Referral Website Design Tools Plus Free Affiliate Hubs To Join

Simply put, a Referral Website is an Internet Address or Hostname used to get a visitor to another site. For instance, a visitor has just clicked a hyperlink on the referral website, which leads to the website where he is located now. In other words, the Referral Website is thus the source of the traffic on the current page. Reward your customers for referrals they bring in.

Watch the sales and shares roll in. When a website is viewed, the visitor’s browser transmits the name of the requested website. And also the origin of the referral link that directed the visitor to it. Of course, a Referral Website is an important data source when it comes to web analysis. In order to assign traffic to the different sources and to find out the visitor’s location.

Thus, the terms Affiliate, Affiliates, Affiliation, Referrer, Referrals, or Referral Traffic are also common. In addition to the Referral Website. Each time a Web site is accessed, the client and server communicate with each other and transmit various information that is recorded in the log files. This includes, for example, the IP addresssearch terms, and software used.

Particularly, in order to access the website. For instance, if the browser does not save such data because of security settings, or if the request has been made directly in the URL line of the browser or via a bookmark. The analysis of websites and general traffic pose various problems from a web analysis viewpoint. But, what is a referral or affiliate program, if you may ask?

An Affiliate Program Vs A Referral Program For Affiliates

By definition, a referral program is a word-of-mouth marketing strategy that rewards customers who recommend a brand’s products or services to their network. Most companies use these programs as a part of their customer retention and customer acquisition strategy to drive more traffic. The rewards motivate customers to continue doing business with them.

And again, besides doing business together with the company, they’ll also bring in more referrals. Similarly, other notable brands as well as top-notch companies also offer discounts or free items to encourage their referral partners to complete their purchases. In addition to customer referral programs, many companies also opt for affiliate marketing programs as well.

  • An Affiliate Program: It’s all about sending traffic to the target associate website or application platform.
  • A Referral Program: It’s all about sharing the target partner links with friends, family, and people that they know.

For your information, both strategies focus on raising brand awareness, increasing sales, and getting more clients as a result. Not forgetting, the only main differences between a referral program and an affiliate marketing program are the program participants and the rewards. That said, let’s do a breakdown of things even further in the table that’s shown below.

Basic Rules

Referral Program

Affiliate Program

ParticipantsFocus on existing customersMostly for content creators
AudienceIt may include friends and familyWeb-based subscribers, followers, viewers
ChannelsAll available social media apps, emails, etc.It may include videos, blog posts, reviews, etc.
RewardsDiscounts, free products, or commissionsCommission or affiliate fee from each purchase
LimitationsThere may be a limited amount of referralsThere is no limit to the number of referrals

But, important to realize, that any given affiliate program’s success heavily relies on locating the best advocates. In particular, professional advocates are capable of reaching and promoting your product to your target audience. Customers will not know the advocate personally, and this is the crucial difference between affiliate and referral programs.

Businesses can employ a range of affiliate partners to bring in a robust supply of new customers. Imagine you own a product review website and generate revenue through banner ads and sponsorships. What if we told you that; by simply adding special links to the content already on your page, you could increase your yearly revenue by over $50,000?

And also, what if you want to make an extra income online in the comfort of your home? You’ll need an affiliates plan. That aside, so that you can get a full idea of how all this works, we’ll feature a few examples later on.

How A Referral Website Works For Affiliate Marketers

Bearing in mind, may it be an online business or a digital product marketer, just like others, almost all referral affiliate programs are open for all to join for free. So, whether you are a pro or even a beginner, there’s is everything for everyone! In that case, all you’ll need to do is register with the referral affiliate programs that best suit your needs using the associate links.

On one hand, the referral website is not always transmitted.  On the other hand, the traffic can come from sources that are not human users (spam, bots, and payment services). In addition, there are often several referrals — not always clear which of them triggered a purchase or a conversion. This’s why the goal of analysis software is to capture the right referrals.

As well as to allow evaluation by webmasters and site operators. However, it may be necessary to make adjustments to the reporting software in order to distinguish between traffic sources. Typically, web analytics tools associate a conversion to the website that was viewed last. If the user concludes a purchase in an online shop, the web shop server specifies the website.

