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Zuchu | What makes Her stand out as a Great Musician?

Since her EP Album release, Zuchu has become one of the greatest female Bongo musicians. Adding to the list of her many other musical sisters. Like Nandy, Maua Sama, Snura, Hamisa Mobetto, Queen Darling, and even her mother Hadija Kopa.

But, all thanks to her Boss (Mr. Diamond Platnumz) who is the main brain behind her successful discovery in Bongo Music Career.

Furthermore, after a hard toil behind the scenes of WCB Wasafi, we can say that Zuch is a lucky artist. Having been signed under the label to see her music take roots almost instantaneously despite being a newcomer.

Zuchu Pepsi

And as can be seen, from the poster above, due to her rejuvenated music efforts and good online reputation, she already has started cashing in. Particularly, from various brand endorsements like the one by Pepsi SBC Tanzania among many others.

Bearing in mind, Pepsi is a well-known hundred-year-old brand adored by more than 200 million people worldwide. And it is one of the biggest selling soft drink brands in Tanzania. Furthermore, Pepsi is universal on any occasion! Whereby, Teens Love it, Adults love it, 200 million people love it, Everybody loves it!

Unfortunately, it’s still unclear (due to contract agreement), however, how much her boss (also a brand ambassador) and herself are making out of that deal. But, I must quite say that it is a lifetime supplementary revenue source.

Who is Zuchu?

On one hand, Zuchu is that such talented singer and songwriter recently unveiled by Wasafi records under the leadership of Diamond Platnumz. She hails from our neighboring country Tanzania. Not forgetting, she is the daughter of celebrated taarab sensation Bi Khadija Omar Kopa.

On the other hand, Zuchu was born back in the 1990s and is said to be enjoying her early 20’s. Being a new artiste, very little is known about her personal life, and as such, it is not yet clear where she attended school. But, through one of her recent interviews, she revealed that she had engaged with schooling in India.


It is important to realize, Zuchu made her entrance into the music scene in 2015 after taking part in Tecno take the stage competition that was held in Nigeria. And despite not winning the competition, she did not give up her music dream.

Whereby, she ventured into the field of music covers and provided some amazing covers that caught the attention of some Wasafi crew including Mbosso.

This is after she had won the hearts of many through her Nadekezwa Song cover originally done by Mbosso.

You can watch the cover song she did courtesy of YouTube music below;

Before being officially unveiled by Wasafi, she had been in the pipeline for approximately 4 years, fine-tuning her craft and writing her own songs.

And since she was officially unveiled, Zuchu has proceeded to dominate Tanzanian airwaves. As well as several other digital platforms with songs in her new EP dubbed ‘I am Zuchu’.

What does ‘I am Zuchu’ mean?

‘I am Zuchu’ is the musical slogan introducing the artist to the musical world. A signature for her music career to find identity and roots in the market. While at the same time, help her fanbase easily relate to her work. Expanding from music covers, collabos, songwriting, singing, live performance, endorsements, partnerships, etc.

And as a matter of fact, in April 2020, history was made in the Bongo Flava industry. When the WCB Wasafi Records Label introduced the new signee Zuchu’s EP titled “I AM ZUCHU”. The introduction has made her become the first artiste under the Diamond Platnumz owned record label.

Alongside, the EP unveiled some of her topmost and widely trending top 7 hit songs. Two of them being Bonus tracks from what had been announced earlier. And as the WCB Boss Mendes stated; ”I am personally amazed by the craftsmanship of Zuch after forwarding to me more than 100 songs she has been working on.”

The EP has seven songs namely:
  1. Wana by Zuchu
  2. Kwaru by Zuchu
  3. Raha by Zuchu
  4. Nisamehe by Zuchu
  5. Hakuna Kulala by Zuchu
  6. Ashua featuring Mbosso
  7. Mauzauza featuring Khadija Kopa

Of course, being a new artist, most of her songs were released recently, and are yet to win any awards and recognitions.

Despite Coronavirus, whereby, most shows and live performances were canceled for many, her doors are wide open. And generally speaking, as soon as the world reopens, you’ll see her soon performing in your neighborhood. In such a case, there are many reasons to buy that ticket and experience her music performance.

Furthermore, judging by the progress so far, Zuchu will bag several awards later this year if she maintains the same energy.

Her most recent works include;
  1. A collabo with Tanzanian Women All-Stars (women empowerment video song) entitled Superwoman.
  2. Single audio song (Dr. Magufuli works campaign) themed Tanzania Ya Sasa.

What makes Zuchu stand out as a Great Musician?

