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Scooper News (formally Eagleee News) is an app available for Android only where you get the latest news and trending videos. This app publishes news from different African countries and you get News tailored based on your current location.

Scooper News app is an Alternative to Opera News App as they look similar in design but Scooper news has more ways to earn money while Opera News is understandably no more giving Airtime. With this in mind, Download Scooper and Get Free Airtime plus other added Internet Data giveaways.

Scooper brings you the trending and breaking news from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt & around the world. So, Download Scooper to explore up-to-date news, funny videos, and live football scores. Not to mention, with newly added data-saving and offline reading features.

What Is Scooper?

Eagleee News now called “Scooper” is an app that rewards you with points that are converted as Airtime and data. Especially, for downloading and reading posts on the platform. You can also use the money you earned via the app to buy phones as well. Like Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9.

It all depends on how many coins you are able to get. To enjoy this free airtime or data, you need to download the Scooper news app from this page. You can earn coins by reading posts and using your referral link and code to invite your friends to download and use it.

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Currently, the Scooper News app is available for download in the following countries; Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Egypt, etc. And even many other countries it intends to break even in the near future.

Unfortunately, at the moment, this program (rewards oriented) is only available to Nigerians. But, I’ll be updating more release details for other countries later on. So, stay put or even pin this article on your browser for future references.

How does the Scooper News App reward users?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a point reward system where you earn points for inviting friends and reading news. Below is a Breakdown of How the Scooper Reward Program works;

In the first place, each news or article you read gives you +5 coins instantly on the app. Secondly, you’ll be rewarded +10 coins when you invite or refer someone to download the app. And equally important, you are also entitled to another +5 coins.

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More so, when the person you invites/refers enter your referral code to the app, in that case, confirming you as his/her referee. And on the other hand, you’ll earn +200 points for each person that Download the App Directly through your referral link.

But, always remember, you’ll only earn +5 points for each news article you read. With a maximum limit of 30 articles read reward per day. Later on, these can be converted and used to buy airtime or internet data for browsing and chatting.

How to Make Money on Scooper News

Of course, Yes you can! Scooper has an In-App exciting feature that allows you to read stories, and invite other users using your unique code.

In the end, you’ll then earn coins that you can cash out at Prize Centre. So, go straight ahead and Download on Google Play Store to see how the Make Money feature works exactly. This In-App feature is best experienced.

Download Scooper News App to Get Free Airtime/Data

But, please note that this feature is currently available in Nigeria (Only). However, Scooper will launch it in other parts of the world – one country at a time. Scooper’s contents are created and sourced directly from authoritative local content providers and news agencies.

On Scooper, you will certainly find authentic stories, well-written articles, and breaking news. Therefore, what this means is that, through Scooper, you’ll always find a niche that best interests you.

What are the Benefits of the Scooper News App?

Did I mention that Scooper uses only a small storage space on your mobile device? For each update, you are not at risk of overloading your phone storage. It is “being lightweight” that many people find most interesting about Scooper.

With Scooper, you can enjoy special benefits for staying on the App daily. You can earn virtual money and redeem cash (600NGN – 5,000NGN) among other prizes from the App’s Prize Centre.

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Generally, this app is currently available for Android devices. Obviously, that being said, I think it’s time to make free money. What are you waiting for? Formerly, Eagleee, Scooper News App takes you to discover viral content in Africa.

As well as overseas and entertain you all the time. They deliver trending videos, articles, breaking news, and GIFs directly to you. Sharing unique insights with you! More notable features include:

1. Richly researched content from world credible sources

Scooper enjoys sporty stuff and will keep you up-to-date on football matches, live commentaries, and all leagues as they happen. For instance, information about basketball, tennis, hockey, and all other sporting activities around the world.

You can expect exciting sports news and match predictions from Scooper. Below are more reasons as to why you should go for the Scooper;

  • Keep you up to date with the latest news, headlines, developing stories, and Nollywood news. In general, hottest news and videos on the latest Nollywood, gossips on celebrities, and all-stars.
  • Partner with the best content providers and source directly from the leading publishers in news, entertainment, lifestyle, and more!
  • Provide the platform for “we meida” and make them share their thought on Scooper News App. While having their own team to produce what you like.
  • Flash reading, low traffic, a customized news feed, and a smart search engine offer you a pleasant reading experience!
2. Amazing videos, tutorials, guides, GIFs & more trends

You’ve found the right place! Scooper scouts for rich videos and GIF contents from great sources as well as YouTube channels. Not forgetting, you can save your favorite news articles, videos, GIFs in one place!

