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WP Automatic Plugin | #1 Tool To Post Walmart Products To Site Direct

In this guide, you are going to learn how to use WP Automatic Plugin to get Walmart products posted automatically. Bearing in mind, that WP Automatic is one of the most recommended plugins for WordPress that can be used to import products from Walmart automatically. This means that the products will be automatically posted on your WordPress website using the plugin.

Basically, Walmart is a retail store that operates different stores like grocery, supermarket, departmental, discount stores, etc. It’s one of the largest retailers — also regarded as the world’s biggest corporation. They focus on the strategy of providing their customers with Everyday Low Prices (EDLP). They also provide different shopping category stores under one roof.

This helps the customers with one-stop shopping which means they can get different types of things in a single store. With the increasing number of people going digital, now people want everything under their fingertips. So, with physical location combined, you can also set up an eCommerce platform. You can import products from Walmart and set up your own eStore.

Why Use WordPress For An eCommerce/Products Store Website

WordPress is the world’s best platform for site builders and also content management systems. WordPress is a free and open source platform for building websites that can be blogs, eCommerce sites, news, landing page, etc. It consists of a set of pre-defined core codes that helps you build your website easily and very fast. You will get various frameworks.

Frameworks that are unique and distinctive from each other. The different unique and distinctive features and frameworks allow users to create a fully functional online store. You can also create your online store very easily and within no time. Then you will get a variety of options to optimize your site. You can take advantage of those features and showcase just anything.

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May it be your business service solutions, brand products, consumer goods, etc. So, when you are planning to set up a business, first you need to define your goals, the nature of your business, and the products or services you want to sell. You should set up your business in such a way that the users find site navigation easy and quick to get what they are looking for.

With WP Automatic Plugin, you can set up your own price as per your requirement. In this way, you can offer your customers convenience and also offer an end-to-end experience to your customers. That said, let’s learn more about how it works and how to use the WP Automatic Plugin in simple steps —  so as to get Walmart products posted to your website automatically.

How The WP Automatic Plugin Benefits eCommerce eStore Websites 

The first great deal about WP Automatic Plugin is that: You’ll start making a new way to your blogging plugins in a very seamless priority. One thing is for sure, WP Automatic Plugin makes it into the top-recommended auto-blogging plugins list because of its extensive selection of import possibilities. Especially, for newbie bloggers who’ve just launched their website.

Meaning, that creating an automatic post or product on your website is the ideal solution to simplify the management of the website. Also, it has very powerful APIs to search for the best quality content according to the keywords that you have provided. Isn’t it amazing! Equally important, you’ll never miss any post on the feed now — you’ll manage them in your way!

This means, that everything is auto-posted to your feeds from all the social media websites via the WordPress Automatic Plugin. Moreover, you can easily micromanage your posts in accordance with your very own unique preferences.

Such preferences include:
  • Truncate lengthy content
  • Fetch & post only specified parts of the post
  • Change the post order
  • Search & replace with a click
  • Skip post in some specific conditions
  • WooCommerce support for product posts from ecommerce websites like Amazon
  • And many more …

Moving on, the next focus is a way for you to post anything from anywhere automatically. Of course, this means, that the WP Automatic Plugin has the power to post content in any format like text, image, or video from other websites to your WP website according to your selection. Whether you want a specific type of content for posting or want to manage the other kits.

Including but not limited to all the attributes of the content all this can be done so quickly and easily. We know you are now asking: How you can use WordPress for an eCommerce website, right? Well, allow us to elaborate further below…

How To Use WP Automatic Plugin For eCommerce Products Import

Generally, the entire team of WP Automatic Plugin is there to help you in your steps to the way ahead. They were once a team of WordPress & WooCommerce developers who used to work together to build amazing web applications for the WP platform.  During this period, they noticed that there was a big need for a plugin to automate the content on the website.

Suffice it to say, the automation tool was one of the core plugins that is required in the majority of websites. But, the skyrocketing cost and poor support usually came as a challenge for many small-budget projects. Hence, they decided to come up with their very own WP Automatic Plugin. So as to help the fraternity with a nominal amount of awesome support.

During the development phase of WordPress/ WP Automatic Plugin, they just wanted to deliver a plugin that can make content management of the website much easier. In particular, without ever running out of the budget again. Currently, they build a large community of individuals and organizations — who are using their plugin and are 100% satisfied with their product.

