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VaultPress Plugin: For WordPress Sites Backup & Security

Surprisingly, VaultPress Plugin is now powered by Jetpack for WordPress real-time backup and security scanning. Well, for your information, Jetpack is a popular WordPress plugin created by Automattic, the people behind

Whereby, the Jetpack plugin brings many of the most powerful features available on to self-hosted WordPress sites. And thereby, contributing greatly to the improvement of WordPress powered blogs and websites.

In that case, the ideal way to experience WordPress Security, performance, and site management tools or rather, the best way to WordPress is within the use of the features.

VaultPress Plugin

VaultPress Plugin for Real-time sites Backup and Security Scanning –  (Automattic)

Notably, Automattic are the people behind WordPress.comWooCommerceJetpackSimplenoteLongreadsVaultPressAkismetGravatarCrowdsignalCloudupTumblr, and more. And eventually, they believe in making the web a better place.

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What is VaultPress?

As can be seen, from the above introduction, by definition, VaultPress Plugin is a real-time backup and security scanning service for WordPress built-on websites. Particularly, built, designed, developed and maintained by Automattic. After all, the same company (Automattic) that operates (and backs up!) millions of sites on

VaultPress makes it easy to keep an up-to-date backup of your site with both daily and realtime syncing of all your WordPress content. To ensure your site stays safe, VaultPress performs comprehensive security scans daily and makes it easy to review and fix threats.

Obviously, it’s really simple to Get Started. Whereby, the VaultPress plugin connects your site to the VaultPress servers immediately. And also, WordPress-optimized backups and security scans will run automatically. Provide FTP or SSH information, and VaultPress can automatically restore any backup to your site with just a few clicks.

VaultPress Plugin

What are the Basic Features in VaultPress Plugin?

According to VaultPress Plugin Designers, peace of mind comes standard. Especially, with more powerful security features for individuals, professionals, and agencies than ever before.

Here are additional features on the WordPress VaultPress Plugin;

  • Backups

    Automated backups are stored in their offsite digital vault in real-time. Like magic, watch in realtime as VaultPress syncs your latest changes or scans your site for security threats.

  • Site Migration

    Thinking about moving your site from an unreliable, expensive, or slow host? Transfer or duplicate it now. Additionally, browse your entire history of backups and instantly. Allowing you to download your database, uploads, themes, and plugins.

  • Automated File Repair

    Every day, VaultPress scans your site for potentially dangerous files, as well as any suspicious changes to your WordPress install. They’ll email you if they find anything. Above all, fix detected viruses, malware, and other dangerous threats with a single click.

  • Restores

    If anything ever happens to your site, a quick, painless restore will bring it back to its former glory — without contacting your host even once. Simply, click a button and begin restoring any backup in just a few minutes using an FTP or SSH connection. You can restore to your current site, or to an alternate test site.

  • File Scanning

    Their staff of WordPress experts are available to help backup, restore, and fix your site. With the VaultPress plugin installed on your site, the Safekeepers have access to a number of tools that help them safeguard your site. Automatically detecting and eliminating viruses, malware, and other exploitable security problems that may be lurking on your website.

  • Spam Defense

    VaultPress makes it easy to review suspicious code and fix the most common threats with a simple button click. For very dangerous threats, VaultPress will automatically fix your site and notify you of the details. Therefore, protect your SEO, readers, and brand reputation by automatically blocking all spammers.

With this in mind, having a secure site isn’t only about backing up your content and defending against malware.

VaultPress WordPress Plugin

Peace of mind comes standard with Vaultpress

VaultPress has partnered with Akismet, (the industry-leading spam protection service for WordPress), to package its anti-spam tools with the most popular subscriptions.

What does VaultPress Plugin back up?

VaultPress will back up your WordPress database, custom post types, plugins, themes, settings, and media library uploads.

In addition, the VaultPress Plugin also backup the following additional files:

  • /.htaccess
  • /apple-touch-icon.png
  • /apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png
  • /BingSiteAuth.xml
  • /crossdomain.xml
  • /favicon.ico
  • /LiveSearchSiteAuth.xml
  • /startup.png
  • /robots.txt
  • /wp-config.php
  • /wp-content/languages/
  • /wp-includes/languages/

Why is VaultPress spam Protection important?

Firstly, because VaultPress is brought to you by Automattic, one of the most trusted and prominent names in WordPress. Not to mention, dedicated to building some of the most celebrated WordPress products and services. Including and not limited to JetpackAkismetWooCommerceGravatar, and more.

Secondly, all VaultPress backups are stored in their very own world-class infrastructure. Yes, of course, the same as the one that powers and supports millions of sites. Because, after all, your site is too important to trust with anybody else.

Below are more arguable facts as to why you should consider spam protection for your website;

  • Search Engines

Generally speaking, Google and other Search Engines dislike bad links, and most spam comments are full of them.

  • Your Site’s Integrity

Comment spam makes your site look Unprofessional, and potential readers and customers will take notice.

  • Your Brand

Basically, your Brand and Reputation (personal and business) will suffer if visitors click links to unsavory or dangerous sites left by spammers.

  • Spam Does Not Discriminate

Even the smallest of sites experience spam problems, and attacks can happen anywhere.

  • More Traffic, More Spam

The more popular your site becomes, the more often spammers will target it.

  • You Need to Protect your SEO

Important to realize, preventing negative SEO for your site is much easier – and cheaper – than fixing it.

How does the VaultPress Plugin work?

The VaultPress plugin uses WordPress hooks to receive real-time alerts when information on your site changes. VaultPress then immediately syncs your changes with our servers to generate a backup for your site.

Any time you update your site, VaultPress is notified and immediately gets to work making sure your changes are replicated and synchronized. VaultPress offers two options for backups, namely, real-time backups and daily backups.

Unfortunately, they don’t provide an option for you to initiate a backup manually if you are using a daily backup option. In either case, you’ll never need to schedule a backup. I believe it should just happen, and you shouldn’t have to remember to have peace of mind.

  • Live Status

When VaultPress is activated by one of these changes, you can watch the backup live via the status bar in the VaultPress dashboard.

The status bar describes exactly what’s happening at that moment—whether they’re backing up a comment, a new post, a plugin setting, or something else.

  • Hourly Snapshots

VaultPress creates a snapshot every hour, combining your recent changes with your past backups.

This allows you to browse and download a complete backup for an hour in the past.

  • Daily Scans

Sometimes there are changes to your site that WordPress doesn’t know about—like files uploaded via FTP.

To ensure a complete backup, VaultPress scans your site once a day to catch up on any changes made outside of your WordPress dashboard.

  • Security Scanning

Sites Covered by the Premium or Professional plans are scanned daily for known security threats and patterns.

Additionally, VaultPress also takes proactive measures to fix known threats and will notify you of any serious and potential security threats.

A Free Alternative WordPress Backup Plugin

If you’re looking for a way to back up a WordPress site for free, then UpdraftPlus is definitely one of the most popular and well-rated options.

Not only does it let you manually take a backup, but it can also automatically backup your website to the cloud on a schedule of your choosing. As well as easily restore a backup with just a few clicks.

Next to VaultPress Plugin, with over 14 million downloads, UpdraftPlus Plugin is the world’s highest-ranking and most trusted scheduled backup plugin. UpdraftPlus is extremely quick and easy to set up.

It works by backing up your website directly into the cloud, to a solution of your choice. These include;

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • DreamObjects
  • OpenStack Swift
  • Updraft Vault
  • Email

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UpdraftPlus intuitive interface will enable you to schedule automatic backups, backup files, databases, plugins, and themes. And also, restore your backups directly from your WordPress control panel.

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