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Technically, Eli Designs Limited is a group of architects and builders based in Nairobi. Whilst, providing complete design and construction services for commercial and residential projects. They have a diverse set of capabilities in today’s budget-driven construction world. And, as such, they can easily and quickly deliver pre-construction feasibility for any project.

As well as the overall design plan budgeting, and time management for all commercial projects. For such reasons, they work closely with their clients from as early as land acquisition right through to handover. Furthermore, architectural craftsmanship, engineering, integrity, honesty, and quality workmanship are what they have built their reputation on.

Since 2015, Eli Designs Limited has been helping self-builders design their dream homes. Not to mention, they have worked on over 220 projects across Kenya and beyond borders. Including small extensions, one-off homes, and large housing developments. All of their low-energy eco homes are built around the fabric-first approach.

Whilst, utilizing modern methods of construction such as Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), Timber Frame, and Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF). Perse, at their offices, clients can meet experienced architecture design engineers and see their future homes in immersive Virtual Reality! They’ll also provide a full Structural Engineering design service for all projects.

Eli Designs Limited Business Philosophy Plus Services

To begin with, Eli Designs Limited Engineers have got a very diverse set of capabilities. And, in today’s budget-driven construction world, they deliver pre-construction feasibility, budgeting, and time management for all commercial projects. And, as aforementioned, they work so closely with all their clients — from as early as land acquisition right through to handing over.

On the other hand, they have a high ethical standard and ensure all the correct methods are taken with each and every client. They are, especially, committed to ensuring that their core founding values — including quality, sustainability, honesty, and hard work — remain true to their clients. Continuously, they strive to retain talented professionals and local sub-contractors.

Get Started: Design Your Dream Home With Help From Eli Designs Limited

Forthwith, from new commercial builds through to residential house extensions, Eli Designs Limited has grown into one of Kenya’s topmost best, and sought-after design and build companies. In particular, by providing beautiful architecture, meticulous construction, and a hassle-free support experience. Plus, they’ve got a flawless delivery guarantee and approach.

While, at the same time, maximizing value, so that you’ll get a fully finished product as a result. Ultimately, this is something that is on time, on budget, and defect-free — giving you the most for your money. With over 10+ years of experience in Architecture and a Master’s in Construction Management, Eli Designs Limited has a collection of toolkits and key services as follows:

1. Futuristic Dream Home Design Solutions

We all would want to have a dream home design, right? Of course, every self-builder has individual expectations and ambitions in terms of the final result of their Self Build project. Unfortunately, the process of designing what you can call a dream home is very demanding and challenging. Why? Well, since it is a crucial stage that is responsible for making your vision a reality.

Before starting to create your project brief you need to think simply: “Why?” Why do you want to build your home instead of buying it directly from a mass home builder? Every self-builder reasoning can be different. Some of them want to build a safe and joyful environment for their children. Others may want to build a house to then sell on, to gain maximum profit.

Throughout the whole project, it is important to remember ‘why’ you want to build your own home. Doing this will help you get through the most challenging moments. There will be a lot of them. That said, you can read and learn more about what a dream home design really entails as it’s elaborated further by the team from Eli Design Limited in detail.

2. Total Quality Management (TQM) – Project Coordination

Total Quality Management (TQM) grows out of close coordination between the Owner, Architect, and Project Manager, and with all construction trades is paramount for any successful completion. We believe that the role of the Total Quality Management team would be to complement those service solutions provided by the Design Architect and Contractor.

And then, provide the Owner, with relevant, necessary representation during this often complex endeavor. Once you Get In Touch for an overview of your design project (s), the Eli Designs Limited Team will handle all the formwork for you. From architectural design planning (interior plus exterior layout) to a full-time construction project administration.

3. Custom Design Projects Construction 

In addition, they’ll also take care of all other forms of groundwork construction projects. Such as Earth Work: Excavation, filling, compaction of building foundations, civil structures, stormwater, sewage, and water pipelines. Not forgetting, residential, commercial, industrial buildings, schools, clinics, and hospitals Building Work in general.

On the same note, we can also mention Civil Work in this category too. This means, that the Eli Team will handle everything to do with civil engineering for you.  Including retaining walls, barriers for roads, water systems, stormwater, and sewage pipelines. As well as the construction of concrete structures, pathways, roads, cabro paving, tiling, walkways, etc.

4. Renovation, Maintenance, And Repairs

On one side, their interior retouch services include painting, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, tiling, lighting, gypsum partitioning and decoration, and acoustic and PVC ceiling installation. While, on the other hand, renovation and repairs may include service solutions such as the overall maintenance of buildings. As well as all repairs related to roofing, woodwork, and tiles.

Eli Designs Limited Architectures works with clients to cut through the red tape for many sustainability planning programs. Their relationships with Energy Service Providers and all other notable Clean Energy Program creators help make your projects a priority. Ultimately, by listening and understanding, they can find opportunities for change and improvement — solutions.

In Conclusion: 

Whatever the need be, remember that Eli Designs Limited has got your back always. By ranking, they’re the topmost best design architects and home builders to consult. Whilst, providing complete design and construction services for commercial and residential projects. All you’ll need to do is just Contact Them and then let them know how they can sort you out.

What’s more, Eli Designs Limited Principal and founder, Mr. Nick Malas is the right choice when it comes to successful project coordination. Nick has developed a detailed system of coordination and controls based on years of practical construction experience and from having established and run Construction Administration Departments for two larger architectural firms.

So, are you considering building your own self-built dream home? If so, you now have a few steps to consider before you can kickstart your dream home design project. Otherwise, you can also download this eBook for free — it’s more on the introduction to self-building — so that you can gather more details from other professional engineers and design experts.

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That’s it! A few things to know about why you should Engage Eli Designs Limited Taskforce if you plan to design and create a futuristic dream home for yourself. All you need to do now is to just go ahead and visit their official website in order to see what more they have in store for you. But, if you’ll need more support, you can always Consult Us and let us know how we can help.

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