How Typography Can Increase CTR In Email Marketing Campaigns

In this guide, we are going to learn how Typography can help you to Increase CTR in your Email Campaigns and bring in quality leads conversion results. So, to get leads and sales, of course, you may decide to run email marketing campaigns for your brand, right? But, have you figured out how to do it effectively and efficiently so that you can get a high CTR per se?

Well, you don’t need to worry about it! As much as email design matters, so do the typography as well. Selecting the right font will boost your brand awareness. Furthermore, typography plays a vital role in increasing CTR. Sometimes classic fonts work better, but fancy fonts do wonders at other times. It fully depends on which niche you want to target.

Above all, the research has proven that designed typography create more customer than any other fonts. You will use simple fonts in any serious business, not fancy ones. While in textiles or arts, you have to prefer fancy fonts. Before diving into our topic of the day in regard to email marketing, you must know exactly what the term CTR really means in emailing.

For beginner email marketers, this can be a fascinating journey where Art meets Alphabets, where letters and words flow together seamlessly to create Typography. And now, according to a certain guide by Uplers (learn in detail here), we can track its story as it evolved from being a background element to one of the most essential entities in email design.

What Click-Through Rate In Email Marketing Entails

To begin with, experimentation over the years in emails has brought forth unique typography that’s caught the eye and attention of many. Email marketers are now open to experimenting with
an email’s template color, structure, fonts, etc. Fonts used in emails define the way each character is shaped in a font category to reflect a personality of its own.

Today, most email carrier clients like Google or Outlook usually render fonts based on their presence on the device. If a specified font is not available then the email client proceeds to the next font specified in the code. So, talking about CTR in email marketing you need to have 3 levels of fonts in your emails: Custom, Fallback Font, and System-based Fonts.

Perse, the term Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is not very new to some — this’s the number of users who click on the link given in the email campaign. Furthermore, it is the method to know whether users are interested in your email. Let’s explain to you with an example. If you have sent 1000 emails but received 100 clicks, then it is 10% that users click on your email.

CTR= number of clicks/ number of emails sent *100

You can use the above formula to calculate the CTR of an email campaign. Although there are many factors affecting email campaigns. But, how does typography increase CTR in email marketing?

How Typography Can Increase CTR In Email Campaigns

Having a knowledge of the different types of fonts is not sufficient. Before jumping into designing an email, it is important to understand the typography fonts that will perfectly suit your industry and brand image. Typography relies heavily on factors that decide the eye scan path as well as the attention period the reader shall give to that particular paragraph.

In email marketing, users don’t know about you. All you have to do is give a good impression to users. Through emails, you will get a good conversion rate towards your business. Realistically, a majority of digital marketers are searching for various ways to grasp the customers as much as possible.

Furthermore, they are finding different strategies to get some idea about it. Many factors affect CTR in email campaigns, but no one knows how typography increases CTR in email marketing. Let’s explore the hidden reason behind this.

A. Font Size:

Using the correct font size will have a great impact on your sales. You will not get desired CTR through email marketing strategies if you use a small font size. Email having a small font size will not get a high conversion rate.

Furthermore, the research has proven that using a font size of 10 pt negatively impacts CTR because small font sizes need more time to read. At the same time, the font size of 12 pt generates more CTR. Because of this research, it is recommended to use a large font instead of a small one.

But wait! Can you use 12pt font size in the subject line of an email? No, you can not use 12pt in the subject line. Furthermore, using 16-18pt in the subject line of your email marketing is recommended. Moreover, larger fonts produce high CTR, which results in higher conversion rates.

B. Font Style:

Sometimes, the digital marketer uses a font style to emphasize important things. But overuse of font style in your email. The overuse of font style will definitely decrease your CTR. In order to emphasize something, you need to use font style but don’t make the whole paragraph stylish.

C. Line Spacing:

Using moderate line spacing in your email will surely increase your CTR. Furthermore, if you use 1.0 line spacing, your CTR will drop so rapidly that you can not understand because you have to communicate through email. If your users find the next line difficult, you will be lost.

You have to provide enough spacing in the paragraph as well because spacing in a paragraph will give a great impact on CTR. In this way, you can increase CTR.