Obviously, which last referred the user to the online shop as the referrer. A good referral affiliates website program should allow you to see your results at a glance, instantly. And, as a result, you’ll be able to get access to key metrics such as revenue from referrals, the number of customers who join your referral program, referred traffic to your website, etc.

How a referral website network works:

  • Integrate your referral network with other marketing stacks like MailChimp, Shopify, etc.
  • On the same note, a great hub integrates with tools you use for emails, analytics, and remarketing.
  • Give your customers a unique referral link — by email, social, website widgets, ad banners, etc.
  • Encourage your customers to share their referral links with price rewards and custom gifts.
  • Watch your revenue grow as your customers refer their friends and their friends to their friends.

Besides, in order for your referral website network to work efficiently and effectively, make sure that you also offer excellent customer support — be there always whenever a certain issue arises. That said, in order to stay ahead, make sure that you have a five-star customer success team that is smart, friendly, and quick to get you results.

Also, make it easy for potential customers to join you for all introductory live FAQ & Answers sessions as well — so that they can easily learn about your referral website networking hub and best practices for running a successful referral program. In other words, get their queries answered by your Referral Marketing experts as quickly as they tickle in.

Recourse Reference: Join Referral Affiliate Programs Today — Make Money Online For Free!

However, you must always remember, that user surfing and buying behavior is not always linear and they may view shops several times before making a purchase and the shop’s server may receive incorrect or no data under these circumstances.

This problem is solved by web analytics tools. For example, by including multiple site visits as part of the statistics and marking or excluding certain referral sites as such. Tools such as Google Analytics can quite reliably distinguish natural traffic from spam, bots, and payment services when appropriate settings are made (Manage> Report Settings> Filter Bots).

How To Start Creating A Referral Website Program

By all means, affiliate marketing is an excellent business strategy through various referral affiliate programs for increasing online sales. It is also an income-generating opportunity for individuals who want to make money online. Business owners and bloggers alike can use various affiliate programs to automate affiliate marketing tasks and track performance.

In most cases, a referral marketing strategy involves promoting your products or services by using referrals from your existing customer base, usually by word of mouth. But how should your referral program look? One idea is to look at some of the best referral programs other businesses operate. There are some of the better-known high-performing referral hubs.

Consider the following examples:
  • PayPal – gives cash for referrals
  • Dropbox – gives free storage for referring friends
  • Airbnb – gives cash for referring people (and more when they rent out their places)

You know the power of Word-of-mouth Advertising. In fact, you swear by it. But what marketers usually miss is that word-of-mouth advertising isn’t something that always has to happen completely organically. With a little strategy, you can encourage customers to spread the word.

Online businesses that create referral programs can track their brand advocates, incentivize happy customers to promote their products and increase both customer acquisition and retention. But how do you take an idea like “word of mouth” and turn it into a successful, manageable program? Not to mention, that includes dashboards, analytics, and real-time results.

A Referral Website Program is a great way to find qualified leads in your specific niche. But how do you go about integrating a referral program into a highly sophisticated sales funnel? Below are some of the major Guides.

1. Decide On Your Offer

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What are they looking for? What kind of incentive will actually get them moving on the possibility of showing off your product to a friend or confidant? Some businesses create contests, while others simply announce that if customers refer a friend, they get a flat payment.

In the world of referral programs, there is no getting without giving. You first have to come up with an offer that works for your brand. When it comes to the retail industry, most customers want deals. Stitch Fix, a subscription-based clothing service, capitalized on this desire by implementing a referral program that would give customers $25 in store credit.

2. Create A Referral Exclusion List

At the property level, certain domain names can be removed from the referral traffic with the referral exclusion list. However, just like the email subscribers list, they must be identified. Under Acquisition,> All Accesses> Referrals, the sessions are presented which are considered as referral traffic by Google Analytics (GA).

These sources are often recognizable because of their 100% bounce rates. This is done under Manage> Tracking Information> Referral Exclusion List. The result is that GA treats all referral sites in such a way that they do not trigger new sessions and no existing sessions are interrupted.

