Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate | Steps To Make Money Free!

Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate is for you if you want to make money as an affiliate with large, big-name companies such as JP Morgan, Home Depot, and hundreds of other familiar companies. Thrive in the world’s largest and most established affiliate marketing ecosystem. Achieve intelligent, scalable, and sustainable growth with an in-class platform.

This platform has all the power you’ll ever need from an affiliate marketing web application as of today. Not forgetting, affiliate marketing is a performance-driven channel that enables a rich ecosystem of partnerships. More so, in order to outreach, influence, and convert shoppers worldwide at every part of their purchase journey — both online and offline.

Perse, you can heavily rely on Commission Junction Affiliate to maximize your opportunity with all your business affiliate customers. Whilst, resulting in a successful TM+ campaign and a fantastic new partnership. So, what is it and why should you focus your energy and resources on its affiliate marketing toolkits?

What The Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Is All About

CJ Affiliate aka Commission Junction Affiliate is the place where all partnerships and technology converge. Particularly, to create valuable shopping experiences that result in scalable, profitable growth. For this reason, CJ Affiliate is trusted by the world’s largest brands, publishers, and even advertisers alike — to establish their affiliate marketing ecosystem.

On one hand, some of their topmost advertisers include Barnes & Noble, Blue Apron, IHG (Hotels & Resorts), Overstock, Office Depot, Priceline, Turbotax, J.Crew, etc. While, on the other hand, some of their key publishers include our very own Web Tech Experts, BuzzFeed, CNN,, ibotta, Klarna, CFC (Societe Cenerale), Shopback, PMC, etc.

Indeed, the Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Program is a web-based business solution for all webmasters — publishers and advertisers. In general, it’s a solid web application platform of choice for two key reasons. Firstly, it’s very user-friendly and reliable! Whilst, allowing our task force to identify the top-performing brands and grow our audience base.

Secondly, the CJ Support Center is top-notch and the talent of its team is so commendable. They are quick to suggest new routes to growth and they are also very responsive (just get in touch to see for yourself). Above all, the CJ team has been very keen to embrace new ideas — it’s for this reason that we look forward to working together in the years to come.

Their Expertise = Your Success
  • Solutions Built For Success: Innovative, easy-to-use tools to help you understand and reach your audience and provide a streamlined customer experience.
  • Fully Committed To Publishers: Join the largest and most established global Publisher Development division with the highest tenure in the industry.
  • Unlimited Specialized Strategies: In terms of marketing, you’ll get focused and strategic recommendations based on region, distribution model, vertical, and business size

That said, don’t just take our word for it! You can check out their client case studies to see why 2X as many IR500 brands choose to work with Commission Junction Affiliate — in comparison to their nearest key competitors. In fact, even the eharmony online dating platform leans on the CJ growth consultant team to run successful search strategies.

Results at a Glance
  • Get 190% more clicks per day compared to prior campaigns
  • Achieve 50% more sales compared to prior campaigns
  • Double your campaign investment in the first month
  • Grow your organic revenue by 100% the following month
  • Drive a click to lead conversion rate of 7.5% and a lead to the sale conversion rate of 24.1%

These guys pair innovative tools and solutions with strategic guidance from some of the brightest minds in the business to help you grow. They’ve made sophisticated tech become so easy for brands to utilize and deploy. Before you move on, as a beginner marketer, you can learn more about how to join the CJ Affiliate in the video tutorial guide below.

As a longtime CJ advertiser, the jmexclusives taskforce uses the CJ growth consultant team to the maximum. More so, while running a self-sufficient program with the guidance of a dedicated CJ contact. Whilst, allowing them to get assistance while still running their program the way they want. Including all valuable resources and recommendations.

In particular,  to find a new TM+ search partner to fill a gap. By doing so, our task force operates a combination lead and sale affiliate program so seamlessly. As a result, it usually pays partners for free sign-ups as well as paid, premium memberships. And, the primary goal here — of search campaigns — is to convert paid memberships (sales).