D. Text Alignment:

Aligning text is quite important in email marketing. If your text is aligned beautifully, the user can be attracted to it. Furthermore, you will see an amazing boost in CTR. If you want to emphasize something, you should write the paragraph mid of the email, showing that it is an important message.

To increase sales, you need to adopt western style text alignment as western society writes from left to right text alignment. Now! You may think about using the best font, right? Let’s see which font is best for email marketing.

E. Primary & Fallback Fonts:

Most of us think that Times New Roman is best for email marketing. But, many others will surely increase your CTR. From the readability point of view, Serif and San-serif (more preferred) fonts are used for emails. And even among the fonts that fall under these categories, the web-safe fonts for email are the ones that are used widely.

Other Topmost Primary Fonts:
  1. Aerial
  2. Courier new
  3. Georgia
  4. Times New Roman
  5. Helvetica

In the case of using custom fonts, you need to provide appropriate fallback fonts as shown in the following code.

"fallback-font" style="font-family: 'Montserrat', Arial, sans-serif;">
Your text here

As you can see, in the code above, the email rendering engine shall first look at whether the custom font is installed on the device. Then, it will move to the fallback if the previous choice is not available as illustrated below:

The Importance of Typography in Email Marketing

NB: Outlook is notorious for overriding any specified font to render in Times New Roman, so additional code is required to force the fallback font. To use fonts, you need to understand what your brand represents and what you have to convey. Furthermore, you don’t need to be more creative while writing an email because email should be simple.

The Importance of Typography in Email Marketing (Plus Tips)

Many people think that typography is not that important in e-marketing. But, let us clarify that you can not approach your user directly. The only method to approach them is by email. If you write a better email with clear and quality typography, your click-through rate is also bound to increase amazingly. However, you should keep a few things in mind.

Typography plays a vital role because if users can’t understand the typing in your mail, how can they click the call to action button? They will not click on any of your links. In this way, you will lose your potential customer. That’s why typography is quite important in email marketing. If you organize everything precisely, you can easily grab your users’ attention.

Above all, if you format your text beautifully, users will definitely spare time to read your mail and click on your link. But, what are some tips for writing an effective email? Well, we’ll reveal the tips that will be effective for your marketing strategy. So, on that note, to keep your email writing efficient, follow some of the tips showcased below:

(1). Avoid using multiple fonts

In your email, you need to stop using multiple fonts. Furthermore, it would help if you decided before writing an email. In order to add some creativity, you need to add another font but don’t overuse it. Overuse of multiple fonts will give a bad impression about your brand. Customers can not easily read your email.

In this way, you can keep your email attractive. On the same note, too much text can hamper the focus of your email. Make sure you keep the right balance between your typographic text and images. Limited email clients support custom web-safe fonts, but trying them in your emails is worth the effort.

(2). Use complementary fonts

Using a complementary font will give an aesthetic look. Furthermore, you can easily get an idea about pair of fonts. Don’t overuse them, and they will ruin your brand’s identity. Having contrasting and colorful typography fonts can enhance the overall look and feel of the email. Also, some email developers highlight their links in separate font colors.

More so, in order to draw the target user’s attention. Make sure to optimally use the white space around the typography fonts so as to ensure the legibility of the text. First, choose your fallback font, and based on it, select your primary font. Also, make sure that the x-height and kerning of both fonts match.

(3). Try to use a much larger font

Surprisingly, most people prefer left-aligned text. But, with most emails opened on mobile devices, the center-aligned text is also being widely used nowadays. To emphasize something, you need to use a larger font.

Furthermore, most email marketer uses 16 pt in their email. Letters are Kerned when the spaces between letters are closed up, bringing them closer together. Use your proprietary fonts in images if you don’t have their appropriate fallback (not recommended).

(4). Avoid too much spacing

If you want to keep the look of an email, you should avoid using too many spaces. This way, you will get an amazing look. You will lose your brand’s identity if you give too much spacing. Remember, in the minuscule set of any font, the so-called “height” is the space between the baseline and the mid-point, which is often the height of the lowercase letter x.

The spacing between two lines is very important. If two lines are very close to each other, your subscriber may end up reading the same line twice. Suitable spacing should be around 1(1/2) times the font size.

(5). Emphasizing on visual hierarchy

Emphasize visual hierarchy by making use of contrasting font sizes, colors, and white space. Outlook needs special care to render fallback fonts. Hues play a grand role in grabbing the attention of your email recipients. Most designers use pitch black (#000000) as the font color or shades of it (#333333 or #2d2d2d) against light backgrounds.

