The Ultimate Guide To Leather Care | What You Should Know

From purses and bags to wallets and backpacks, we’d love to see you enjoy your leather items for the rest of your life. From the moment they’re created and up until they are placed in your hands it is imperative that they are looked after correctly.

With this near guide, your favorite leather matters will be gorgeous for many years to come.

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All day-to-day needs and maintenance to minor repairs and special cleaning, you’ll find all the information you need to know about the care of leather.


When you take care of your purses and bovine leather bags You will preserve the value and preserve the look of your most precious pieces.


Maintaining your leather accessories begins with regular treatment. If you follow a few basic rules to avoid excessive wear and tear and prolong the lifespan of your leather items for many years to come:

  • It is skin and it has the aptitude to stretch. Don’t overfill your purse or purse to keep its original shape
  • Be extra careful with leather products you frequently use. Make definite you take the time every week to eliminate acnes and dust using a soft cloth encounter
  • Scratches can detract from the appearance of an exquisitely designed bag. Be careful not to come into contact with a lot of embellished clothing and sharp surfaces as well as large pieces of jewelry when on the move.
  • Leather that is wet requires special attention, so if rain is predicted, be sure to carry an umbrella
  • Be sure to dry your leather products every so often to eliminate any unpleasant smells or scents.


Dos and Don’ts

  • Don’t machine-wash leather.
  • Do not let your leather get wet wherever you can
  • Do not dry leather that is drizzly near a heater or by means of a hairdryer.
  • Do not tumble dry your leather.
  • Do not iron leather
  • Avoid immersing your leather in water to wash it.
  • Make sure to regularly clean your leather using the use of a soft cloth or brush
  • Make sure you regularly air dry your purse or bag made of leather
  • Do wipe away any moisture or water as quickly as is possible
  • Dry wet leather in a natural way and away from heat sources that are artificial.
  • Make sure that your leather stays supple by using an expert leather conditioner every 3 to 6 months
  • Clean up tints and spots using a mix of soap shavings and warm water.
  • Do make use of a steamer to clean and eliminate any buildup from your frequent use
  • Do test any conditioners polishes, cleaners, and waxes in a concealed area prior to using them.

If you happen to have an unfortunate scratch or stain on the bovine leather bag or wallet, feel free to contact us.

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We will be happy to assist you with finding the most suitable solution to save your leather treasure.

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