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What Is Lifesize? The First 4K Video Conferencing Solution

We can simply say that video conferencing tools like Lifesize has enabled many businesses to continue to operate during the Lockdown. Simply, by allowing employees to work from home, using conferencing solutions for meetings and updates. As well as general communications.

But, with a wealth of software options on the market for video conferencing, identifying what suits your needs best and is not simply the latest or recently launched model can be challenging. Most of us are working from home currently. And working practices will evolve moving forward. Fundamentally, all conferencing solutions will need to be adaptable.

The quality, collaboration opportunities, and operational requirements of the conferencing solution must also be considered. This is in order to ensure the purchase is a cost-effective and sound investment. We’ve all been in meetings where the technology has let us down. And often it is because the technology is not appropriate for the meeting space or the task at hand.

Perhaps the microphone is not strong enough to pick up the voices of people in the room. Or rather, the camera does not fit all attendees in the field of view. And perhaps the technology is simply taking up too much space. That’s why Lifesize comes to your rescue.

What Is Lifesize?

Lifesize was founded in 2003. The company’s main branches are located in Austin, Texas, and Munich, Germany. Lifesize provides high definition video conferencing endpoints, touchscreen conference room phones, and a cloud-based video collaboration platform. The platform is introducing the world’s first global 4K video conferencing solution.

Lifesize Video Conferencing Software

Rated best-in-class for video, audio, and content-sharing clarity, it helps your teams present your business in the best light. While helping you be in the moment at a moment’s notice. Host free and instant video calls with your team right from your phone or browser. The video conferencing app works when and where you work. No downloads or sign-ups required — just share the link and go.

Host up to 300 live participants on a call, enable team directories, unlock streaming, and recording options. Also, equip your conference rooms with 4K video systems and wireless screen sharing with a Lifesize plan for your organization.

Why Lifesize Video Conferencing?

In most cases, video conferencing software like Lifesize represents the only visible interaction that employees will get with their employers. Especially for those in influential positions. Being able to be seen can often mean the difference between being understood or not.

Whatever the size of your space or budget for technology to equip it Lifesize best suits your business conferencing solutions. Ideally, you should be looking to find a solution that is ready for a range of scenarios that you may encounter. Lifesize offers a consistent experience across every device.Lifesize 4K conference room systems

Their video conferencing equipment are built by more than a decade of hardware engineering experience. Meet their revolutionary new line of 4K conference room systems.

While at the same time, their award-winning video conferencing software provides an effortless way to connect over the video. As well as, share your screen, and collaborate on projects from personal devices like laptops, tablets, and phones.

4K meeting room experience

Their professional line of audio and video conferencing equipment delivers an amazing 4K meeting room experience. Additionally, stay connected with the Lifesize video conferencing app. Their video conferencing solution for PC, Mac, tablet, and the phone gives you an easy way to start a video chat. Or join a meeting right from your laptop or personal device.

Award-winning conferencing equipment

Connect to your calendar to stay on schedule throughout the day, share your screen with the industry-leading video quality. You can even record any meeting with a single click through the intuitive UI of the Lifesize App. No matter where you are, you always have a voice and a face at the meeting with Lifesize.

The best features of Lifesize are;
  • Meetings are encrypted by default,
  • With 99.9% uptime service level agreement,
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction rating,
  • Ideal plug and play solutions for a business meeting,
  • Providing minimal setup and ultimate flexibility.

All the above are the main necessary features so that you can work wherever you need to. And still have the same video conferencing experience. Bearing in mind, in this unprecedented year of business, forecasting may be challenging.

That’s why investing in the right video conferencing solution like Lifesize for your needs will reap operational and communication benefits. Not only now that your business needs these services due to the COVID-19 Pandemic but also for years to come.

Is Lifesize a Good Video Conferencing Solution?

Of course, Yes! Simply, because it has both its hardware and software together. And by integrating its meeting room systems and cloud service, Lifesize enables every person and every conference room with amazing video conferencing.

Then again, it connects to a global network. With data centers in every major geography, their industry-leading global presence helps you connect your global teams through web conferencing. And with its secure communication, Lifesize uses best-of-breed data centers.

In particular, with independent third-party security and privacy certifications to ensure the most secure and reliable foundation possible for our customers. An in reality, through its seamless integration, it fits in the workflow of your existing tools. Giving you the best video experience in the apps and meeting rooms you use every day.

Not to mention, tens of thousands of organizations around the world trust Lifesize. Like jmexclusives, Disney, Yale, Toyota, The Ohio State University, Yelp, Crocs, Twitter, NASA, etc.

How to Use Lifesize Go

Meet face to face, present your screen, and enjoy a more personal meeting experience with every conversation. And as for free video calls and collaboration, connect up to eight people on a group video call and get down to business.

The platform also provides your business with unlimited meetings, with no strings attached. Allowing you to use Lifesize Go for all of your video calls with no restrictions on meeting length. It’s in short, the easiest way to collaborate. Invite attendees by text message or email address with no download or account required to get started.

In addition, you are allowed to share and communicate securely. Meaning that you can share your screen, a single application, or even a browser tab to collaborate instantly over its fully encrypted network. Through its unrivaled cloud video architecture, your business is primed for performance and efficiency.

Its modern microservices architecture leverages best-of-breed technology. Delivering an unrivaled, unified meeting experience that you can trust to work the first time, every time. That said, you can start using Lifesize Go right away here.

Is Lifesize Free or Paid?

Basically, it has three pricing tiers. Initially, there was no free tier. However, that has changed with Lifesize Go — that is a completely free browser-based version of Lifesize’s service. Allowing users to host an unlimited number of video calls (plus screen sharing on desktop). With up to 8 participants, no caps on meeting length, and no app downloads.

Its Standard is designed for small teams and costs $16.95 per host per month, and offers unlimited meetings for up to 100 participants, along with Single Sign On (SSO) support, personal meeting support, as well as lone chat and support.

Lifesize Plus is aimed at small and midsize companies, offering more features but a minimum of 15 hosts and costs $14.95 per host per month. This allows for up to 300 participants, includes Microsoft integrations, offers real-time meeting insights, phone, and email support, as well as 1-hour cloud recording per host.

Lastly, its Enterprise costs $12.95 per month with a minimum of 50 hosts. This plan allows for live streaming of up to 1,000 viewer events, unlimited US audio calling, branding and customization, premium support, as well as unlimited video recording.


Lifesize allows you to upgrade anytime to access even more features. Whether your meeting space is a home office, a huddle room, a large meeting space, or a conference room, you should weigh up the features of different conferencing systems.

An all-in-one USB solution is excellent for a small meeting space, for example. After all, an all-in-one USB solution would not necessarily require features such as pan-tilt-zoom or a powerful zoom.

As an example, an optimized camera allows you to work well with platforms you are using like Lifesize to communicate with your team. With examples of explore — cameras that are certified by the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Skype for Business.

Not only is this endorsement from Zoom, Google, or Microsoft enough to provide confidence in the manufacturer, it also ensures that you and your team’s video conferencing experience is seamless. And also efficient enough whenever using these platforms.

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NB: Microsoft Teams replaces Skype for Business Online as Microsoft’s professional online meeting solution. Whereby, the new Microsoft Teams combine instant messaging, video conferencing, calling, and document collaboration. Into a single, integrated app – and enables exciting new ways of working.

Finally, it’s also important that you read and learn more about Business Meeting | 3 Key Elements For Effective Agendas. You can also Contact Us if you’ll need more help or Donate to support our team and their projects.

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