3. Start Creating A Custom Filter

A custom filter can also exclude referrals. The filter type Campaign Source would need to be selected during the general creation process to enter the domains that represent referral traffic. It is also possible to use regular expressions to select all known and unwanted referral sources through the text filter.

To this end, all unwanted referral websites would also be identified and then added to GA by RegEx. Regular expressions can be noted in the “Filter Pattern” field. The syntax is:


The pipe (|) is used to distinguish the domains and the slash prevents points from being regarded as regular expressions. Unfortunately, no pipe should be used at the end of a regular expression, otherwise, all referrals will be excluded.

4. Begin Customizing The Htaccess Files

The htaccess file can be used to exclude IP addresses and entire IP ranges. The htaccess file is located in the root directory of the web server and can be edited with a text editor. The syntax is;

order allow,deny allow from all deny from

Any further IP address or hostname is then attached with the command deny from below. The server will subsequently block the corresponding IPs and hostnames, and the analysis software can no longer capture these referrals.

There are other options, which are only mentioned here briefly: exclusion via PHP, NGINX as well as visitor control in Google Tag Manager. And then, last but not least, the channel groupings in Google Analytics are also a very great method to utilize.

5. Use An Automated Customer Invitation Plan

Using a variety of software tools, you can easily and quickly send automated emails right after a customer makes a purchase. Invite them to join your referral program with customizable, post-purchase emails. While, at the same time, you can send rewards to customers who have made successful referrals. Choose from cash rewards, store discounts, or custom gifts.

Perse, you must always remember, that you’ll only pay your referral associates per their performance. Pay commissions for new referral sales — you’ll succeed only when they succeed. Let your pricing not be based on the number of customers enrolled or your store revenue only. Rather, have a mix of activities that your invites can make money from.

Notably, MailPoet is a great tool that you can consider to succeed in your email marketing plan. It’s an Email Plugin for WordPress Sites that makes managing a subscriber list and designing eye-catching emails so easily. With an awesome intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop features that help you send out professional-looking newsletters in minutes.

6. Utilize A Tailored Feature On Your Website

Moving on, with a tailored feature on your website, you can enroll as many customers as you can. Enable post-purchase popups, landing pages, and referral widgets to grab attention. But, make sure that you are also able to prevent fraud to increase your ROI (Return On Investment) as per your referral website network. Otherwise, you’ll be going down the drain.

In that case, you should be able to quickly identify and ban any suspicious transactions. These include self-referrals, a high volume of referrals in a short time, and referral codes leaked on coupon sites. With such a plan in place, you’ll have a few power users of your referral website program, who will drive you a ton of referrals, and they’ll make a ton of money with it.

In nutshell, your referral website program is an integral part of your marketing portfolio — it can be responsible for 20-35% of your sales each month. All you need is to fulfill your multiple-store needs to stay ahead of your competitors. More so, in terms of your overall website functionality, User Experience (UX) flexibility, and incredible customer service support.

7. The Social Sharing Plus Stacks Integration Power

This is the digital age, so you want to make sure your program is shareable. If you’ve created a substantial incentive for customers, you’ll give them a reason to spread the word. Make sure that your referral tool makes it easy for them to share. For instance, Stitch Fix makes it easy for customers to refer their friends by a Social Sharing Plugin or Widget right in the dash.

What about seamless stacks integration? Well, the fewer hoops your customer has to jump through, the better. Even the most loyal of customers won’t want to participate if they sign up for your referral program and then find out there are three more steps they have to complete before collecting their referral reward.

8. Promote Your Referral Website Program

It’s not enough to create a program. Like the product itself, you have to get the word out before you can expect anyone to participate. One of the most common ways to do this is through triggered or time-based email campaigns. A few days after someone makes a purchase, you can encourage them to share a referral link to give them and a friend further discounts.

Whatever strategic referral marketing plan you’ll settle down with, make sure that you put your potential customers in charge always. If there’s anything you’ve learned in building a business already, it’s this: never make things difficult for the customer. That’s as true for purchases as it should be for referrals. Ultimately, your goal is to make more money, right?

