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How To Create Pricing Tables In WordPress | 5 Free Plugins

If you’ve been on a hunt of how to create pricing tables in WordPress then you’re in the right place. Bearing in mind, WordPress Plugins exist so that you can add more features to your website. And even have more tools and customization available to meet the needs of your specific website.

For instance, maybe you want to add a map with directions to your different stores on your site, you can do that with a plugin. You can also use plugins so that your website is translated into other languages or create an eCommerce, etc. That said, my topic for this article is more about how to create WordPress pricing tables using plugins.

Of course, I know what you are probably thinking, that some plugins make sense to have but one for you to create pricing tables just sounds incredibly random.

Well, the truth is that, if you create pricing tables on your website, it can actually help you bring in more sales to your online business. And in addition, these WordPress plugins will help you to create pricing tables so that users and potential customers can clearly see what your different price points are.

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Especially, for your general or even affiliate products, service solutions, web tools, other plugins, and tools, etc. And as such, your customers are able to make educated decisions and feel like they are choosing the best value for them.

Not forgetting, some of these plugins also let you make comparison tables for your website add ons as well. So, what are WordPress pricing table plugins and how do they work

What are WordPress Pricing Table Plugins?

Basically, the WordPress pricing table plugins are a collection of tools to help your online business present its pricing information to the target audiences. It may be details about your business services cost, solution prices, and even product prices in a format that’s easy to digest.

All this may happen whether you want to create a table to compare your own products and services, or you just want to make your reviews and other content more appealing to your readers. Thus, installing one of the WordPress plugins I will mention below will definitely help you create pricing tables for your site.

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Always remember, with the right tool, you’ll be able to create your own responsive comparison tables from inside your WordPress dashboard. But, when browsing the different plugins, be sure to check out the pre-built tables and templates that are included in the packages.

And although these WordPress pricing table plugins include a good range of customization options, choosing a tool with a pre-built template that’s close to your requirements can help save you time and effort.

So, if you’re ready to make it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for these plugins can help. In short, these plugins will help you online products business create pricing tables for your customers to make a decision on which item to purchase.

How to Create Pricing Tables using Free WordPress Plugins

It’s important to realize, your online customers tend to think about the pros and cons of each package they buy. Like a gym membership, to see if it is worth based on their personal needs. They’ll then choose which package is the best deal for what they are looking for.

Forthwith, what they are actually doing is comparing the packages against each other and seeing which is the best deal. Instead of stepping back and seeing if any of them are actually a good deal for the product.

Indeed, by having a pricing table on your site you’re using this behavior to help your business. With free and paid options in this collection, including some very feature-rich plugins, there’s sure to be a suitable tool for everyone in this guide.

Fortunately, many of the free plugins can be easily upgraded too. By purchasing a premium license and unlocking even more features when the time is right. So let’s check out these WordPress pricing table plugins with both free and paid scenarios.

1. Pricing Table By PickPlugins

Looking for WordPress pricing table plugin days are now over. The Plugin by PickPlugins is the responsive pricing table plugin for WordPress you are searching for. The Pricing Table Plugin is among the long waited premium pricing table plugin for WordPress.

Published to display a pricing grid on your WordPress site, the team behind it presents you with the awesome pricing table which is controlled by an easy admin panel. It comes with a drag-and-drop feature that makes it easier to use. No programming skill is needed now!

It took the place of best responsive pricing table plugin WordPress amongst many plugins. And you can create a CSS3 table as many times as you want. With unlimited feature rows and unlimited package columns. You can download the free version, see more Pro Version details, or even a Live Demo.

The columns (packages) and rows (features) can be rearranged via drag and drop sorting. And also, there are varieties of colors that will make it more attractive to the visitors. The plugin also includes multiple package ribbons, feature tooltips, link buttons, and check/cross icons.

The color of the package ribbons and tooltip is customizable, using the Color Picker. And you can quickly add features to your different plans, choose a color (as well as many other options) and display your price table anywhere with a simple shortcode.

It could also be possible to generate a hosting style pricing table grid. As well as, implement a flat grid, hide the blank field, or display a blank field with a cross icon.

2. Responsive Pricing Table Plugin

We kick off our WordPress pricing table plugins list with the Responsive Pricing Table Plugin. This is a free WordPress plugin that will add a pricing tables tab in the admin panel. So that you can create pricing tables for your website with ease.

