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Yetu Camp would like to reach out to the young people from across various community grounds. Especially through encouragement, motivation, challenging and bring out the best in them in more ways than one.

Particularly in a holistic way that touches their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. The Yetu Camp is geared towards the service of young children between the ages of 3-19 years.

Yetu Camp was officially launched by the Founder herself Gloria Muliro at Kaimosi, Western of Kenya.

As an example, the individuals are divided into groups of age-mates. Which eases the efforts of reaching out to the specific groups in accordance with their needs. Hence, the Yetu Camp invites you to partner with them and join Gloria Muliro herself.

Gloria Muliro Biography
Bringing change, touching lives and creating the future of the beloved children.

What is Yetu Camp?

Apart from Music and Praise and Worship activities, Gloria Muliro Foundation is also involved in helping children.

For example, through Gloria Muliro Children’s Home and the Gloria Muliro Foundation.

Gloria Muliro Foundation was begun in 2001 by the Gospel Musician herself. And through its founder Gloria Muliro, it strives to offer a helping hand to the orphans, widows, widowers, street children, and the youths.

Important to realize, the Yetu Camp most important goal is to help preach the Gospel to the intended dependants.

Inasmuch as it is an individual foundation, the Yetu Camp is guided through its undertaking mostly by the Bible.

Especially through “The Great Commission’ that Christ commanded us all” (Matthew 28:19, 20).

Yetu Camp Mission and Desires

In the first place, Gloria Muliro desires to establish a music academy and a production studio.

Not forgetting, efforts have already begun through Gloria Muliro Music, in which many young talented musicians are nurtured right from the homage.

Additionally, through Msaidizi Africa Initiatives, Gloria Muliro also intends to reach out to destitute children in society. In particular, through a center which will enable the children to em-better their lives.

For the Yetu Camp to achieve, it requires an engagement with various partners, sponsors, well-wishers and solution care, givers. Including,

  • Government Entities,
  • NGOs,
  • Charitable Organization,
  • Individual Contacts,
  • Parents,
  • Guardians,
  • Trainers,
  • Celebrities
  • and Sponsorship Donors as well.

Why the Yetu Camp Foundation

Yetu Camp is more of a community based and owned foundation. Yetu means “Ours” whereas, defining the ownership the community has in regards to the foundation. Including,

  • full support,
  • active facilitation,
  • limitless support,
  • audience indulgent,
  • guardians engagement,
  • leaders communication,
  • parties empowerment,
  • and full participation.

In like manner, Gloria Muliro Foundation was set up to empower, encourage and transform lives. Of course,” with the help of God” as Gloria Muliro puts it.

Especially to the young and innocent souls, academically, physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, emotionally and talent-wise.

However, the Yetu Camp Program has several tailor-made activities. Particularly targeting the youths from different age and youths in different environmental settings.

Moreover, this has proven to be a success in the past, considering that the testimonies say it all.

Reaching out through the Yetu Camp

Now more than ever, the biggest want by the Yetu Camp Foundation is to reach out to all children. Identically, one county after another, and one nation after another and hopefully, by so doing, change the world together.

To say nothing of, most of the young generation members have lost a sense of direction. In particular, the majority are dying young due to life struggles, depression, alienation, abuse and lack of motivation for a better tomorrow.

Therefore, in the light of Yetu Camp, the young generation has new hope for a better tomorrow.

In fact, the founder herself underwent various life challenges as a youth before even making it in the Music and Gospel Ministry as can be seen through Gloria Muliro Biography.

Gloria Muliro Brief Biography Profile

Apart from forming the Yetu Camp, she has also founded and involved herself with other leading Organizations. Including the;

  1. Msaidizi Africa Initiatives,
  2. Gloria Muliro Music,
  3. Ajiri Dada,
  4. Kenya Culture Life Uk,
  5. Holy Land Trip not forgetting she was the KORA fights EBOLA Ambassadress.

You’ll learn more about the Yetu Camp Founder Projects through her Website Projects Page.

Born Gloria Owendi Muliro, back on 1st April 1980 in Western Kenya. Gloria Muliro was born to the late David Muliro and Joice Asami.

Firstly, she came into the limelight back in 2005 when she recorded her first album ‘Omwami Aletsa.’ (My God will surely come), which received massive airplay, especially on local radio stations.

Gloria Muliro life inspires through you through a journey of fortitude. Not to mention, she was born and raised in abject poverty.

She had several struggles especially after death robbed her of her mother. It was on one early morning of 3rd Nov 1989 as she accords. She says; “there was almost no hope for a better tomorrow” to her and her siblings.

Here is Her full Biography Profile

Florence Andenyi Kibali
Florence Andenyi entertaining Yetu Camp attendees with her moving Gospel Music Tunes.

Kenyan Gospel Artists involved in Yetu Camp

As of the second edition of the Yetu Camp, several artists performed to the audience. Which not only empowered the participants but also showcased the Harmony among the Artists in support of the Yetu Camp Programs.

Among them were; Kelvin BahatiFlorence AndenyiZoe PhyllisLusher Paulo and Gloria Muliro herself. You’ll see more photos through Gloria Muliro Instagram Profile.

Be this as it may, expect more activities from the Yetu Camp Foundation. Especially having in mind that this is an annual event that will tour every Kenyan County.

Besides, the foundation was officially ignited by Gloria Muliro from her hometown which is Emanyinya Location, Western Province of Kenya?

Zoe Phyllis
Zoe Phyllis entertaining the Yetu Camp participants with her lucrative gospel songs during the second edition at Kaimosi.

Reaching out through the Yetu Camp

As can be seen, teachers (tutors), motivational speakers, counselors, music teachers, comedians, a team of chefs and musicians are a part and parcel.

Which means that there is a budget to help the Yetu Camp achieve and make the initiative worthwhile for the attendees. Not to mention that is why they are extending their invitation for you to join the team.

Gloria Muliro Yetu Camp
You can join the Yetu Camp Team and Event Organizers Today.

Whereas, should you choose to partner with the Yetu at whatever level, you’ll as well be able to market yourself at the event.

Specifically for those who have products or services to market alongside the Retreat Period. And for those who would want to be part of this noble initiative, you are more than welcome to do so.

You are one of them right? Therefore, if you want to reach out to the Yetu Team, please use the Contact Details Below;

Contributions and Information Contacts

  • General inquiries and questions, share though;
  • For suggestions, contributions, and partnership use;
  • Bookings, interviews, profile integration, and participation, please use;
  • Further administration support and help, reach out through;

In the same way, please drop your comments below this post for further assistance.

Summing Up,

In conclusion, the Camp is a champion of wellness and general help and support of all. Especially the less privileged and the less fortunate in the Kenyan Societal Backgrounds.

Particularly, now that it offers limitless support, help, and participation of both the infected and affected members of the community.

From those living with marginal illnesses to those who lost their family members. Especially from road carnage, career accidents, war, tribal clash, marriage, those below the poverty line. And even those with no hope.

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