How The Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Marketing Network Works

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is a performance-driven channel that enables a rich ecosystem of partnerships to reach, influence, and convert shoppers worldwide. At every part of their purchase journey, both online and offline. CJ Affiliate is where partnerships and technology converge — for scalable profitable growth and valuable shopping experiences.

The Commission Junction Affiliate Marketing works like this: Every time someone clicks on the link and buys something, you get a percentage of the sale. If someone clicks on the link and fills out a form, you get a commission for attracting a sales lead. If that person comes back to the site for purchase or fills out the form, you’ll still get a commission.

What The Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Is All About

Many vendors put a tracking code (referred to as a cookie) on your computer to help track sales and identify you as the source of the referral. The cookie can be on for as long as 90 days. This means, that if anyone buys through your referral link for up to 90 days, you’ll still get paid a commission.

Below is a working strategy for all CJ Affiliates:
  • Via email and monthly calls, you can utilize a Publisher Opportunity Report conducted by their CJ contact. Generally, in order to provide a gap analysis, examining publisher opportunities that were previously missed, etc.
  • Based on the knowledge of their unique program and goals, the Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate contact team provides a curated list of relevant search partners and recommendations.
  • After reviewing the list and resources put together by the CJ contact, you can easily select a premier search. As well as a content partner to test with while you diversify your publisher base.
  • Once you negotiate terms that are beneficial for both parties, you can work with the new partner to launch a 30-day search campaign. More so, with TM+ rights to promote an exclusive discount code.
  • Once the test is complete, you’ll see a continued organic promotion from the new partner. Overall, leading to a 100% growth in revenue the following month.
  • Based on the results of the campaign, you can now look forward to growing the partnership even further.
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  2. Dell India Consumer Affiliate Program Sees Big Growth After Migrating to CJ

In nutshell, as a micro-entrepreneurial or even startup business, you can earn extra revenue through CJ affiliate marketing. Commission Junction is a major affiliate program for advertisers and publishers of websites and blogs. If you (the micro-entrepreneur and publisher) participate, then you can put links to participating merchants on your website.

As the largest, most trusted name in global performance marketing, the CJ affiliate marketing program has a very expansive client portfolio. Not forgetting, it’s also a very great innovative platform that offers a scalable way for everyone. More so, to discover, cultivate, and manage quality, long-term partnerships to help you reach your goals.

Let CJ Affiliate Monetize Your Content With Ease!

They make it easier than ever to work with quality brands, introduce your audience to relevant products and services, and grow your business. And then, thereafter, showcase your influence. Add your social handles to your publisher profile to automatically sync your social reach and engagement metrics to show your full value and improve your discoverability.

You’ll also get instant approval from top business brands too. Through the CJ Affiliate Content Certification Program, they make it easier than ever to work with quality brands, introduce your audience to relevant products and services, and grow your business. In addition to more sponsored content opportunities through their VIP Influencer Campaigns as well.

In other words, one thing is for sure, this commission junction affiliate is a locally based platform offering over 150 payment currencies available to all its publisher partners. It provides long-term revenue opportunities as well as access to premium sponsorships with top brands. Equally important, they’ve also got very expert advocates.

Their dedicated Content Team Members are experts in all things influencer marketing. From creating effective strategies to reviewing campaign performance. Below are other more notable CJ affiliate unique features.

1. Onboarding Experience & Brand Discovery

Get set up for success from day one! More so, with their interactive onboarding experience designed to help you showcase your value for greater discovery with brands. Gain instant access to the CJ global network of brands — you can join the publisher partner programs with just a single click. Forthwith, everything about your business will be history.

2. Target Advertisements & Content Monetization

This is the technology that complements your workflow. Meaning, that you’ll be able to monetize your website by selecting links in-platform. And then again, as you use the CJ Deep Link Generator Tool to create tracking links directly from a brand site. Or leverage our tech to auto-detect and convert existing URLs into trackable links.

3. Comprehensive Omni-Channel Tracking

Their robust, future-proof omnichannel integration suite provides comprehensive tracking accuracy and transparency. From online to offline, across devices (including mobile and in-app), phone calls, and in-store — they’ve got you covered. Have confidence that tracking is protected from browser restrictions and is compliant with privacy regulations.

