The Most Common Social Media Errors Fixing Guide For Beginners

Do you ever find yourself in a panicked state when the number of errors on social media platforms just seems to be out of control? We’ve all been there. With memberships rising, disruptions such as technical glitches are sure to occur. Looking to restore order and get your accounts back up and running smoothly? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through some common errors and provide tips on how to quickly fix them.

An Overview of Common Social Media Errors

Whether it’s an issue with login credentials or moving content around – social media errors are the bane of our existence in this day and age of ubiquitous social media use. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, we seem to be stuck with having to use dozens of social media apps daily. Some of the most common social media errors have to do with YouTube links that don’t work properly, Facebook Pages changing their names or ownership, tweets getting filtered by mistake, ads not going through… or God forbid, an Instagram post not showing up!

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Understanding the Different Types of Social Media Errors

But don’t worry, you’re at the right place. The simple and comforting truth is that the vast majority of social media errors have nothing to do with you, but are instead a simple maintenance issue with the apps themselves, or an internet connection hiccup. That being said, you can fix Snapchat black loading screen by simply clearing the cache files or rebooting your device.

Let’s take a look at some of the most headache-inducing social media errors.

YouTube URL Changes Not Working Properly

Have you ever had to go through the ordeal of having to rebrand, or rename your social media presence? Well, I have, and I’ll let you know that it’s more trouble than it’s worth – especially if you’re using Google and YouTube for your brand. and focus on customer experience analytics.

You see, Google bought YouTube back in 2006, and the two are now inextricably linked together. But what happens if your old YouTube channel had one name, and now you want to rename it to something else? Well, not so fast… Google name changes tend to work fine, but there’s a problem I’ve frequently encountered when it comes to the YouTube account that’s attached to it.

See, even if you’re using the new URLs provided by YouTube, upon clicking them, the URL sometimes tends to revert to the old phrasing. This isn’t too big of a problem until a visitor decides they like your video and proceed to share it… Sharing instead the old URL link. And the response from Google? It is apparently “by design.” Sigh.

Linkedin Group Ownership Risks

Many social media managers already have it tough due to constantly having to manage permissions for our employees. Someone quits, someone else gets hired, and regulating the permissions and rights of every employee when it comes to accessing and operating our social media pages is key.

To be fair, Facebook and Google have made it easy to set page managers and assign their social media permissions and responsibilities accordingly. LinkedIn, however, is still lagging. Pages are easy to manage, but when it comes to LinkedIn groups, it all falls apart. Assigning new owners still returns an error message too many times for my liking, and reaching out to support hasn’t resolved the issue… But, what happens when an ex-employee decides to abuse their privileges and post negative things about the company to thousands of people in the group?

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It’s a PR disaster waiting to happen, and LinkedIn is busily navel-gazing.

The Pain of Changing A Facebook Page Name

OK, this one takes the cake! Remember what I said about rebranding? Well, Facebook is one of the biggest offenders here. See, once a Facebook Page accrues more than 200 followers, Facebook has decided that changing its name is out of the question. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a (very painful and time-consuming) way to do it. You just need to fill in a thousand forms, email every person that can take care of the issue, and then some. Facebook’s recommended solution is to just close the page and start a new one, but needless to say, this is not very business-friendly, considering the effort and money that can go into a page with, say, 200,000 followers. Facebook… Be better.

Twitter’s Weird Advertising Limits

Twitter is arguably still great, and they offer features such as advertisement split testing, promoting tweets, and other useful features like that. However… This is only available to some countries while excluding others. A few years ago I couldn’t post an ad (even if I wanted to pay for it) simply because my country wasn’t “included.” To be fair to Twitter, they have been expanding this roster and now there are over 200 countries that are allowed to use Twitter for business. However, some areas remain outside and I would love for this to be fixed.

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Common Social Media Errors

Very well, you’re thinking, but how to solve all of this? The bad news is that every social media is its own thing, so to speak, so there will be a unique route to addressing each of these problems depending on the social media company in question. The good news, however, is that most of these errors are not tied to anything you did – and anything you can fix, for that matter – so your best bet is just reaching out to support and being patient. Social media companies are growing and encountering challenges constantly, so in time most of these errors will be resolved.

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