And now, with that in mind, as we aforementioned, with WP Automatic Plugin for WordPress websites, you can import products and auto-post them to your feed from all affiliate websites and eCommerce websites to your WordPress website. In addition, you’ll also get support to post products from eCommerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. 

With WP Automatic Plugin In Summary You Will:
  • Automatic Post RSS Feeds on WordPress Website
  • Post products from Envato markets automatically
  • Auto import & post relevant Amazon products to the WordPress
  • Auto extract & post resource eBay products to WordPress
  • Auto import & post products from Walmart to WordPress
  • Import & post related products from Clickbank to WordPress
  • Automatically get updated Craigslist listings published on WordPress
  • Auto Import & post content from any Website to WordPress
  • Search & auto-publish multiple web pages to WordPress
  • See a full list of what you can do with this tool in detail

Using WP Automatic Plugin for integrating Walmart with your WordPress has become much easy. With its easy-to-use interface, you can import the products from Walmart into your WordPress site. Then you can post the products automatically along with their image, details, product description, etc. After the products are posted, you’ll get an affiliate link for each.

You can modify and manage your WooCommerce store and you will get complete control over your store data and also get your performance insights. You can also customize your store integration according to your preference and also according to your business requirement.

The Notable Features For Using WordPress Plugin For Products Import

Before you can use this WordPress website-based toolkit, it’s good that you get a sneak peek at all the features that make it an outstanding plugin. And, by doing so, you’ll get to know and discover the value of using the WP Automatic Plugin for integrating Walmart with your WordPress website. As a matter of fact, the WP Automatic Plugin has got a variety of automated features.

For instance, it has Automatic Posting RSS Feeds on WordPress Website addon features. So that, as a result, you can import every component including author, tags, featured images, etc. Straight from the RSS Feed of any website onto your very own website —  in a matter of a few clicks. Also, what about the Search & AutoPublish multiple web pages to WordPress feature?

Realistically, you’ll be able to instantly Import & Publish multiple web pages from leading ranking websites (based on keywords). Not forgetting, that Pagination Support is also yet another available feature. Namely, all these features make the selling process of your products so easy and quick. As well as for you to drive auctionable traffic to your website.

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That said, by making your selling process easy and quick, you also get a huge customer base. This will add revenue to your business. This will also help you sell your products effectively and efficiently. Forthwith, you’ll also be able to Auto Import & Post Content from any Website to WordPress. Fetch web content from any section/page of the website.

And then, publish it on your WordPress site with this WP Automatic Plugin the way you want. But, that’s not all! Bearing in mind, that there are even other more unlimited unique features to what you’ll get from this eStore toolkit…

Consider these other notable features:
  • Simplified and automated listings: With this plugin, you will get solutions in a single click to automatically update your product list on your WordPress website from Walmart. You can set your own rules, product pricing, product details, and description for the product listings of your WordPress website.
  • Centralized management for orders: With WP Automatic Plugin, you will get the list of order placements, cancellations, different order updates, etc for your online store. 
  • Product upload based on the profile: This plugin lets you upload products that are based on a specific attribute or category or tag. This helps the buyers or the customers to easily search for the product they are looking for and easily navigate through them. This also increases your customer visits to your site and thus increases product visibility.
  • Management of the feed for the store: With this easy-to-use plugin, you can easily manage the feed of your store. Whether you want to review the status of the products that are being uploaded or whether there is any update for any new product. You can also re-upload any product that has not been uploaded or whether there was any issue with any product etc.  You can also check whether any uploaded product or item has any errors or not.
  • Data synchronized regularly: With this plugin, you can check whether your data is synchronized regularly or not. You can keep track of the prices of the products whether it is decreased or increased in the original source. You can also track Walmart’s stock and check the products and the inventories.

For your information, unlike other similar toolkits, you’ll also get Lifetime Fastest, Safe & Free Updates. Keep in mind, that the WP Automatic Plugin has also a very Powerful License API so to say — that allows you to update directly from your WordPress dashboard. Thus, this makes it the best toolkit for your eCommerce store website to import and post products directly.