4. Reliable Payments For Publisher Partners

When it comes to your earned commissions, transparency is key: access on-demand details for all earned commissions and historical payouts. They offer dozens of payout currencies and two monthly payouts. Their partnership with Payoneer allows you to get paid in your local currency via your local bank account — no need for an international account.

5. Unlimited Insights And Analytics On-Demand

Access data that helps you make smarter decisions. From on-demand Affiliate Customer Journey analysis to customizable period-over-period program analysis, you can analyze performance and transaction data by the metrics that matter. May it commission, conversion rate, promotional properties, device and browser type, product category, audience location, coupon/promo code, Situational Commissioning scenarios, etc.

Join Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate As A Publisher Partner

Specifically, on one side, their publisher partners can engage their shoppers through a variety of distribution models. Including websites, social media, blogs, search, email, mobile apps, offline marketing, and more. As a web publishing business, by utilizing CJ affiliate toolkits, you’ll realize that there is a lot that you can achieve.

One thing is for sure, there are more opportunities and even more growth! Keeping in mind, that as the industry’s trusted leader in affiliate marketing technology for over 20 years, the CJ affiliate platform for publishers allows you to seamlessly monetize your business at scale. Tap into unparalleled data and expertise, and connect with more world-class brands.

The main publisher beneficial facts:
  • So far, they have got earnings of $1.8B+ annually through publisher commissions
  • To date, there’s an annual creation of more than 4.8M publisher partner relationships

Through CJ affiliate for publisher partners, there are more than 1B consumers reached worldwide — and growing each day. More so, having in mind a global vision, and then coupled with their local expertise. Not only that, but they also have got regional strategies tailored to your business.

Global Marketplace. Local Expertise!
  • Discover brands in-platform by target markets and geographic match
  • Proactive advertiser education on localization best practices and publisher expectations
  • Partner with global brands who are eager to leverage your expertise and expand into new markets
  • Consult a dedicated team of regional experts to advise on strategies tailored to your business
  • Get paid in over 150 currencies via direct deposit or their global payments partner, Payoneer

By all means, as one of their publisher partners, you’ll notice that they’ve got a very intuitive platform. In particular, with a design that lets you focus on what matters most — from getting started and finding the right brands, to actionable insights that uncover new opportunities for growth.

Join Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate As An Advertiser Partner

Realistically, on the other hand, their key advertisers are brands that sell products, experiences, and services. And then, they reward publishers for driving meaningful results at the end of it all. Such as sales, leads, new customer acquisition, influence in the path-to-purchase, high-value shoppers, or anything else you can dream up.

In this case, you’ll experience intelligent growth at scale. For one thing, they’ve got cutting-edge technology that enables you to drive more conversions. As well as rewards to your world-class publishers for successfully promoting your brand. Statistically, there are even more benefits that you’ll enjoy as one of their leading advertisers.

The main advertiser beneficial facts:
  • 88% more revenue per shopper
  • 30% more revenue in the first year
  • 14:1 CJ outperforms the 12:1 ROAS channel average
  • A great affiliate platform that’s an all-in-one-inclusive, and with a seamless global experience

For advertisers who migrated an affiliate marketing program to CJ, program performance over a 5 year period was compared between various factors. While considering the following methodologies among others:

  • Publishers who were active in the advertiser’s affiliate marketing program prior to migration.
  • Growth from all network publishers recruited into the advertiser’s program AFTER the first year.

Of course, growth happens when you reach the right customers at the right time. Just join the CJ affiliate global platform today! Particularly, powered by meaningful data, cutting-edge tech, and industry expertise — all designed to set you up for success. And even help you grow faster — no matter where you are in your affiliate growth journey.

Steps To Make Money With Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate 

Of course, Yes! Almost half of your millennial customers prefer helping themselves too before reaching out to your support staff for help. Just imagine how many support tickets, calls, and chat sessions you could save. That’s if only you could find a way to help these customers right onto your FAQ Answers web page — they are quite many, right?

