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Grasshopper App | The No #1 Coding App for Beginners

The Grasshopper App is a beginner coding application platform for any student. Perse, with this app, complete beginners can easily learn coding fundamentals for free. And in as little as 5 minutes a day, students can easily complete fun lessons. As they visual puzzles on their phone to build their coding skills.

Not only that but there’re also other numerous ways to explore Code with Google programs — and that’s why one of them is the Grasshopper Program. Whereby, you can easily Learn JavaScript With Grasshopper with very simple illustrations.

What is the Grasshopper App?

According to Ismael, one of the many Grasshopper users, “Grasshopper showed me that no matter what, or who, or how I look, anyone can learn how to code. It opens up a whole new world for me.” You can learn more in detail. So, it’s the best way to start your coding adventure.

What is the Grasshopper App?

As I mentioned, the Grasshopper App is an interactive and educational application platform for all interested code learners. It began at Google as an experimental project created by a group called Area 120. According to 9to5Google, the application was launched in April 2018.

And ever since, the app has been downloaded more than 1.6 million times — that’s on iOS and Android devices. But, what makes this app unique is that it specializes in the mobile user experience. With an underlying mission to reach out to people who want to learn how to code. But who also primarily use a mobile device.

In a nutshell, Grasshopper is the best way to learn to code for beginners. With fun, quick lessons on your phone or desktop, Grasshopper teaches adult learners to write real JavaScript. It’s currently available for free on Desktop, Android, and iOS. Grasshopper is a Code with Google program.

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Equally important, it’s filled with both colorful and creative exercises. Designed to acclimate the user to the syntax of JavaScript and the nature of programming in general. And as you progress through the exercises, you’ll gain “patches” through various achievements.

The app also keeps track of all the concepts you have learned thus far. They even have an app mode that lets you practice the concepts you learned to get better at programming! So, at any given time, you too can learn coding fundamentals, like functions, variables, and much more.

And although this is a JavaScript course, the concepts apply to any programming language. Such as drawing shapes, variables, arrays, if statements, operators, loops, loops II, object expressions, and even climb the mountain.

Why use the Grasshopper App?

Grasshopper is a Code with Google Program, a workshop for experimental projects. But, does the little grasshopper in the lessons have a name? Yes! Of course, the grasshopper’s name is Grace! The name Grasshopper pays honor to Grace Hopper — one of the early pioneers in computer programming.

Grasshopper makes it a cinch to communicate like a bigger company. As you already know, coding, sometimes called computer programming, is how we communicate with computers. Code tells a computer what actions to take, and writing code is like creating a set of instructions.

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By learning to write code, you can tell computers what to do or how to behave in a much faster way. You can use this skill to make websites and apps, process data, and do lots of other cool things. But, why learn how to code? Simply, because we all have hopes, dreams, and plans for the future.

Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity, want to optimize your current job, or are simply searching for a new hobby. And as such, coding can help you get closer to your goals. And remember, anyone can learn how to code! Below are other reasons you should consider using the Grasshopper App to code.

Learn skills that will open doors

In this case, computer and information technology jobs are growing incredibly fast across the globe. Luckily, you don’t need a Computer Science degree. Not forgetting, there are more and more high-paying jobs emerging every day for newer learners like you.

That’s why you’ll need to learn skills that will open doors for you. So, that said, you can easily Get Started on your adventure in coding with Grasshopper. Now that it’s available both on Google Play and App Store too! And it’s all Free!

Make cool stuff & Have loads of fun

Have you ever wanted to make an app or a website? Code does that. It can also help you automate a spreadsheet or create new tools for your community. Learning to code makes it possible to imagine the things you want to make and actually build them.

In addition, have you ever met a coder who regretted learning to code? Probably not, because learning to code is fun and empowering! Coding also opens up a whole new community and network for you. In fact, we’ve heard the term “addictive” regularly.

Where do you go from there?

At some point, there will come a time where the user will need to begin programming on a desktop computer — with an actual, physical keyboard — to continue their coding journey. And as such, freeCodeCamp is an excellent path to take.

Because not only are there lots of in-depth exercises, you can also earn certificates in certain areas of coding that you can work to earn.

This includes areas such as:
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Data Visualization
  • APIs and Microservices

You can even pick up where you left off on Grasshopper by earning a certificate on freeCodeCamp in JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures! And the best part is that it’s all 100% free! The certificates involve working through a series of exercises and completing a set of projects that test what you learned.

If you get stuck, you can seek help from a community of other coders, new and experienced, who are ready and willing to help! There is also a news section of the site where everyday users are publishing helpful articles every day!

Besides the individual online experience, freeCodeCamp study groups have been created all over the world — where you can go and meet with other programmers. As you try to learn from and network with one another!

Through fantastic, free platforms like Grasshopper and freeCodeCamp, your start in the programming industry will be so sure and strong!

Final Words, 

According to Code with Google, every student deserves the chance to explore, advance, and succeed in computer science. More than 65% of young people will work in jobs that don’t currently exist. Learning computer science skills helps students thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Yet, research by Gallup shows that many students aren’t getting the Computer Science (CS) education they need. And that teachers don’t have sufficient resources to provide it. In such cases, Code with Google greatly helps to ensure that every student has access to unlimited computing resources.

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From the collaborative, coding, and technical skills that unlock opportunities in the classroom and beyond – no matter what their future goals may be. In simple terms, what you can do with Code with Google is quite amazing as a student.

For example, it helps educators give their students confidence in CS, advance their skills, and prepare them for the future. While keeping in mind, computer science opens up possibilities for every student. In the first place, there’s CS that’s a free computer science curriculum that anyone can teach.

It’s designed for students ages 9-14 of all interests and experience levels, students learn collaboration and core computer science concepts as they create their own projects. Educators lead the way with easy-to-use lesson plans, tutorials, activities, and resources.

Get Started: Coding & Programming Courses

According to Mildred Johnson, from North Salisbury Elementary School, “The step-by-step videos allow all students to experience success. Also, teachers don’t need to be proficient in coding to start using the platform.”

Finally, I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading through the Grasshopper App guide above. But, if you’ll need more support, you can Contact Us and let us know how we can help. You can also some of your additional thoughts, suggestions, or even questions in our comments section.

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