The main Benefits of Using Walmart for WordPress:

  • You can automatically insert ads between your product posts. And you will get the benefit to add 2 ad slots.
  • You will get the option to post products that are based on your requirement.
  • And then, you can get your specified products based on the author, category, or keywords.
  • After you have selected the specific products, you can then auto-post them on your WordPress website.
  • With this plugin, you can also create hyperlinks automatically with WP tags.
  • You can also automatically set your preferred keywords as your WP tags.
  • These keywords are then automatically hyperlinked later if it is required.
  • The hyperlinks of the products are linked with their affiliate links or their specific links.
  • You can also post your products in a pre-built or in-built format.
  • Also, you can customize your post format as per your business needs.
  • You can also customize your post format in a way that looks clean and attractive.
  • Overall, this will help the customers to search for their products easily and get what they want.

In addition to the above, you can also set a featured image automatically using the WordPress automatic plugin. The featured image is automatically set in your WordPress Website along with its description. The first image of the product in Walmart by default is set as the featured image of the product.

How To Post Walmart Products Automatically To Your WordPress Website

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing you need to keep updating your products frequently, and the services you offer. You must update yourself about the visitor’s analytics. This will help you to learn more about your visitors and what your visitors are searching for. Know about what products you are selling and keep focused on your product niche.

Now with the help of WP Automatic, you can automatically import products from Walmart into your WordPress WooCommerce site. So, how will you get Walmart affiliate publisher ID? Well, in order to import items from Walmart directly to your WordPress website, you will need an API key and a publisher ID. This will help you to make a commission on the auto-pilot mode.

Follow the simple steps to set Walmart affiliate publisher ID:

  • First, you need to apply for affiliates for Walmart. For that, you need to go to the Walmart website and sign in.
  • Once your application has been approved, you may log in to your affiliate dashboard.
  • And now, inside your affiliate dashboard, you can easily select your name from the upper left corner.
  • After that, you need to copy the numeric value.
  • Once you paste the numeric value in the plugin settings, it becomes your Walmart Publisher ID.

What’s more, this WordPress Automatic Plugin does not only post, but you can translate your content from any language to any language. More so, before posting through Google Translate, Microsoft Translate, Yandex, and DeepL. Moreover, you can even make your duplicate content into a unique one through an integrated content spinner.

The Simple steps to import your products from Walmart to your website:

  1. First, open WP Automatic and download WordPress Automatic plugin. Then install the plugin.
  2. Then open the option for “New Campaign”
  3. After that provide the title of the “New Campaign”
  4. Then chose the campaign type as “Walmart”
  5. After you have chosen the campaign type, then you can select the different options as per your business needs.
  6. You can adjust the campaign settings as per your requirement.
  7. Set your preferred keyword as well as a price range for your products.
  8. And then set the preferred product image as a WooCommerce gallery to get product images from the Walmart site directly.
  9. You can even provide a customized layout for the products or services you are selling.
  10. Likewise, you can even use support tags if you want to change the template of the post.
  11. There are also various other options that this plugin provides.
  12. You can also check the options if you want to change anything in your campaign.
  13. In the “documentation” section, you can check the options in-depth.
  14. Then scroll up and publish the campaign you have created.
  15. Last but not least, you can also schedule the campaign as per your choice.

Then, thereafter, once you complete the above simple steps, you can now go ahead and select the settings option — select Walmart settings options to be precise. And then, provide the Walmart API Key and select the “save changes” button. 

Summary Notes:

You now have an idea why WP Automatic Plugin is the #1 tool to consider using in order to get and post Walmart Products on your eCommerce store website. What we love most about the WP Automatic Plugin is its 24*7 Live Chat Technical Support which offers an exclusive advantage over all other similar toolkits. Have any questions? Well, it’s quite simple…

All you’ll need to do is get in touch with the support team for free — suffice it to say, at any time either through a live chat or even an email. And then again, their Premium Pricing is also quite pocket friendly. Particularly, for all those content webmasters such as ourselves — coupled with all those who would want to enjoy the full unlimited benefits of this toolkit.

On that note, they’ve got a 15-day Money-Back Refund Policy that safeguards all their premium members. Perse, it means that if you’re not satisfied with the WP Automatic plugin, you’re always guaranteed to get 100% of your initial investment money-back. Be that as it may, if you’ll need more support, you can always Contact Us and let us know how we can help you.

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