Low-Cost Digital Business Ideas | Top 3 Excuses To Avoid!

Everyone wants to start a low-cost digital business nowadays, but with very few ideas and many excuses. So, are you dreaming of starting your own business but low on capital? Well, there are a few low-cost excuses to run away from and some options to consider. Thus, if you’re still wondering what next, you’ll need to follow this article to the end for some ideas.

It’s the 2020s. There’s the internet and there’s opportunity. There are many friends that will tell you that they want to be an entrepreneur, I want to start my own business, I want to be free.  However, they never ever took the time, effort, or money to invest in digital skill sets that’ll help them launch their own business. They often go back to being an employee.

At first, I was like that for years. I was so naive and always chasing that one magic bullet to help me launch a business. Secondly, I left University to start my own blog too! Something I knew nothing about! More so, in terms of quality content creation, SEO audit, web marketing, digital marketing, SERPs positioning, etc.

As a result of all this, in the end, I quit after just 6 months. Extraordinarily, something was quite very wrong! In fact, drawbacks are among other things I mention to you today. Personally, I had so many excuses running all over my mind. That’s why today, I like to share some of them and how to manage them. Let’s get started right away, shall we?

Excuse #1: The Fear of Failing

You may be secretly waiting for someone to give you permission to succeed. If I may ask; was I even fit to declare myself an entrepreneur, and start providing SEO services to businesses in Singapore to be sincere. Of course, there’s more to that!

Beneath all of that, I was afraid to be controversial in my decisions. Whilst the rest of my friends are completing a ‘safe degree’ or working for big corporate companies, I fear running the opposite direction and taking the leap of faith. Well, this means I had my own doubts too! Should I create my own brand? Do you have a certificate? Why bother creating your own brand?

Eventually, this decision stuck with me for 2 years. Unfortunately, I always had a way out. Whereby, I always managed to clinch a couple of thousand-dollar projects. I would use the money, take a cheap flight somewhere, and not invest in the business.

Excuse #2: A Demand for Degrees

Do you really need a Degree in Business or ‘Work Experience’ to start your own digital business? Should you get internships or work first to get ‘entrepreneurial experience’? Yes, you can build up work ethic, discipline, and some cash on by being an employee. Can work experience and degree help? Yes, definitely. For EG.

If you’re selling financial products from the company Prudential, yes, you can learn sales skills. However, if you’re launching your own brand, your own company, it’s a whole different ball game. I didn’t have a degree and much formal work experience but still tried my best and learned on the go.

Unless you work for a startup, you’ll rarely get a taste of the entrepreneurial grit in companies. Let me ask you, why do most people stay employees for the majority of their life and not start a business. Shouldn’t they have enough ‘working experience’ after 10 years in the same company to start their own business?

Excuse #3: A Lot of ‘Capital’ Doubt

This used to be true before the internet. You need some form of capital to start a business. When I first got into entrepreneurship, I got into it to earn money, travel the world, and live the 4-hour workweek. That was how I got into some shady affiliate marketing models. Though my worry of getting less while doing more still clicked back in my brain.

However, as the years went by I desired to acquire real skill sets, skill sets such as persuasive copywriting, search engine optimization consulting, and paid media buying. You too, in today’s digital economy, can start a business just by registering a simple website and a domain name. Not to mention, it’s quite easy to host your website and get going even now. 

How To Start Your Own Low-Cost Digital Business

As I’ve elaborated, for many people with an entrepreneurial spirit, the No. 1 reason why they don’t pursue their business dreams is because of the significant costs. More so, it’s directly associated with starting a business from scratch. However, there are low-cost digital business ideas and marketing skill sets that you can learn with time.

That’s if you want to start providing to business owners low capital-intensive service solutions. Meaning, if you’re still using the ‘I need a lot of capital as an excuse… you’re merely holding yourself back. In nutshell, there’re many businesses you can launch today with little or no funding. As long as you are dedicated and put in some good old-fashioned hard work.

Examples of Low-Cost Digital Business:
  1. Brand PR Manager
  2. Web Content Creator
  3. Content SEO Auditor
  4. Social Media Consultant
  5. Personal/Virtual Assistant
  6. Professional Business Reviewer
  7. Event Planning Executive
  8. Errands/Concierge Caretaker
  9. Online Digital Marketer
  10. Career Courses Tutor

In other words, you don’t need a lot of capital to start a small business. Particularly, to start a low-cost digital business, look for service-based business ideas, as these often have lower overhead than product-based businesses. Consider whether you could turn your hobby or professional skills into your own business.

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That’s it! You are good to go! With all the resolutions and examples of low-cost digital business ideas above, you can now start investing easily. But, if you’ll ever need any help, both Marcus and the jmexclusives team are always here for you. And, with that in mind, you can share your additional thoughts in our comments section.

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