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Opera News Lite | Download The Less Data, Lighter Version

You can now easily download the Opera news lite app as an alternative of the Scooper News I recently informed you about in this article.  They look similar in design but the Scooper news app has more ways to earn money. While Opera News is understandably no more giving Airtime.

With this in mind, you can download Scooper and get free airtime plus other added internet data giveaways. On the other hand, the package size of the entire Opera news lite app is less than 1MB.

While solving all your concerns about mobile phone memory, it also provides rich, personalized, timely, and diversified news and content services.

And as you consider whether the new Opera news lite is a worthy app to download, it can simultaneously support 60+ different countries and languages.

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Eventually, this allows you to stay connected with the world now that they have more than 5000 content writers signed up. While updating tens of thousands of original articles every day, and will bringing you new perspectives.

What is Opera News Lite?

Since its launch two years ago, Opera News has become one of the most used news and content apps in the world, with more than 160 million users. And in order to be even more productive, in March 2020, Opera launched its lite version.

On that note, Opera News Lite is a lighter version of the popular Opera News application, designed for devices with limited data storage capabilities. With a download size of less than one megabyte, Opera News Lite is also a fast download for people on limited mobile networks.

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Powered by its most powerful AI news engine, Opera News Lite delivers real-time, AI-curated content according to your interests. Follow your favorite channels to see topics personalized just for you. The more you use the app, the better it becomes.

Not forgetting, your preferences and personal information are kept completely secure. And as such, Opera News Lite will never share your private data with anyone.

Why Download Opera News Lite?

There are so many reasons why you should download the Opera news app. For instance, the new Opera news lite app launched with less than 1MB download size.

At the end of last year, there were more than 3.8 billion mobile internet users in the world. With smartphones representing 65% of mobile connections according to GSMA. In many cases, those smartphones do not have enough storage capacity.

And some of them are located in remote areas that often struggle with network connectivity. Opera News Lite has been optimized for such cases. Making information more accessible to everyone. Regardless of geographical location or network connectivity conditions.

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Opera News Lite offers the key features of the regular Opera News app. Such as personalized news articles, notifications about breaking news, and exclusive original content. However, Opera News Lite is ten times lighter than the regular version of the Opera News application.

The For You tab makes it easy to stay up to date on everything you care about in one place. Your briefing updates throughout the day with five daily news stories that Opera News Lite has organized for you.

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Your briefing includes a mix of the most important headlines, local news, and the latest developments on the topics you’re interested in.

“We have developed Opera News Lite as per requests from our users. The app is extremely responsive to slow network conditions as it minimizes the use of data and resources. With Opera News Lite, we are making Opera News more accessible to everyone. especially for users with older handsets.” said Jørgen Arnesen, Head of Marketing and Distribution at Opera.

New data centers in Africa 

The application is now available for download in Google Play in more than 40 countries.

Users who choose to download it in Kenya and Nigeria on their mobile devices are able to browse four times faster on the app. Thanks to the recent installation of local data centers in the cities of Lagos and Mombasa.

The new local data centers have already proven to effectively reduce connection latency. Providing users with 4x faster navigation on any of the Opera products.

“We believe that Opera News Lite will become the fastest online news application on the market. Due to its unique characteristics and by connecting to our local data servers in Kenya and Nigeria, users can be confident that they will access news faster than before regardless of any connectivity conditions,” said Arnesen.


Opera is a global web innovator. Opera’s browsers, news products, and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of more than 360 million people worldwide. Its main operations are headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA).

Opera News is based on an AI platform that uses insights from Opera’s massive user base. And relies on technologies including natural language processing, computer vision, and image understanding to process content.

As well as machine learning technology to recommend personalized content to each individual user. It was launched in January 2017 as an integrated feature of  Opera’s mobile browsers.

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The standalone Opera News app was launched a year later becoming the first news app developed with a focus on Africa and Southeast Asia. Opera News Hub is an online editorial platform focused on empowering local content creation. It was initially launched in November 2019.

Each day tens of thousands of content creators and journalists of the Opera News Hub work on and publish stories and videos that matter to their local audiences. This makes Opera News a unique platform relevant to each of the markets it is present in.

Finally, if you’d like to support our research work and blog articles, please donate and help us grow. You can also share your additional thoughts about Opera in the comments section.

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