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InnovateMR is a web platform that connects organizations with market research audiences around the world. As they help and support them make informed data-driven strategies, and identify growth opportunities. With Real People, Quality Data, Faster Answers! If you already have an idea, you can go ahead and Create Your Platform Account or learn more first.

Below the InnovateMR web platform is InnovateDM (aka Innovate Digital Marketing). InnovateDM is a web platform that specializes in market research panel recruitment, media buying, digital advertising, and digital strategy. They mainly focus on performance-based digital advertising. That drives a return on investment for digital advertising brands, researchers, and marketers.

InnovateDM is the performance marketing arm of InnovateMR. But, Innovate is not only the name of their company. It’s their philosophy and their driving force too! Established by industry forerunners who launched both the goZing and uSamp panels.

What Is InnovateMR?

With the founders’ 20 years of experience in the space, InnovateMR was born out of the idea of creating an independent sampling company committed to quality. InnovateMR was founded in 2014 by the creators of Of course, which some of you veteran survey takers might remember from 20 years ago.

Some of the founders also created uSamp, which later became, and was then acquired by SSI/Dynata in 2016. And with more than 3,500,000 panelists and over 10,000,000 survey completions under their belt, InnovateMR is not your run-of-the-mill research firm.

Founded by industry pioneers, Innovate’s commitment to quality and transparency give them a unique foothold in the market research industry. Not to mention, the company’s co-founders have spent over two decades in the online sampling industry. While developing innovative methodologies to harness research technology and survey audiences around the globe.

Whether desktop, tablet, or mobile, it helps advertisers grow their business and publishers generate the most revenue off of their audience. Whereby, as an emerging digital marketplace, it’s led by their pay-per-performance affiliate network. And then driven by exclusive and high-converting offers and additional monetization solutions.

Here are all the platforms under its belt:
  • 1999: Founded, one of the first online panels
  • 2001: Created the first supplier affiliate network dedicated to market research surveys
  • 2003: Created the first priority-based sampling router
  • 2008: Founded uSamp, which introduced automation to sampling
  • 2010: Created Sample Market, the first self-serve sampling platform
  • 2011: Created the first buyer APIs for programmatic sampling
  • 2012: Created the first mobile sampling platform with geo-location and push alerts
  • 2014: Founded InnovateMR to push to the next level of quality and speed of delivery
  • 2018: InnovateMR Insights Platform, an advanced automated sampling platform
  • 2019: Created the Text Analyzer™, the first open-end text analysis tool
  • 2020: Launched Insights Platform DIY survey authoring

Not only that (as listed) but with a relentless focus on innovation, they’ll continue to develop cutting-edge sampling, project management, and data quality solutions.

And in reality, it has built its reputation on a relentless pursuit of customer delight. So that you can stop working with vendors, and start working with a partner dedicated to your success. InnovateMR combines boutique-level service with extensive global reach.

  1. Self-Serve Sampling: Fast and flexible insights with no licensing fees, no project minimums, no contracts (Start Your Next Project).
  2. Text Analyzer: Save time and money with smart, automated open-end text assessment (Get Cleaner Data Now).
  3. Easy API Connection: Powerful plugins to cultivate partnerships and leverage industry-leading data quality solutions (Getting Started Is Easy).

As industry pioneers, Innovate MR aims to find ways for quick turnaround and sourcing for hard-to-reach audiences. Their panel quality and pledge towards strong customer service translate into lower costs and quicker decision-making for clients.

Equally important, their Innovate Plan helps market research agencies worldwide, answer business questions and uncover insights via online and mobile survey responses. That, especially, delivers faster answers from business and consumer audiences.

Their market research industry affiliations include the Insights Association, AMA, and ESOMAR. For information, you can read and learn more about its World-Class Service Solutions in detail.

What Is InnovateDM?

InnovateDM (Innovate Digital Marketing), the performance marketing arm of InnovateMR, is an emerging, digital marketplace that is led by a pay-per-performance affiliate network. And then, driven by exclusive and high-converting offers and additional monetization solutions.

Basically, it specializes in market research panel recruitment, media buying, digital advertising/ strategy. They focus on performance-based digital advertising that drives a return on investment for digital advertising brands, researchers, and marketers.

How InnovateDM Works

Whether desktop, tablet, or mobile, InnovateDM helps advertisers grow their business and publishers generate the most revenue off of their audience. When you join InnovateDM you gain the benefit of their experience and knowledge, as well as their resources and tools.

With InnovateDM, you have access to:

  1. Easy to use tools and platforms for accurate, real-time tracking for both advertisers and publishers.
  2. The utilization of their proprietary in-house panel campaigns for their advertisers.
  3. Exceptional worldwide affiliate partners hand-selected for their advertiser partners.
  4. Their targeted marketing research recruitment experience transfers across verticals, from GenPop to niche.
  5. An executive base with over 5 combined decades of experience in the digital advertising and affiliate marketing industry.
  6. Custom-tailored and dedicated support from the affiliate manager for their publishers.
  7. Significant earning potential and timely payments for their publisher partners.

