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6 Killer Ecommerce Tips To Grow Your Business | Explained

Online marketplaces have their own seller policies that allow merchants to do branding. But within the platform, too, with so many rules and standards to follow.

It’s different for sellers with their own eCommerce store. They have complete control over their store’s products, customization, marketing, and user experience. Customers can easily browse through their store and buy anything they want directly.

But most eCommerce store owners don’t know where to start with that much control. Some had no experience, and some are just clueless.

You must be thinking about rocking the online sales world with your newly opened eCommerce store. Well, it’s not that simple. You need some marketing tactics to attract the audience and convert them into a loyal customer base.

The good news is, we have got six killer eCommerce tips for you to grow your business.

How can I make my online business grow faster? 10 best tactics to increase eCommerce sales and the 8 top strategies to grow your eCommerce business today.

These tips will cover each and every element of your eCommerce conversion optimization cheat sheet. We will explain every aspect to boost your online sales in less time.

So let’s get started to make your business stand out!

1: Upsell and Cross-sell Products

Upselling and Cross-selling and custom eCommerce development of your products are great ways to bring more sales and boost the revenue of your eCommerce store. When your customer adds an essential product to their cart, show them the same thing but more advanced. They may have needed it but couldn’t find it. You helped them by solving their problem.

The key to successful upselling is to state precisely why your customer needs an upgraded product and how this product will make their purchase smart.

Similarly, some products perfectly go with the relevant accessories. Like if someone is buying a phone, cross-sell a hands-free as well. Amazon has an exclusive feature named ‘If you liked that, then you’ll love this’ for cross-selling their products.

Make sure you don’t push too much while upselling or cross-selling your products. Choose products that can be sold naturally. Be sincere to your customers.

2: Offer Best Customer Support Online

Offering online support to your customers is the best thing you could do to bring revenue out of your business. Your customers need to know if they will have online support during and after the purchase. So, earn their trust by providing the best customer support. Doing so will convert potential buyers into a loyal customer base.

The handiest support is setting up a live chat feature on the website 24/7. The audience finds this feature really helpful, increasing conversions by 10%. The other best thing you could do is provide a contact number to receive calls during working hours.

See how this eCommerce website offers live chat to its customers to remove the communication gap.

3: Maintain an SEO Optimized Blog

Posting regular SEO-optimized blogs can become a source to generate more traffic to your eCommerce store. Blogs containing helpful information and proper SEO keywords are more likely to rank the website. So always try to provide quality because blogs that rank well. They encourage people to visit your store as well. The next thing they will be doing is paying for their purchase.

Have a look at how beautifully Huda Beauty is running its blog.

Moreover, if you want to connect with your customers deeper, blogs can be of much help. You can convey your message, promote company culture, and give information about relevant topics. Communication can happen when they respond to your blogs in the comments section.

It’s well said by one of the marketing automation platform companies that “to be successful in today’s B2B eCommerce environment, you need to have a comprehensive SEO strategy in place before you launch your site”

So, maintain a running blog to improve your relationship with the audience. Turn them into your regular customers.

4: Show Customer Reviews

Online shopping has only one drawback. You cannot see the product live because you can’t meet the seller in person. On the bright side, honest reviews and ratings by other customers can boost your credibility in a go.

Also, product reviews save customers time by showing what previous buyers think about the product.

It is a real fact that people trust strangers’ reviews about products more than anything. They make most of the buying decisions after reading some online reviews.

So the lesson to learn here is don’t hesitate about asking your customers to leave a review about their purchase. Give them a gentle push by sending a follow-up email. They will definitely share their experience.

Some eCommerce stores also offer 10% off for the next purchase for a leaving review.

5: Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is now a trend & expectation of online shoppers. The minimum added cost of shipping can easily turn off your customer by checking out of the cart, so if you can afford to offer free shipping services. It’s going to boost your sales. But if you cannot, offer free shipping at a price.

Offer free shipping at the purchase of $35 or more.

Now the customers will purchase more products only to avail free shipping.

6: Keep a Close Eye On Competitors

For online shoppers, there are so many options to buy from. They will browse the online store that provides the lowest price and best customer service. People become loyal to the brands that take the best care of them. So to keep your business going, you should keep a keen eye on your competitors.

Look if they offer free returns, free shipping, or other advantages that you lack. Figure out your weaknesses and remove them for the good of your business.

Also, keep up with the latest business trends and turn your audience into a loyal customer base.

Final Thoughts

These were essential eCommerce tips to grow your business by attracting more people. You have to make sure your business is always on the go in these fast-changing times. So, use these six tips and improve the overall experience for your customers. Because when the customer is happy, the business is happy.

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