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Reviving The Neon Signs Throwback Trend | #10 Business Ideas

Technically, it’s clear to say that Neon Signs are making their way into the corporate world. They’re no longer just flashy decorations in popular entertainment venues. Instead, they are now marketing assets in the simplest and most vivid form. Thanks to their colorful and vibrant design, neon lights have quickly become one of today’s most popular throwback trends.

But, incorporating a decades-long idea in the present can be tricky. As an entrepreneur or business owner, how will you ensure that your investment in neon signs is worthwhile? What roles will they play in your marketing strategy, and how can you effectively showcase their timeless charm? Got an idea? Create your custom neon sign with easy-to-use online design tools.

One thing is for sure, Neonize is a web-based application platform that allows you to turn your ideas into Neon Signs — all this without any hassle! So, which neon signs are better: a flashy, neon sign with bold colors and letters, or a simple, duo-colored sign with block letters? Well, it depends on your target audience. We’ll find out the ways to neon signs for your store!

The question is: Have you ever noticed a neon sign when it was turned off and realized that the glass wasn’t colored? Essentially, some notable noble gases play a huge role here. While some neon lights retain their color when they are turned off, many look clear. So, how do these lights get to be so bright and vibrantly colored if they consist of plain white or clear glass?

Neon Signs Are Coming Back As Effective Marketing Tools

Neon Signs are back with a thud — a good reason why businesses should include them in their marketing plan. Generally, neon gas is where the name for neon lights comes from. Actually, neon exists in the air we breathe, but only in trace amounts. It’s easy and inexpensive for manufacturers to obtain pure neon, and they only need small levels to fill lighting tubes.

Manufacturers make a typical neon light by filling a sturdy glass tube with neon gas. When a spark lights inside, it naturally emits a deep red color. Craftsmen make the other colors you see in neon signs and lights. They mix neon and another gas or fill the tube with another noble gas entirely. The amount of gas in the tube also factors into the exact color the light produces.

Create Custom Neon Signs With Neonize

It’s, important to realize, that the gases used to make bright, multicolored neon signage may commonly include Mercury Vapor in the tube. Or even a combination of a variety of other gases such as Argon, Helium, Xenon, Krypton, etc. Before we get into the key elements to consider and a list of ways to use neon signs in a business setting, let’s first discuss a few things.

For instance, we would want to discover why they are still relevant. And now that you have some basic design ideas, the prospect of incorporating them might leave you feeling overwhelmed. Don’t worry — as long as you know the look you prefer, you can pass on your ideas to an experienced sign company. So, what makes neon lights one of the biggest trends today?

Some reasons why they make effective marketing tools:
  • They have an energy-efficient and eco-friendly option. LED neon signage, in particular, is one of the easiest, low-maintenance, and most affordable types of neon signs. Thus, it’s the most recommended option to start with.
  • They are eye-catching, especially at night. You can keep neon signs on 24/7, making them valuable tools at night or in low-light situations. In fact, neon signs will light up most cities at night with a very appealing outlook.
  • You can have it customized to feature your brand name or logo. Neon signs are a great way to promote your brand or welcome customers into your store. You can even use photogenic light fixtures as content for your social media.
  • They bring a retro aesthetic that is prevalent nowadays. Don’t underestimate the power of nostalgia — most people are quite drawn to vintage elements. Obviously, this is because they provide an escape to a different timeline or era.
  • They are extremely versatile. Clearly, neon signs are a form of advertising channel that will pop up almost everywhere. In particular, from huge tourist attractions with booming nightlives to island resort establishments to even dining places.

Forthwith, every neon light represents a complicated chemical reaction to produce beautifully vibrant colors. When you look at your neon signs and the signs of businesses around you, see if you can guess what gases create those glowing lights. Or, if you’d like to add new colors to your current neon signage, ask a professional which gases are readily available for you to use.

The Best Business Ideas To Revive The Neon Lights Throwback Trend

Realistically, when choosing a neon sign, many companies make the mistake of thinking only about their business’s tastes or even their personal preferences. But, you and your employees aren’t the ones who need your products and services. Instead, you should try to choose a sign that attracts those who will most likely turn to your business and even buy or get services.

As a matter of fact, customizing your own neon doesn’t have to be hard! In less than 5 minutes, you can utilize the best neon design platform out there to create your very own unique neon sign — bring your vision to life! Whether you want a small written text in your favorite font or a mix of elaborated images, there are apps to help you make your dream come true. Stand out!

Notably, marketing and advertising can make or break your business. If you can’t attract a new flow of clients, you’ll have a harder time pitching sales and pleasing your investors. Fortunately, there are firms (like Neonize) that are focused on providing clients with turnkey, cost-effective signage solutions, point-of-purchase marketing & franchise signage programs.

The other main solutions are:
  • Top Channel Letter Signage
  • Branded LED Display Signage
  • Outdoor Custom Neon Signage
  • Monument Signs And Solutions
  • Patio Area Custom Canopies
  • Custom Educational Signage
  • Parking Lot Lighting Signage

In addition, they also offer sign and lighting repair services for all types of signs & lighting on a time and material basis. Markedly, their experienced technicians and equipment are unrivaled. Some of these neon design companies have also got trucks that can be dispatched within hours of your service request. You’ll just need to call or email them for a repair request.

Moving on, when it comes to fonts, colors, and logos, how do you design a sign that will attract your target audience? First, if your target audience is “everyone,” marketing becomes impossible. It’s unlikely that every person in the world needs or wants your products and services. Consider the people who need your business — focus on asking and answering a few quizzes.

Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Why do your customers need a sign?
  2. Do your products and services fill something missing in their lives?
  3. How will you help create a long-lasting business impression?

With that in mind, the next thing is to consider why your customers would choose you over your competitors. Bear in mind, whether you strive for a fun and friendly atmosphere or a professional, no-nonsense environment, you should choose a sign that matches your audience’s wants and needs. On one hand, try to consider the type of customer your business targets.

More so, based on what you sell and what sets your business goals, mission, and vision apart. While, on the other hand, you should also try to evaluate your customer base with research and surveys — to ensure you are hitting your target audience. Additionally, if you find you attract a different audience than you expected, try to adjust your design to fit that audience.

A City View With Neon Signs Lighting Up The Night

As you can see (from the image above), due to their ability to capture a customer’s attention, neon signs have been at the forefront of street advertising — they help light-up cities. So, if you’re looking for a new way of promoting business in this day and age, neon signs are a great option! Below are top ideas you may try to bring the neon sign throwback trend back to life.

1. Brand Entity Emphasis

The first thing you want people to remember about your business is the logo. After all, it is made to enhance brand identity and recognition. So when establishing your commercial space, ensure that the company logo is properly displayed; nothing does this better than a neon sign! Opt for a custom service, so the design and color scheme comply with your branding guidelines.

2. Business Shop Decoration

A little decoration can go a long way. What type of atmosphere would you like to create in your shop? If you want to create a relaxed yet exciting atmosphere, neon signs can help you with that. Choose from endless symbols, icons, and quotes that correspond to your brand and instantly spruce up your space!

3. In-Store Event Promotion

From time to time, you need to hold special events to promote your products and services. It can be a product launch, a workshop, or a cause-related event. And, when it comes to in-store events, it’s critical to capture the attention of passersby and generate foot traffic into your shop. Are you looking for a head-turner? Neon signs can definitely help distinguish your business from the crowd.

4. Highlight Branding Phrases

Do you have a punchy tagline or any specific message representing your brand identity? Then, consider highlighting it on a LED neon sign and make people remember your business better. With a catchy phrase and vibrant design, rest assured that people visiting your store will likely keep your brand in mind. Who can say? They might even buy right away after seeing your sign!

5. Business Hours Indication

You will have customers from all walks of life, and some won’t have the luxury of time and transportation. Therefore, you want them to come when your store is available. In that case, why not make your operating hours as straightforward as possible? By clear, we mean bright and visible to people, even at night. And what else, besides neon signs, can help you achieve this?

6. Give Business Directions

Directional signs are essential, especially if your store is quite huge. You may also need them if you are holding an in-store event in a particular location. Regular signs might be visible enough, but neon signs can deliver the message more clearly while enhancing your space. So consider using LED neon lights to post directions on your store’s walls, doors, and windows.

7. Post General Announcements

Do you want to encourage CLAYGO in your community? Or is there an outbreak in your town that requires precautionary measures? As important as these posters are, some people still ignore them or unintentionally fail to recognize their significance. So, why not step up and hang a bright neon sign to highlight announcements? They’ll surely notice them more.

8. Spruce-Up Special Events

Do you own a bar or restaurant? You may have received special event requests from your customers. Perhaps they’re eyeing your location for a surprise proposal or a birthday party. In times like this, the ambiance of the venue is important. So, look for something that will pump people up, such as birthday designs or even wedding neon signs to be precise! It leaves a positive impression of your brand and makes your venue look Instagram-worthy.

9. Showcase Your Creativity

As mentioned, neon signs are highly adaptable. They can accommodate any design you have in mind. So, let your inner artist flourish and create one-of-a-kind neon lights for your business! Aside from being eye-catching, a unique design will also pique people’s interest and raise brand awareness.

10. Bonuses Selfie Booth

Selfie booths are all the rage in this social media age! Everyone wants a picture of themselves in attractive venues. Hence, you don’t need a special reason to have a selfie booth in your store; consider building one if you can! Most importantly, remember to incorporate neon signs and lights to improve the overall visuals of the booth. People will surely come back for it!

Final Thoughts:

Customers often judge companies based on their appearance. When they go to a company, they look for cleanliness, professionalism, and great customer service. Throwback trends are some of the most effective advertising methods today. By incorporating nostalgia-inducing elements, you’re making the impossible possible — taking people on a journey through time.

Consider using neon signs if you want something like that as part of your business strategy! Neon signs are attractive, energy-efficient, low-maintenance, versatile, and cost-effective. They’ve been around for centuries, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re no longer relevant. In fact, their charm is timeless, and they are making a comeback! 

Resource Reference: How To Design Ad Graphics | A Step-By-Step Beginners Guide

So, don’t hesitate to try them and use this list if you’re struggling with ideas. Bring back the neon trend now and light up the business world! Of course, yes! The prospect of incorporating them might leave you feeling overwhelmed. But, don’t worry — as long as you know the look you prefer, you can just pass on your ideas to an experienced neon signs company to help you.

Whilst, keeping in mind, that such a neon sign company, typically, designs signs for a wide variety of audiences. Whereby, you can use the audience-focused suggestions as your starting point to help you discuss your neon sign needs (per your business) with them. Together, you’ll be in a better position to choose the ideal sign to attract your desired target audience.

About The Author

Jessica leads the design initiatives at Neonize, the all-in-one design space offering hundreds of neon light signs and other related products. And, as a graphic designer turned interior decorator, she is quite obsessed with helping people create LED neon signs — to bring their personality to their workspace or home. You can mail her for a one-on-one conversation.

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