This is because light-colored font over a dark background is easily legible but too taxing on the eyes.

The Key Typography Benefits In Email Marketing Campaigns

Owing to the hardware capabilities of computers in 1971, Unicode ASCII was the only font used to display information onscreen. Technology has progressed to an extent that with the implementation of CSS with HTML, modern emails flaunt different fonts, background colors & even font styles. Support for custom fonts is limited.

Whenever you are writing an email, typography plays an important role. Furthermore, you have to create an effective email. Because email is the thing that will convince your audience to click on the Call-To-Action (CTA) button, in this, we are going to tell you about the benefits of typography. And, as such, there are some key benefits for you to note down.

Consider the following benefits:
  1. Typography is the medium of source between you and your brand.
  2. Similarly, you can easily convey your message by using amazing colors and logos.
    • The user will easily get engaged in your email.
  3. Selecting the right font for your brand will engage your audience to get attracted to your brand.
  4. Furthermore, it is very easy to grab the audience’s attention, but it isn’t easy to maintain an audience to read your email.
  5. Equally important, you can retain your customer by highlighting the main or important features.
  6. You can portray mood using email. If you are promoting educational institutes, then your tone will be serious.
    • But, if you are promoting computer games, your tone should be playful or joyful.
  7. The right addition of typography will add value to the email because it represents professionalism.
  8. Overall, you can get more sales after using the right typography.

Frequently Asked Questions + Some Quick Answers

1. How can one increase the CTR of emails?

To increase the CTR of emails, you need the following thing.

  1. You should add social icons in your mail.
  2. Use the correct type of typography and colors.
  3. Keep your tone according to your brand.
  4. Furthermore, you need to send emails on weekends, and this method will keep you in touch with your audience.

2. How can one increase CTR on an email campaign?

Everyone is looking to increase CTR on email campaigns but doesn’t know what to consider when running a campaign. But what are those things? Look at the list given below.

  1. Make and optimize your headline and copy amazingly. Furthermore, you should add a focus keyword in your heading.
  2. Add a call to action in your emails; this will surely increase CTR in your email.
  3. Another method to add CTR is to include images or visuals. This method will definitely increase CTR.
  4. It would help if you used some famous hashtags. Research and write hashtags in your email, which will increase CTR.

Right from experimenting with an embedded video to including certain interactive elements, when it comes to the greatest of all email design trends, marketers are often looking for the next best thing. But, in the quest for finding the “next best thing”, most marketers oversee the potential of experimenting with colors and fonts or say typography in emails so to say.

3. How can one increase their email marketing list?

Many of us wonder how one could increase the email marketing list. There are no hard rules for adding more customers.

  • Social media: Social media plays a vital role in increasing email marketing lists. Furthermore, you must publish daily on social media to engage the audience. Users will move toward your competitors if you forget to do so.
  • Use of short videos: Videos are now gaining too much popularity. Most people love to watch them and share them with others. Only a small effort is required to make a video, or you can invest in it. The output will be 100%. With the help of videos, you can add more users to your email list.
  • Giveaways: Start using this technique. More people will be attracted when you announce giveaways. This is the famous method adopted by several famous brands.

So, what is the main reason behind higher CTR? Well, having good SEO strategies will increase CTR — you have to make sure that you optimize your keywords and relevant data. Moreover, having a perfect SEO strategy will increase your CTR.

In Conclusion:

Well, no email marketer EVER says, “I am happy with my email design and the ROI it brings.” Because the day you say so, you stop being successful. From start to eternity (and even beyond) email marketers are in constant search of something new to delight their subscribers. Luckily, we have covered a few ways to increase the CRT of your email campaigns.

If you pay attention to the selection of typography, the font size, color, and the font family, it plays an important role in the customer journey from upsell to down-sell. From brand awareness to getting high retention, fonts have a contribution. No matter if you see it in your email copies, landing & sales page, or product labels. It always pays off in the form of high CTR.

That’s if, specifically, you have paired matching fonts together to send a brand message in your email campaigns. But, if you’ll need more help and support, you can always Consult Us at any time to get more assistance for free. You are also welcome to share your additional thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, or even questions in our comments section.

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