But also, as you focus on making more money from your brand products as well as web-based business sales, remember that: The role of your affiliates is also to earn some extra bucks, right? So, make the process of referring new customers and earning their rewards as easy as possible. You’ll find some tools for implementing ease of use later in this post…

Some Examples Of Online Referral Website Programs To Join 

To begin with, according to Hostinger, joining the best referral programs is an excellent way of making money online from products or services you use and like. There are many referral marketing programs to choose from, offering rewards like subscription discounts, cashback, and free perks. Note that 90% of people base their purchase decision on others.

Technically, even when they don’t know the person recommending the product or service to them, they’ll still trust their reviews. Thus, creating your own referral program is a great way to boost sales and customer trust. Forthwith, let’s also consider the compelling offers from the Budsies referral website. Budsies creates customized stuffed animals for kids.

Precisely, who can go wrong recommending that to a friend? Even though the product may naturally generate referrals, Alex Furmansky, Founder and CEO, wants to take advantage of the excitement around the product. HubSpot’s “Refer-A-Dev” website page is next. Traditionally, companies use referral programs to encourage customers to refer to products and services.

But, HubSpot doesn’t just apply a referral program for pure marketing purposes. Instead, they use it to refer to employees. HubSpot has seen explosive growth in the past few years. Back in 2013, they needed software developers to support their efforts. So, it extended its recruitment efforts with a referral program that offered $10K to any employee a developer referred.

Having said that, in the next section, we’ll list the most successful referral programs. In particular, from various companies. Not to mention, in order to draw up this list, we analyzed a few guiding aspects of the best referral programs that online marketers and affiliate program enthusiasts should know about first — we’ll elaborate on a few of them for you down below.

Consider the following basic elements:
  • Program Duration: Even when a company states that it offers a referral marketing program, it may no longer accept new participants. Therefore, we’ve ensured that the programs in this list are active.
  • Referral Rewards: We’ve reviewed which of the bonuses of these referral programs are worthwhile, helping you make more money or get discounts for the products and services.
  • Policy Terms: We analyzed the clarity of their terms and conditions as well. Whilst, bearing in mind, that each company has different eligibility requirements, referral rewards, and link-sharing policies. For this reason, we’ve made sure that the referral program examples in this list have clear terms and conditions.
  • Application Process. Eventually, joining a referral program shouldn’t be hard if you’re already a customer. Usually, referrals only need to complete a few extra steps to make the referral program work. So, it’s for sure that the referral website programs that we are going to list herein meets the best user access and joining process standards.

Be that as it may, apart from helping you decide which one to join, all these initiatives are also a great source of referral program ideas for those looking to start their own referral website marketing strategy for their web business. We’ve listed the best customer referral program with some of them offering great ideas for you to borrow from for your next project.

The Topmost Referral Website Hubs:
Other Mentions:

Last but not least, we’ve got the Dollar Shave Club’s Integrated Program that’s also worth mentioning as well. And, before we even forget what to say, everybody and their well-groomed grandpa use Dollar Shave Club, and for good reason:— they know how to promote themselves. Dollar Shave Club goes out of its way to remind all its customers.

That referrals are a possibility, visually embedding their program into the user dashboard. Dollar Shave Club’s simple and intuitive setup makes signing up for the referral program a breeze. If participating in the referral program isn’t simple and intuitive, users won’t do it. Dollar Shave Club uses the FriendBuy software tool to make it easy as pie to join the program.

A Referral Website Summary Benefits That You Should Know 

In layman’s language, referral marketing involves promoting your products or services by using referrals from your existing customer base. This is usually done by word-of-mouth and can be a highly effective form of marketing. As with most types of marketing, you can simplify your workload by automating the process, using specialist referral marketing software tools.

Ultimately, all these programs are an excellent way for customers to earn and save money and a great business marketing strategy. Referral programs, especially, encourage customers to invite friends and family to use a product or service, while rewarding their loyalties with incentives. Joining them is also a great alternative for customers looking for discounts.

Suffice it to say, several of them offer credits that can only be redeemed through new purchases, while others give monetary rewards that you can cash out. Thus, joining both programs is a great way to boost your earnings. For instance, if you join some great programs, you’ll get a referral commission from the first and expand your account’s capacity with the second.