Take a dive in Eagleee/Scooper with thousands of users! You will never be bored again with a great mix of free videos, including funny videos, viral videos, news videos, movie clips, TV shows clips, music videos, etc.

Eagleee allows you to customize a unique newsfeed! Get what you want today! For one thing, their algorithm analyzes your interest and automatically recommends trending content tailored to you!

3. Unlimited free online/offline reading, comments & endless fun

Not enough data left for the month? Scooper knows. Offline reading is available to allow you to access all of Scooper’s contents without data consumption.

For example, when you run out, Scooper will quickly prompt you to read offline until your data gets back.

  • Express freely and exchange your views with millions of other users. Interact with them and show your great mind!
  • Kill your time and keep up with funny pictures, GIFs, funny jokes. Lead the conversation and be the funniest guy among friends.
  • Search headlines, videos, GIFs in one app instead of scavenging the Internet. And also, read content from a variety of categories.
4. Simplified push notifications with a personalized newsfeed

You will find this handy when looking for news stories and fun videos that you can view/access on the go. Scooper refreshes news in a flash! For each time you click ‘home’, updates slide in within split seconds.

Scooper picks trending and breaking news for you, elaborately. It customizes your favorites according to your choices and interests. And as an example, below are some of the 5 topmost sampled Scoopers News App headlines;

  1. OPINION: Is democracy killing media freedom?
  2. Hazard snubs Ronaldo, Messi for Ballon d’Or
  3. Mahama hailed ‘Infrastructure King’
  4. Sacramento Kings give Bitcoin royal seal of approval
  5. Flavour and Chidinma didn’t come to play in their new jam titled ‘Nkem’ (Video)

Above all, over one hundred (100) popular novels have been picked for you across categories. Such as science fiction, romance, mystery, thrillers, and short stories. Get started on this journey with Scooper.

Since its official launch held at its Lagos office on Friday, 18th January 2019, Scooper has the promise to become your favorite online discovery. Eventually, by delivering ‘more than just news’ to all active users.

According to jmexclusives, Scooper is a ‘fast and reliable news app’ that aggregates local and global content across categories of your interest. But, what are some of its Pros and Cons?

Scooper News App Pros:
  1. Almost Real-Time News: You get the latest news instantly as it happens.
  2. It’s lightweight: The app consumes fewer data and it’s less than 5MB to download from Playstore.
  3. Easy SignUp: You basically sign in to the app using your social account (Facebook, Twitter, Google).
  4. Reward Program Is A Low Effort Task: You earn 150 points a day from reading news and can make your first cashout at 3000 points for reading daily for 20 days without any referral.

Earn Cool Cash: While at the same time, as you enjoy News and Fun content (Download the APK to Get Started).

This app also occasionally rewards its Nigerian users through various other promotions. And as an example, there is;

  • Scooper Time: This is a periodic program whereby users can earn 6x rewards with their points.
  • Monthly Leaderboard: The app also rewards the top 3 leaderboards that invited the most for each month.
Scooper News App Cons:
  1. Realtime Push Notification: Sometimes, its Push Notification is quite annoying. Whereby, you’ll get up to 7 push notifications at once when on data. Without direct control from the app.
  2. Invitation Reward Program Accuracy: According to credible sources and online review comments, its reward program lacks accuracy. With users who downloaded the app using a referral link not being accounted for.
  3. Strict Reward CashOut Process: After Cashing out, you are going to get an email after a few hours stating you should complete some social tasks within a short deadline. Whereby, some users complain about not receiving rewards mostly due to this.

You can also visit the Scooper Website for more news and updates. All in all, since the app was first introduced, so far, the majority of users have been able to cashout cash about five times or even more.

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Finally, it’s my hope that the above-revised guide on how to Get Started with Eagleee ( as its formerly known) or Scooper News App.

I’d also like to hear some of your thoughts, contributions, critics, or even views input in the comments section. So to say, if you are already using this News App. But, if you’ll have more personalized queries or additions, please feel free to Contact Us. You can also donate in order to support our blog articles, online research work, service solutions, and other ongoing projects.

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