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By all means, Affiliate Marketing is an excellent business strategy through various Affiliate & Referral Programs for increasing online sales. It is also an income-generating opportunity for individuals who want to make money online. Business owners and bloggers alike can use various affiliate programs to automate affiliate marketing tasks and track performance. And now, let’s have a look at the key difference between an affiliate and a referral below.

Simply put, a Referral Website is an Internet Address or Hostname used to get a visitor to another site. For instance, a visitor has just clicked a hyperlink on the referral website, which leads to the website where he is located now. In other words, the Referral Website is thus the source of the traffic on the current page. Reward your customers for referrals they bring in.

Watch the sales and shares roll in. When a website is viewed, the visitor’s browser transmits the name of the requested website. And also the origin of the referral link that directed the visitor to it. Of course, a Referral Website is an important data source when it comes to web analysis. In order to assign traffic to the different sources and to find out the visitor’s location.

The Benefits Of Affiliate Programs

Get generous performance-based commissions for referring customers to any suitable partner affiliate programs as listed below. Not forgetting, the more customers you’ll refer, the higher the commission payouts that you’ll earn! Even a single affiliate sale gets paid by our associates!

Technically, you’ll get comprehensive and progressive performance stats right in your Affiliate Dashboard section. Most of our partner affiliate programs dashboard area has simple navigation, all the tools you need — it allows you to keep an easy track of your referrals and earnings.


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Referral Programs Vs Affiliate Programs

By definition, a referral program is a word-of-mouth marketing strategy that rewards customers who recommend a brand’s products or services to their network. Most companies use these programs as a part of their customer retention and customer acquisition strategy to drive more traffic or potential buyers to the referral website. The rewards motivate customers to continue doing business with them.

And then again, besides doing business together with the company, they’ll also bring in more referrals. Similarly, other notable brands as well as top-notch companies also offer discounts or free items to encourage their referral partners to complete their purchases. In addition to customer referral programs, many companies also opt for affiliate marketing programs as well.

Referral Marketing & Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Simply put, in terms of Affiliate Marketing, an Affiliate Program is an agreement in which a business pays another business or influencer (“the affiliate”) a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way. This can be achieved through web content, social media, or product integration. In short, affiliate programs are all about sending traffic to the target associate’s website or application platform.

Referral Programs

Likewise, in terms of Referral Marketing, and as a form of word-of-mouth marketing, Referral Programs give each customer a unique referral link and reward them for every successful referral. Not to mention, Affiliates can be anyone interested in generating income by promoting another business. Some companies outsource this step to Affiliate Networks that have more skills. So, referral programs are all about sharing the target partner links with friends, family, and people that they know.

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It’s, important to realize, that both referral and affiliate programs offer key strategies that focus on raising brand awareness, increasing sales, and getting more clients as a result. Not forgetting, the only main differences between a referral program and an affiliate marketing program are the program participants and the rewards. That said, let’s even break down things even further below (click any link to join free).