How To Extract Texts From PDF Document Files In Simple Steps

In this guide, we are going to learn how to extract texts from PDF document files in simple steps. Getting text out of a PDF (Portable Document Format) file is not easy. Not all PDF readers can get extract text from images or scanned PDFs or PDF images. If the PDF has graphs, tables, or other non-linear information that can’t be copied and pasted, the problem gets worse.

For such reasons, this article will show you how to get text out of a PDF file quickly and easily. You want to make sure that the right text is always taken out of the PDF when it is opened. By all means, the best way to do this is with data-extracting software like PNG To Text Converter online for free. 

Sometimes you need to make changes to a scanned PDF. You might want to change the size of the font and the pictures, or you might need to pull text from scanned PDF files. In this article, I’ll show you how to get text from a scanned PDF using convert image to text software – PDF Editor in the best way. With image to text, it’s easy to pull text out of PDFs.

You can also use OCR or PDF text extractor tools to change a scanned PDF file or pull text from a PDF image. Also, the OCR feature can read over 20 different languages from all over the world. The image-to-text extractor will also account for OCR technology to extract or convert images to text online.

How Optical Character Recognition For Image To Text Works

Always remember, that images that are clicked by a digital camera differ from scanned documents or image-only PDFs. Typically, such images have distortion that makes it difficult for most OCR scanners to correctly recognize the text. Fortunately, the free online OCR image-to-text converter uses an optimized technology to easily convert photos to text accurately online.

To enumerate, OCR is an acronym for Optical Character Recognition. It is an innovative technology to recognize text inside images including scanned documents and photos.

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OCR scanning technology is said to be the best way to convert different types of images. Like those containing written text (typed, printed, or handwritten) into machine-readable text data.

You can use an image-to-text converter online for free that deals with the problem of recognizing all kinds of different characters. The image text reader uses an advanced OCR reader feature that helps you to convert pictures to text. There are the three basic steps of Optical Character Recognition used by the OCR word extractors from images to extract text.

Image Pre-Processing in OCR:

Typically, OCR software is the best way to pre-process images that improve the chances of successful recognition. The basic purpose of image pre-processing is an improvement of the actual image data. With such assistance, all the unwanted distortions are suppressed and specific image features are enhanced. These two processes are immensely important for the following steps. The image pre-processing will works smartly for a pic to text recognition.

Character Recognition in OCR:

When it comes to actual character recognition, it is crucial to understand what ‘feature extraction’ is. So, if the given data is too large to be processed, then only a reduced set of features is selected. Remember that the selected features are expected to be the essential ones while those that are suspected to be redundant are ignored.

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However, the performance will be increased by using the reduced set of data instead of the initial large one. The image-to-text OCR converter will transform the image into a text form to provide you with the best recognition results. When it comes to the process of OCR, this is crucial as the algorithm needs to detect specific portions or shapes of a text scanner from an image or video stream.

Post-Processing in OCR:

Post-processing is the best error correction procedure that ensures the high accuracy of OCR. However, if the output is restricted by a lexicon, the accuracy can be further improved. That’s the reason why the algorithm can fall back.

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More so, to a list of words that are allowed to occur in the scanned document with the help of a photo-to-text converter online.

Always remember, that optical character recognition is not only used for identifying proper words but also to read numbers and codes. The image text extractor online is useful to identify long strings of numbers and letters like serial numbers used in many industries.

How To Extract Texts From PDF Document Files

Technically, to better deal with different types of input OCR, you need specific and best OCR software you can get. Quit worrying more as our photo-to-text generator does all for you to provide digitized text from images. The picture-to-text converter will be able to deal with the different image formats and improve the OCR recognition accuracy.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to convert jpg to text or pdf image to text the tool word extractor from the image of your choice. Also, to improve text recognition, you can specify the language of your image file with this image text reader. Moreover, you can also use an image scanner online to transform your document photos into scanned document PDF.

Without any compromising on the quality. So, just follow the given steps to convert any image, scanned documents or pdf’s to OCR text by using a pic-to-text converter online.


  • First of all, choose the language in the image on which your want to perform OCR scanning
  • Now, simply drag or drop it on the designated field
  • Or you can add the image URL into the designated box of the accurate image-to-text converter online free
  • Lastly, click on the “Start OCR” button


  • The accurate image-to-text converter online free analyzes the text from the uploaded image and quickly converts it into editable text format.
  • Once you convert an image to text online, you could select the text recognition format for downloading, it can either be in Microsoft Word (Docx), Portable Document Format (PDF), or txt plain (txt)

Eventually, to use the Image to Text online, all you’ll need to do is visit the official website for this toolkit. It’s a free online OCR image-to-text converter that will extract text from images, scanned documents, or even printed PDFs. Using Optical Character Recognition. Any image will easily convert or scan to text and you’ll get editable documents by using this image text generator.

During the OCR scanning by the photo-to-text converter online, an algorithm recognizes characters from printed sources and accurately converts them into digital format. Once OCR is done, the digital format is easily searchable and editable. The steps below show how to use a photo to text to get a text from a PDF.

Steps To Extract Texts From PDF Document Files:

Step 1: Open your picture-filled PDF.

Open Png to text converter software to OCR your PDF file once it’s been installed. Click “Open files” to find the scanned file and open it.

Step 2: Run an OCR

When you open the file in the text scanner from the image, it will notice that it is a scanned document and suggest that you use OCR on it. Click “Perform OCR” in the blue bar at the top, then choose a language for OCR and click “OK.” It will be set to English by default, but you can change that if you want to.

Step 3: Photo to text converter online is the best to extract the text from a PDF picture.

Once the image-to-text conversion has been done, you can pull text from your PDF. Click the “Edit” button at the top right of the “Edit” tab to do this. You can copy text by right-clicking on it and choosing “Copy.” You can also change your PDF to a Word file. Click the “To Word” button under the “Convert” tab. To change your PDF to Word format, click “Save” in the pop-up window.

Now your PDF is in a Word file that you can change.

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This will let you get content from the file you just changed.

Final Verdict:

The PDF is based on OCR technology, and it always will be. OCRs make you more productive, protect your data, improve customer service, help you get back on your feet after a disaster, stop mistakes, and save you time and money. By converting images to text, you can protect your company from data disasters and make it easier for people to access documents.

Move your paper documents to a PNG to-text converter in the cloud to increase your productivity and the profits of your company. What do you think about the simple steps to extract texts from PDF document files above? Do you think that there’s another best alternative that we can consider? Please feel free to share your suggestions in our comments section.

Finally, if you’ll need more help, you can always Contact Us and let us know how we can sort you out. Not forgetting, you are also welcome to share this guide on how Extract Texts From PDF with other readers like you.  Especially, those who might find it resourceful and informative. And now, with that in mind, until the next one, thanks for taking your time to stop by.

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