Time Management Tips For Students To Write Dissertation Well

A dissertation is a compulsory research-based writing task that every student has to perform at the tail-end of their universities. Whether the student is enrolled in a postgraduate program or a PhD program, writing a quality dissertation is necessary. Completing this lengthy document is not possible without knowing tips to write dissertation. The reason is that it is a time-consuming task that can never be completed sitting on the couch and thinking about how to complete it. As a student researcher, you have to put some effort into it.

As you are here reading this article, it is not difficult to anticipate that you are either given the task to write dissertation or about to start working on it. So, keeping this in mind, in today’s article, we will learn some top and effective time management tips to complete a dissertation on time.

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So, let’s get started with the topic straight away.

Top and effective time management tips to write dissertation

Writing a dissertation is not like writing an essay. This humongous and research-thirsty document requires students to have strong analytical, research, writing, and time management skills. Yes, time management holds the most important place here. If you cannot submit the dissertation on time, you cannot get the degree on time. Therefore, a brief description of the most effective time management tips is as follows:

1. Start the process as early as possible

Many students procrastinate on the dissertation writing task. They think that there is enough time to work on this document. In actuality, it is just their thinking. They realise this reality when the dissertation deadline strikes their head down like a hammer. Therefore, the first tip for managing time effectively to write dissertation is that you should start the writing process as early as possible. The time will take no longer to disappear. Hence, starting the dissertation early is beneficial for students to finish it on time.

2. Do some multitasking

Multitasking means doing two or three things at the same time. What is its use in terms of time management?

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It has a very deep connection with time management. When you multitask, you actually save yourself a lot of time, which will benefit you in the end.

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For example, instead of completing your research and data collection phase first and then writing the dissertation, try to complete some chapters before this. For example, you can complete the dissertation introduction, literature review, and methodology chapters. So, do some multitasking to enable yourself to complete the dissertation on time.

3. Develop a dissertation timeline

The development of a timeline can help you save a lot of time. When you have a timeline in front of you, you know what task to do at which time. Furthermore, the dissertation timeline allows you to track the writing progress.

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This helps you know whether you need to speed up the dissertation writing process or go slowly. The timeline also helps set some realistic deadlines and allows you to finish the writing tasks on that those deadlines. To make the timeline, divide the whole dissertation work into different sections. After that, allot a specific time frame to each section and follow the time strictly.

4. Keep your supervisor in the loop

The supervisor acts as a guide for students. He guides them, communicates with them, and delivers quality ideas when there is a need. But not a single supervisor invites students to learn from him. It is you, the students, who have to approach him and learn from him. Therefore, to write dissertation on time, you must keep your supervisor in the loop. Communicating with him gives you a boost in confidence and motivation. Hence, communicate with your academic supervisor whenever you face difficulty.

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5. Pay attention to the dissertation’s structure

The next tip that can help you manage time effectively for your dissertation writing is to pay attention to the dissertation’s structure. A dissertation is really a lengthy document, consisting of 100 to 200 pages, and losing the thread is a normal thing. When you lose the thread or get off track from the original dissertation’s structure, you actually waste your time. So, know what the structure of your dissertation is and work accordingly. However, if you do not have an idea of the structure, go and get some help from dissertation writing services.


Conclusively, time management is critical to writing a dissertation on time. The one who cannot manage time effectively cannot complete the dissertation on time and, more importantly, cannot get the degree. Therefore, as a student, you must pay attention to all the tips mentioned above to write dissertation on time. Do multitask and complete your introduction, literature review, and methodology chapters while experimenting and conducting research. This will leave you with ample time to write the next sections.

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