if you just know their phone number highly depends on various aspects. For example, any law enforcement, with a warrant, can hack into anyone’s cell phone — that’s if they are a threat to themselves or even others.  Whilst, for an average citizen, this can’t just work — not unless they are professional hackers.

In other words, it’s always good to know, that as a mobile device user, there are many ways someone can easily spy on you through your smartphone. And now that there are so many ways this can happen, the only best way is to find out what to do so your phone won’t be spied on. Such as implementing most mobile phone security measures like they are stated.

Summary Notes:

There are just so many reasons why people turn to location tracking. With one used on your target’s device, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and the ability to keep an eye on everything important in your life. Basically, if you need to keep track of someone’s location, you can use a few different methods above. Of course, GPS tracking apps are the most accurate.

Still, if you don’t want to install an app on your phone, you can also use a phone locator service or find their location on social media. Whichever method you choose, make sure you get permission first! This way, you can even track phone locations. And then, use this information together with the police, of course, to get your lost mobile devices back.

On one hand, as you can see, if you think your spouse is cheating on you, tracking their phone can tell you for sure. You’ll be able to see who they’re talking to and where they are when they’re doing it. By the same token, if you own a business, tracking your employees’ phone location can be a great way to make sure they’re staying on task.

Whilst, making sure that your employees always stay productive (but, don’t become a dictator this way). Just make sure that you stay polite, approachable, engaging, interactive, and even the best friend to your employees. Bear in mind, that some of their challenges may not be even business-related — they just need a listening ear from their employers.

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By tracking your employees this way, for example, you can see how often they’re taking breaks and when they seem to be getting distracted. Whatever the reason, you now have the best methods and tips to track phone location or even someone’s location if need be. But, for more support, the first place to look into is law enforcement agencies.

You can also Consult Us for more help — our team of Web Tech Experts Taskforce will usually come up with the best custom solution for you. That’s it! Everything you need. So, what is your experience that makes you need to track phone location or even someone else? Well, you can let us know or even ask us questions (for FAQ Answers) in our comments section.

Finally, don’t forget to share this useful guideline with other online web readers like yourself. Moreover, it might help someone else out there, you never know! And, if in a position, you can also Donate in support of what we do as well as to motivate our team of Creative Content Bloggers for their good work. Until next time, thanks for your time!

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