And it’s not too hard — it’s just like the way you write answers and organize your FAQ Answers Page in this case — the key lies in how you convince your lead target web users — for more site traffic — and the way you convert your potential buyers — to get more sales. If your content is helpful, and your referral landing pages are in a good place, then you’re on!

Not only will your customers get immediate help, but you will also save a lot of support hours. You could use this time to improve your product or expand your business. Furthermore, writing helpful answers and creating a resourceful referral affiliates network isn’t that difficult — but if you only follow a few best practices as shown in the simple steps below.

Step #1: Go For The Best Referral Affiliate Partners

First of all, as a CJ referral affiliate, you should try and look for advertiser partners that best interest you or your business needs. After you find an advertiser that interests you, click on the “Join Program” button. But, even though these companies would love to have you get prospective customers, you’re not automatically approved on sign-up.

Merchants (advertisers) on Commission Junction expect you to have a website or blog to prove that you aren’t a fly-by-night company before approval. First, find out the requirements necessary for approval before you participate. If and when you do get approved, you can choose from more than 1,000 advertisers (many are famous names).

Eventually, you can browse by category to see which would be a fit for the audience your blog or website is targeting. Secondly, make sure that you visit the company’s website to make sure that its offerings are good for your audience. Thirdly, before you move on, make sure that you agree to the terms and conditions after reading them carefully.

Step #2: Get The Approved Partner Advertiser Link 

Important to realize, that some partner programs will approve you automatically. While some of them will approve you manually — which takes some time. After you’re approved for a program, the Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate team will add it to a “link relationship list.” A list of all the advertisers that approved you to post their links on your website or blog.

Moving forward, click on the “Get Links” tab from the home page of Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate or rather from your dashboard. After which, a list of advertisers that have approved you will appear. Note: If you choose to post a link from an advertiser that isn’t active or hasn’t approved you yet, you don’t collect a commission on any sales or leads.

Step #3: Choose A URL Link Or A Display Banner To Publish

In this case, when you click on the “View Links” tab, a list pops up for all the links that you can post on your site or blog. When you find a link you like, click on it, and from there you can copy HTML or Java for that link. And then, you can go ahead and paste it to your website or blog. Just hit on the “Publish” button and the affiliate link will appear.

That’s it! You’re done to start making money with Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate on your user-based web business website. What’s more, they’ve got very Robust APIs to simplify everything for you even further. Prefer to enhance your affiliate program with your own custom solutions? Well, you can refer to their Developer Portal for more details.

It provides access to CJ’s APIs and robust technical documentation. Whilst, giving you flexibility in how you find or manage relationships, access offers, discover products to promote, and view program performance details.

Final Thoughts:

Advertisers who migrate to Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate benefit quite a lot! For example, they see higher, sustained growth from publisher recruitment efforts. All are made easy with their integrated in-platform recruitment tools, solutions, and expertise. With CJ’s affiliate marketing network, you’ll achieve very sustainable business growth.

Equally important, you’ll also realize ultimate business growth on a global scale. The only secret here is to leverage their global platform and deep market expertise. Suffice to say, CJ affiliate will help you identify international opportunities with the most influential publishers. And even reach cross-border and local consumers in over 240 countries and territories.

Where else can you find the best-in-class tech affiliate platform such as CJ? Technically, it’s an intuitive platform designed to let you focus on what matters most — from finding the right partners to ensuring that your investment meets your goals. Looking to leverage existing tech or data partners? It offers integrated tech with a ton of tech partners list too.

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Simply put, whatever your business needs are, the CJ affiliate marketing network is the best option to consider. Have you given it a try yet? What is your user experience so far? If not, what are you waiting for, a whistle? Surely, all you need to do is get started for free — whether as a Publisher or even an Advertiser — to start seeing the results for yourself.

But, if you’ll need more help in regards to Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate or even other affiliate marketing programs, you can always Consult Us and let us know how we can sort you out. Likewise, feel free to share your additional thoughts, opinions, suggestions, recommendations, or even questions (for our FAQs & Answers) in our comments section.

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