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Maria Antony

10 Ways Liferay DXP Development Process Saves Money And Time

Liferay DXP Development offers developers a complete platform for quickly building web apps, mobile apps, and web services, using features and frameworks designed for rapid development, good performance, and ease of use. The base platform is already there, and it’s built as a robust container for applications that you can put together in far less time than you would from scratch.

Mobile App Testing Tools For iOS And Android

The Topmost Best Mobile App Testing Tools For iOS And Android

Nowadays, there are so many Mobile App Testing Tools that you can use for both iOS and Android device-powered gadgets. Whilst, bearing in mind, mobile apps can bring great value to any business and make it possible for the brand to become a household. Since their inception, mobile phones have evolved substantially (from hardware and software perspectives).

How Virtual Reality (VR) Impacts The Gaming Design Industry

Top 5 Virtual Reality (VR) Impacts On Gaming Design Industry

Virtual Reality (VR) is a cloud computing process where users immerse themselves in a specifically designed and simulated environment for a specific purpose. For example, medical training and video games are explored without borders and boundaries in 360 degrees. VR creates a virtual, simulated environment where people interact in simulated environments using VR goggles or other devices.

Low-Code & No-Code Custom Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile App Development Low-Code & No-Code Advantages

Low-Code or No-code Custom Mobile App Development Platforms are software development platforms that allow developers to create custom mobile apps without extensive coding knowledge. These platforms provide pre-built components, drag-and-drop interfaces, and visual tools that enable developers to create mobile apps quickly and easily.