So, with that in mind, are you interested in working together? You can go ahead and request a consultation today. Innovate distinguishes itself from other research firms by leveraging their independence. A privately-held company without ownership ties to industry research giants gives InnovateMR unparalleled freedom.

How InnovateMR Works Through Its InnovateDM

As the subset of InnovateMR, InnovateDM works with the right audience for maximum retention and guaranteed ROI. Digital acquisition strategies that deliver growth for digital advertisers, brands, marketers, and researchers.

They connect digital marketers, researchers, and publishers through their boutique pay-per-performance affiliate network. In addition, they create an engaging audience platform that connects brands to their target consumers. While providing digital publishers a multitude of web and mobile monetization opportunities.

InnovateDM clients range from startups to Inc. 5000 companies who aspire to meet their digital advertising goals. They pride themselves on white-glove service delivering measurable results that can help grow your business. While providing solutions for digital advertisers looking to drive customer acquisition with a positive return and flexible budgets.

You can read and learn more about why:
  1. advertisers choose InnovateDM
  2. researchers choose InnovateDM
  3. affiliates love InnovateDM

In addition, they know the time and effort you put into growing your business and they want to help. Through creating an extensive portfolio of both in-house and exclusive offerings, their focus is to aid in your monetization efforts. Here are some ways advertisers/ publishers/ researchers work with them:

  1. InnovateDM Affiliate Network
  2. Innovate Survey API
  3. PointClub
  4. ChannelWatcher
  5. Survey Surfing
  6. Niche Survey Campaigns

Pegasus is InnovateMR’s proprietary sample access platform where researchers can specify, price, and populate their research studies. It provides real-time access to respondents who match their criteria, in just a few clicks. In addition to Pegasus, they also provide programming and reporting services for clients in need of research studies.

Introducing Vision Suite

Generally, their new Vision Suite™ offers a comprehensive collection of next-generation products. Designed to execute agile survey creation, sample procurement, field management, fraud mitigation, and rapid reporting, custom to the needs of every unique client.

Ultimately, there’s a foundational shift occurring. The industry is seeing a growing need for better insights, compelling storytelling, and trustworthy results. But, researchers can’t wait weeks or months for their answers. Businesses large and small are facing enormous pressure to innovate and pivot in a volatile, hypercompetitive market.

To meet this demand, InnovateMR has developed a technology suite that combines the very best of trailblazing ingenuity. It’s designed to execute agile survey creation, sample procurement, field management, fraud mitigation, and rapid reporting. Thus, InnovateMR’s Vision Suite fits the custom needs of every unique client.

This fully integrated SaaS-based suite complements their data collection offerings in a way that allows brands, corporate researchers, market researchers, and insights professionals the ability to reduce time and cost. While allowing them to pulse insights without compromising quality (learn more).

Introducing the InnovateMR Text Analyzer

By all means, verify open-end responses by removing gibberish answers, copy-and-pasted answers, profanity, PII, and non-contextual answers. To ensure participants provide you with rich and relevant responses that provide color to your research findings.

Today, AI bots are sophisticated enough to answer more basic red herring questions such as what is 2+2 and what color is the sky. Just like Siri in Apple smartphones, they easily impersonate basic human behavior and answer simple knowledge questions with ease.

Customize Other Data Quality Essentials
  • Digital Fingerprinting: Prevent duplicates or spoofed IP responses from entering your survey, ensuring that all answers are unique and valid.
  • Straight Lining: Detect disengaged respondents who are selecting grid answers at random.
  • Speeder Controls: Customize the length of interview termination point exactly or by outlier percentage rates. And remove this respondent from your final data set or flag for review.

Stronger red herring questions test industry-specific terminology, ask respondents to recognize fake brands or double-verify aided awareness questions. Within Vision Quality, you’ll gain access to InnovateMR’s advanced question library and insert them directly into your surveys. You can read more about their other services in detail.

Final Words,

In 1999, when their leaders entered the space, there was no foundation for how a sampling business should work. The technology they designed and built reached a new world of survey respondents – fresh panels with the greatest breadth and depth of demographics, interests, beliefs, and geographies.

Over the years, they have scaled these global panels to millions of registered survey respondents. While size is impressive, it does not eclipse their commitment to quality. InnovateMR profiles across a wide variety of data point specifically to location and niche. With extensive quality controls employed to filter out subpar responses.

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Their team also led the way in self-service sampling. The InnovateMR Insights Platform empowers researchers to take the reins, delivering Faster Answers™ without sacrificing quality. Featuring an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, the platform allows for complete project control from one centralized dashboard.

For this reason, they’re always looking for smart, talented people to join their team! If you’d like to send them your resume or contact them about a specific job posting, click here to apply now. You can also email them at [email protected]. Or even Contact Us for more help and support.

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