And then again, as for companies, referral marketing strategies improve customer loyalty and attract new customers. If you’re looking for referral marketing ideas for your own business, analyzing the initiatives we listed is a great way to start. You are free to share other successful referral program examples or your experience in referral marketing in our comments area.

Referral Website Program Best Practices Plus Top Software Tools

It is of great importance especially in eCommerce to be able to record initial referral websites and to exclude unwanted referrals such as spam or bots. The reason is that these referrals can affect the sales data in the reports. Granted, all of this ambition sounds very complicated, particularly if you’re not a web developer and have no talent for online marketing.

A good referral marketing software tool lets you hit multiple birds with one stone. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for everything lead generation, customer communication, and reputation management, such tools are the best bet platforms for you to build your referral website with.  Fortunately, there are a number of tools that already exist on the market.

Especially, in order for you to start taking the complicated process out of way. While, at the same time, making it intuitive to run your referral website and affiliate marketing. As an example, GetAmbassador is one of the most popular and well-reviewed tools for referral affiliate programs online, Ambassador makes enrolling, tracking, and rewarding all easy.

So that you can manage everything else from just a single, simple dashboard. You’ll particularly like the intuitive analytics that shows you exactly where you’re having the most success. And, in the end, you’ll be able to convert and make more sales.

Other Toolkits:
  1. Refersion
  2. FriendBuy
  3. Referral Factory
  4. InviteReferrals
  5. Mention Me
  6. Genius Referrals
  7. Referral SaaSquatch
  8. Hello Referrals 
  9. Referral Rock
  10. ReferralMagic
  11. WishPond
  12. TapMango
  13. Talkable
  14. Yotpo

Note, besides the above mentions, there are many other software tools out there. For instance, there’s Revetize — a referral marketing software tool that lets you hit multiple birds with one stone. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for everything lead generation, customer communication, and reputation management, Revetize is yet a great platform to get started with.

What makes Revetize different from other referral marketing tools? It allows you to leverage your happy customers and quickly acquire referrals, reviews, and repeat business. It also helps you send personalized, purposeful business texts and generate leads without having to lift a finger. All of your marketing efforts are organized into one spot.

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What’s more, the best software tool that you’ll choose allows you to quickly generate hundreds of online reviews from authentic customers. As well as create and distribute promotions straight from the platform, and even send personalized messages to a mass list of customers. A fully-fledged affiliate managing system that’s great is AffiliateWP Plugin for you.

One thing is for sure, it’s incredibly easy to set up yet surprisingly agile. It makes the whole process of managing your referral program as easy as it should be. Whilst, making both the affiliate and admin areas a joy to work with. You can go ahead and give it a try for free as soon as you can and then let us know your overall user experience thereafter — we’ll be so glad!

Takeaway Thoughts:

Simply put, in terms of online digital marketing, a referral website for affiliate marketing programs are just like some sort of an agreement contract — in which a business pays another business or influencer (“the affiliate”) a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way. This can be achieved through web content, social media, or product integration.

Affiliate Marketing centers around a business relationship between a brand and an affiliate (performance-based marketing). Where the affiliate is paid to promote the brand. These publishers are compensated for each visitor or customer earned through their own marketing efforts. To start reaching out to more target clients, you’ll need an affiliate.

And in the end, who might be part of a larger affiliate network to approach consumers through their own tactics? These businesses act as agents, sending qualified traffic to your website. When one of these visitors converts, you pay the affiliate a commission. But, important to realize, that any given affiliate program’s success heavily relies on locating the best advocates.

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That’s it! Whatever your business need is, our Web Tech Experts Taskforce as well as Digital Online Web Professionals is always here (24/7) to help you create a referral website that attracts more users and potential buyers. So that, in the end, you can make more money from your web-based business or even eCommerce store right from the start.

With that in mind, all you’ll need to do is Contact Us and then let us know how we can come in handy. You are also welcome to share your additional thoughts, suggestions, opinions, recommendations, or even contribution questions for our answers in the comments section. Until the next one, thanks for taking the time to be with us till the end of this resource user guideline.

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