I could say, the new WCB Wasafi signee Zuchu poses all the great qualities that make a professional musician. Especially who is ready for the music industry.

Such qualities include; Patience, Passion, Persistence, Go-getter attitude, Team Mentality, and Discipline.

Patience- this is the quality of calm and endurance

Zuchu has been recording for the past 4 years and she never gave up on her dreams and indeed for her this is the right time to hit the market when she is fully baked. God’s timing is the best.

She has been in the pipeline for the past four years, working on her craft, perfected her vocals, writing skills, and stage presence. Below are more qualities include in her endeavors;

1. Her Ability to own the Stage

Speaking during the EP Launch, WCB President Nasseb Abdul mentioned that the key quality of any artist to be signed under his record label. Where it largely depends on his or her songwriting ability, a thing that Zuchu has mastered well. As well as owing and possessing the audience.

Watching Zuchu perform during her EP Launch, it’s evident that she is not just a studio artist but she has the capability of owning the stage.

Must be remembered, in 2015, Zuchu was among contestants who represented Tanzania in the Tecno Own the Stage competition that went down in Nigeria.

2. She is Eloquent in Song Writing

Notably, a bigger percentage of women in the music industry depend on professional songwriters for their careers to thrive and in most cases, they rarely write their own songs.

But, one of the biggest qualities of the new WCB signee is her songwriting skills and diversity. Listening to WCB CEO talk during her EP launch it is evident that her songwriting ability is one of the biggest virtue that convinced him (Diamond) to invest in her.

3. Her Management and Promotion Team

For a very long time now, Diamond has nurtured his artistes not to depend on mainstream media when it comes to promoting their musical works. And as they always say; Media only follows something that has got a buzz or extraordinary.

With this in mind, Zuchu’s EP launch was not an ordinary launch. From the setup, her band to its coverage, it was clear that WCB had invested in their new talent. And not even Corona could stop WCB from giving their new signee the best. The long studio hours have finally paid off.

How much is Zuch Networth?

First, her debut EP ‘I am Zuchu’ is doing extremely well on the digital platforms with over 10 million streams in one month. This means that despite the ban of music shows, Zuchu will still make good earning from her digital content.

Currently, Zuchu is one of the most-watched female musicians on YouTube, with over 14 million views as of 14th June 2020. In addition, although new to the YouTube world, she has managed to amass a wealth of 192k subscribers.

Such is just but a dream come true for many YouTubers who have been struggling for years to get noticed. That reminds me, are you or do you know someone who is a YouTuber? If the answer is Yes, please read and learn more about YouTube Advertising | 5 Benefits of Using Video Ads.

In general, regarding her net worth, it is not clear how much she is worth since she has not addressed the issue to the public.

Is Zuchu Married?

Quite often, I know many of you would ask that question. Whether she is married, in a relationship or not. Unfortunately, the songstress has managed to keep her personal life private.

It is therefore not clear whether she is dating or not.

How do I Connect with Zuchu?

Ms. Zuchu’s EP was unveiled in an event that was only restricted to the WCB Family.

With fans getting a glimpse of her live performance via Wasafi TV and her YouTube channel that was streaming live the whole event. Those present at the “I AM ZUCHU” EP Launch included;

  • Diamond Platnumz,
  • Lava Lava,
  • Mbosso,
  • Queen Darleen,
  • Sallam SK,
  • Babu Tale,
  • Don Fumbwe,
  • Ricardo Momo,
  • Khadija Kopa,
  • Mkubwa Fella, etc.

If you’d like to get more updates and career progress regarding this songstress, feel free to connect with her through social media using the links below.

  1. Facebook Page
  2. Instagram Account
  3. Twitter Profile
  4. Facebook Group
  5. YouTube Channel

What’s More,

Profoundly, during the EP Launch, the songstress managed to prove to the world, why she is the new queen of Bongo Flava. May it be, from her Live Band performance, vocal variation, stage presence, and her writing skills.

Be that as it may, every song on her EP carries a story of its own. Not to mention, her able band spiced up the launch with their extraordinary skills. Particularly when it came to handling their instruments and their sweet voices.

Moreover, it was an emotional moment at the EP launch when Zuchu brought her mother ‘Khadija Kopa’ on stage, to perform their song Mauzauza. In such a time, the mother-daughter moment was just everything.

So, What’s your take about Zuchu? Please share your thoughts in the comments section or Contact Us with more additional information. You can also read and learn more about Diamond Platnumz | His Family Life, Music, Wealth & More.

Watch and listen to all her new music through her YouTube Channel as listed in the video playlist below;

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