Also, you’ll be able to add different features to your plans as well as choosing a color. And what’s more, this plugin does have a shortcode which will allow you to show your pricing table anywhere on your site.

Should you want to be able to customize your pricing tables, even more, this plugin does have a Responsive Pricing Table Pro Version that is paid (you can download the free version).

With the Pro Version, you’ll be able to add skins (new designs for your pricing tables), and tooltips (info bubbles that you can add to your feature). As well as, equalizer (which will automatically even out your plans’ height). Allowing you to present your offer to your visitors in a very elegant way.

3. WordPress Pricing Table Plugin By W3 Eden

Another tangible tool on the list is the WordPress Pricing Table Plugin by W3 Eden, Inc. It helps you easily publish a pricing table on a WordPress page or post content. And just like the other two, by using this plugin you can build great pricing or feature tables for your products or services in the easiest way.

This plugin comes with lots of features to make building your unique pricing table super easy. The pricing table plugin is cool because it actually comes with a drag-and-drop feature too. Meaning, you can drag and drop package (column) re-ordering. Or even, you can drag and drop the feature (row) reordering as well.

In general, you’ll have the ability to publish your pricing table on your WordPress post content or page. And by using the Pricing Table plugin you will be able to build a neat pricing table. Or even feature a table for your services and products. And the tables you will create with this plugin are going to be responsive.

So, no matter what kind of device your user is using when viewing your pricing table, the tables will always look great from large desktops to small mobile phones. It is translation ready as well should you need or want the tables you create to be in a different language. You can download the free version or learn more about W3 Eden.

4. WRC Pricing Tables By Realwebcare

Number four on my list is the WRC Pricing Tables that is also responsive. This plugin was designed using a clean CSS3 table and no JavaScript is used.

So, the tables you create will be able to look great on all devices and screen sizes. From desktop to mobile and everything in between. Not to mention, it’ll also work in all major browsers. So you don’t have to be worried that someone will be unable to use the tables properly because of their browser.

With WRC Pricing Tables you will be able to present different packages of your business depending on your needs (you can download the free version or learn more about Realwebcare).

Additionally, you’ll also be able to create as many tables as you want. With as many feature rows and package columns as you would like as well. You can create your rows and columns with the handy dandy drag and drop feature. While making organizing them super easy.

5. TC Pricing Table By ThemesCode

Last but not least, the TC Pricing Table is yet another simple to use table plugin by the ThemesCode company. It’s a plugin that you can use to create a pricing table for your site that will be responsive too.

So, no matter what kind of device your user has or how big its screen size is, your tables will always look great. And eventually, you’ll be able to create endless amounts of pricing tables that have a clean and flat design. And with this plugin, you’ll also be able to add unlimited packaged with endless features.

The plugin is also super cool because it is lightweight. Meaning that it shouldn’t slow down your site so your users shouldn’t experience slow loading times (you can download the free version or learn more about ThemesCode).

There is also an automatic shortcode generated for each table you make. This plugin is free but just like many of the other plugins, there is a paid Pro version available. So, ff you’re looking for something with more features and tools then you can check out the TC Pricing Table Pro Version.

Notable Mentions;

Through the plugin settings mentioned above, you’ll have no trouble anymore. While creating full-width detailed product comparisons or even compact pricing tables. As well as designs with integrated sliders for scrolling through tables with lots of columns.

Moreso, you can also quickly add animation effects to your tables too. Such as columns that increase in size when the mouse cursor hovers over them. And by the same token, inserting icons and symbols into the table cells is straightforward too.

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Thanks to the large choice of fonts, there are lots of options for adjusting the style of the text in your tables. Like adding ribbons to the table columns to make them stand out. Or even providing more useful information is another useful feature of these WordPress table plugins.

They also do a great job of showcasing what a pricing comparison builder can do. And in simple terms, all these plugins can all do the same basic thing, allow you to create pricing tables. But, as you have seen some are more complicated than others.

Additional Mentions Are;
  1. Pricing Table Plugin By Repute InfoSystems
  2. Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin By Fatcat Apps
  3. WordPress Pricing Table Plugin By Supsystic
  4. Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables
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So, choose whichever one you feel will be the right fit for your WordPress site. And now that you have seen my top choices for WordPress pricing table plugins I hope you’ll find the one you can use for your business.

Finally, if you’ll need more help on how to create pricing tables, you can Contact Us or even share your questions in the comments section. And in order to support the jmexclusives blog articles, research work, and other ongoing projects, please donate.

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