Innovative Corporate Video Ideas | #5 Topmost Tips Plus Strategies

In this guide, we are going to discuss a few innovative corporate video ideas that you can integrate into your strategic marketing plan. To begin with, corporate videos don’t have to be boring and lifeless. Whether keeping customers updated on the latest developments or targeting a wider audience, an innovative corporate video can help you reach your goal.

Innovative corporate video ideas allow you to be yourself — to be bold, exciting, or appealing. Go beyond the low-quality videos for your business. That said, let’s now have a look at some of the best innovative video ideas below. As well as some solid tips and strategies that can help you reach your overall goals.

1. Company Overview Videos

Technically, company overviews are timeless marketing pieces for brands, but they’re more valuable than many believe. Company overviews are a company’s marketing or promotional videos to promote its products or services.

Typically, it covers the company’s history and details its product or service’s features and company values. Most company profiles can showcase your company’s personality, culture, and brand. Whether it is your mission statement, core values, employee testimonials, or marketing message, your video should create an emotional connection.

More so, between your brand and the audience. Overviews are best to kick off your brand, working as the first video for your business. Over time, you would want to update the overview if you’re adding more services or changing the scope of your company.

2. Behind The Scenes Office Tour

Many businesses are more interesting than they think they are. Showing your audience how you do your job is quite enjoyable for many customers that want a peek at how you operate. A behind-the-scenes office tour can help to humanize your brand to your viewers. It tells them you’re doing things, not because you’re a faceless corporation, but because you are real people.  

A behind-the-scenes look at your office, factory, or studio lets the viewer share in your experience. They feel like they’re a part of the action.  It gives them a sense of connection and builds trust in you. Plus, it gives viewers a glimpse into your corporate culture and your overall performance as a company. 

People want to see that you’re the real deal. They want to know that you’re not some scam artist and that you have great employees that are passionate about their work.  

3. Explainer And How-To Videos

When trying to improve customer experience, you want to arm them with the right information. Explainers or how-to videos are short content that provides what customers need to utilize your products and services. They explain concepts or show people how to do something through animation, whiteboards, or other types of visuals. 

Explainers help simplify complex topics for audiences that find the product or service intimidating. They work well for anything related to your business, as you can show them how to use your product, how your app works, or even how it’s made.

Some popular industries that benefit from this type of video content include technology, business, and e-commerce. For example, an explainer-how-to-video could be a step-by-step tutorial that teaches a new skill or product. This could be a product review, a demonstration of a new process, or an educational course.

4. FAQ Answering Videos  

Customers like to get answers to their questions right away. They want it more quickly than they can type or talk to a customer service representative. A frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on your website may not be enough. Your audience wants to know about your product or service before they spend their money, and FAQs help them learn more about your services.

It reassures that you’re making a solid decision based on facts, not just a feeling or hunch. A video can quickly answer all those questions and clear up doubts or uncertainties. In addition, it provides a more personalized experience for your users by answering their queries in a fun way.

5. Social Media Teaser Trailers

Social media teaser trailers are much like traditional movie trailers with one purpose: to whet their audience’s appetite and get them going. Give them an idea of what to expect, and they’ll buy tickets. Creating a great social media teaser is different from making a traditional advertisement. It focuses more on grabbing the attention of your target audience than selling.

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The main difference is that you create your trailer for a different platform. Build a version made for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each social media platform has its format, so design your teaser trailer for the same. 

Best Tips And Strategies For Innovative Corporate Video Ideas

In reality, many brands struggle with corporate video ideas because most people don’t know what video content works best for them. These tips can help you create the right video for your brand, whatever industry or vertical you may come from. 

A. Create An Aspirational Video 

Always remember, that your target audience wants to feel a sense of connection. Generally, they want to have the same values as you. And, they want to be part of something important.

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They want to make a lasting impact on this world. Your audience wants to feel inspired. They want to feel like they can be a part of the change and feel good about the brands they buy. Create videos that inspire and motivate your audience to action.

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B. Be Authentic 

Surprisingly, your target customers know when you’re faking it. They’ll see right through it. They assume that they’re not spending their money on a genuine brand.

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When creating corporate videos, remember to be genuine, be yourself, and be brave. On that note, your video content should hit the note with your audience. It should capture their attention and their emotions. If you’re not genuinely yourself, it won’t work. Your audience can tell if you’ve been faking it and they don’t like it.

C. Design An Engaging Video  

On one hand, your content should help your audience get closer to your brand. Make it personal, and tweak it, so it hits all your target audience’s needs. And, as a result, this will definitely engage them and encourage them to come back for more. On the other hand, get them on the edge of their seat. Design your videos in a way that makes them want to watch more.

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D. Combine Visual And Written Content 

Essentially, video content is highly engaging for audiences because it’s highly visual. Regardless, you want to ensure the video is inclusive, so include captions, subtitles, or transcripts for the hearing impaired. One thing is for sure, it’s very beneficial if you are targeting a global audience. Some of your audience may be multilingual or deaf.  

E. Promote Your Video 

Of course, corporate videos don’t have to be perfect representations of your brand. But rather, they should reflect your brand’s values, beliefs, and vision. Promote your brand through other channels. And then, thereafter, post it on your social media, add it to your website, and use your sales team to pitch it.  

The Bottom Line:

By all means, corporate videos don’t have to be boring. Be bold, inspiring, and innovative. Make your videos memorable by including elements that people want to see in your brands, such as authenticity, an aspirational message, or a genuine piece of brand storytelling. Incorporate the right video strategies, and your video idea will be successful.

That’s it! The best innovative corporate video ideas to start utilizing in your new projects. But, if you think that there’s something else that I may have missed out, please feel free to Get In Touch and let me know. You are also welcome to share your additional thoughts, suggestions, opinions, or even contribution questions (for FAQ Answers) in our comments section. 

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