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How To Make An Online Course Website In A Few Simple Steps

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What Is An Online Course Website? – Introduction To Course Site


Friends, you must have heard the names of Udemy, Coursera. Both of these are also popular online course websites. Where students or students come to learn new courses of any kind. Friends, there are more than 1 lakh courses on Udemy and there are 30 million students studying them.


Simply put, online course websites are made to learn new courses sitting at home. Friends, not only studying, then you can also teach your courses on these websites and earn money from them.


If you also want to make some similar online course website and want to earn money, then read this article carefully and do exactly what you have told.


Platform For Online Course Site – Which Platform To Make


Friends, you can prepare this online course website with all the web programming languages, but if you start from the beginning, you will take a lot of time and a lot of hard work to build the site. You will be able to build with programming languages ​​only if you have knowledge of complete languages.


So friends, we will now use the free and open source for the course site that is available to everyone for free. In Web Development, that is WordPress Free and (CMS) ie Content Management System means content management which will help us to make it.


Friends, WordPress is also made from a language called PHP, in which we can create many types of websites. All we need to make an online course web site in WordPress is a good hosting, a good domain, some plugins, a theme and other things which we will discuss further.


Good Hosting For Course Website – Good Hosting For Course Site


The hosting is the most important thing for any website. Hosting means that any user can access the online learning website properly and fast, he should not face any problem. Simply hosting is where the complete files, videos, photos of your online course website are stored properly so that a user can easily access it.


Now we will see where we can buy good hosting to make the course website. Which will reach your course website faster and without any hassle.


The name of that hosting is “Blue Host”. Friends, the special thing about Bluehost is that it does the fastest website, it is also very cheap from the market, it is best to create your online course and WordPress itself. Advice to take it gives.


How to get the Right Domain for Course website – Choose domain for course site


Friends, now you must have bought good hosting for your course site, now let’s talk about how to choose a domain. There are also some points for choosing a domain, which I am giving you right now.


  • Domain Name Name Must Be Short
  • Do not use numbers or dashes (dash “-“)


Which Plugin To Use For Online Course Website – Plugin For Course Site


Friends, till now we have seen why we chose WordPress, where to get hosting and how to get the domain, now let’s talk about which is the better plugin for the course site.


Friends, we get many types of plugins to create a course website in WordPress, but the one we will use is the best and with more settings. Tutor LMS is the name of the plugin that will help us to create this website.


Let’s First Look At The Features Of This Plugin:


  • You can also sell it to any school or college.
  • In this the trainers i.e. Instructors live in private
  • Quizzes, assignments and lessons can be created very easily in this plugin.
  • In this, the course builder i.e. builder is also better.
  • You can sell any course at any cost or you can also give it for free.
  • Learners can also be easily handled
  • You can also use links from YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting like AWS Bucket to upload course videos.
  • You can also use woocommerce
  • Payments can also be taken or sent by PayPal, Bank Transfer and E-Check
  • You can also take commission for courses sold from other instructors.
  • You can also check the growth of students


So these were its features, you can take it directly from your WordPress admin dashboard from the plugins option. Or you can also download by clicking on this link.


This plugin is free, but if you buy its pro, then you will use more features like certificates for students, creating invoices or slips after purchasing the course, you can do a lot.


Right Theme For Online Course Site – Best Theme For Course Website


Now that we have seen the plugin, now it is the turn of a good theme. Whatever theme we need to create an online course websites, it should run properly on mobile and desktop, that theme should open fast in web browser, should be SEO optimized.

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