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The Best WordPress Business Website Theme For New Webmasters

WordPress is the basis of an overwhelming number of websites. In fact the content management system is so popular that it powers over 40% of all websites. This ranges in size from blogs for personal use to large corporate sites. If you’re considering the WordPress option, whether using a standard installation or a managed WordPress webhosting, you must take into consideration two aspects: the appearance of the website and its capabilities. In the end, who does not want a stylish and easy-to-use online presence? You also want an online presence that is in line with the latest web standards that are optimized to optimize for optimization. You can accomplish your goals using the appropriate Best business WordPress theme.

What Is A WordPress Business Website Theme?

A WordPress Business Website Theme is collection of files that provide an graphic user interface (GUI) for WordPress-powered websites. The GUI does not alter the core software, which means you can switch themes in a relatively easy manner when you need to give your website an overhaul in appearance or to add new features. offers a wide selection of themes that are free. They were tested for quality.

It’s true, freethemes. WordPress themes are available for free and premium options with each having its own pros and pros and. The free WordPress themes are in fact free However, they are typically bundled with paid links, very limited support for customers (or none even! ).

Premium WordPress themes On the other hand will require a payment However, you’ll generally receive the option of a free installation, solid support from the customer, and regular security updates. Also, you should anticipate updates to keep your theme up-to-date with the most recent changes of the WordPress software (which occurs frequently). The cost is one-time of about $40 for a premium professional, single-use theme. If you purchase an extended license that allows you or a customer the option of a theme you are able to sell to other people for more than $1000. If you’re seriously considering creating your own WordPress-powered site A premium theme is a vital element to the entire process. To find a high-quality WordPress theme, browse an online retailer. The details will be discussed in a minute.

The Body of a Good WordPress Theme:

A great WordPress theme must include a number of crucial elements: A responsive design that is mobile and cross-browser friendly, a theme that is compliant with SEO standards, search engines optimization (SEO) standards and a firm with a solid support for updates and technical issues.

A WordPress theme that has a responsive design can eliminate the requirement to have a mobile-friendly version of your website, since it adapts its design to adapt to screens of various dimensions. Make sure you are looking at the description of a theme’s features to determine if it features an adaptive design. In addition it is important that the WordPress theme must meet the basic SEO requirements.

Be sure that the theme you’re considering buying is compatible with all major web browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. You can test the compatibility of a theme’s browser by opening its demo within your browser. Every WordPress theme vendor worth its worth will allow you to test before buying.

The purchase you are considering should include technical support from either the store or the developers of the theme in order to seek assistance if there be any difficulties. Don’t underestimate the importance of having someone guide your through the troubleshooting steps. It is extremely helpful.

Where to Look for WordPress Themes?

Before purchasing the WordPress theme, you should first select one that meets your requirements. A lot of the marketplaces we recommend have dozens and many themes, however it’s not necessary to go through the whole collection. It is important to choose the WordPress theme with an excellent ratings from users, a huge amount of positive reviews as well as significant sales to ensure you can get a clear perspective. Look for themes that have at least a 4.5 or better review rating with at least three thousand sales. This is your money and you shouldn’t accept anything less than the top!

Fortunately, a lot of our top theme stores allow you to apply filters in order to perform an easy search to satisfy the requirements. There are many themes that are designed to meet both business and personal needs which fall into this category as well as a surprising amount of deeply cut themes that are specifically targeted at a specific niche. For instance, WordPress themes that are created specifically for online stores include shopping carts that can be used online.

However, without further ado here is a list of five WordPress theme marketplaces worth a visit along with the most popular themes.


ThemeForest is a reputable theme marketplace with thousands of themes to explore. The extensive search and categories make the search for your perfect theme easy task, but we’ve picked four themes to help you narrow your search. They’re all in line with the above criteria they’re highly rated and responsive, SEO-friendly, and have been bought many times.

BeThemenand Enfold ($59 each) These are great for business and design-oriented users as well as designers. BeTheme particularly comes with the top selling WordPress plug-ins on The ThemeForest marketplace. Kalium Redwood and Kalium Redwood ($59 each, and $39 respectively) are well-known non-business themes that work well for typography, photography blogging, personal advertising.


StudioPress provides a wide range of WordPress themes along with the well-known Genesis Framework, an advanced framework and theme-building tool. Genesis offers a powerful collection of tools to create the WordPress website of your dreams however, if you’re not a creative person You can also purchase themes from the first as well as third-party creators.

You can buy themes on their own for example, like the food-focused Foodie Pro ($75), or sign up for Genesis Pro ($360 per year). An Genesis Pro subscription lets you access all StudioPress-designed themes, and also look into Genesis Framework. Genesis Framework.

Elegant Themes:

Elegant Themes has many quality themes which include The Divi builder. The popular framework/theme gives you the tools needed to design stunning websites without the need to play with code or set up plug-ins.

Elegant has two basic payment options for themes. A subscription is $89 for a year and grants you access to the entire themes library. It is also possible to purchase a lifetime subscription at an all-in-one, $249 cost. Themes are not available for purchase individually but instead, you get access to the entire Elegant themes.


Themeisle offers a range of WordPress themes that can meet your needs, from the sleek Neve to the more business-focused Hestia. ProNeve is perfect for companies as well as developers, designers photographers, developers, and designers. Hestia is the more flexible theme, providing you with additional tools to make pages more customizable according to your preferences. Themeisle offers a variety of price levels to each of the themes. For instance the Neve Personal plan, Business plan and Agency plan are priced at $69 for the year, $149 annually and $259 per year each. Hestia Pro also features three annual subscription tiers including the $69 Personal Business plan, $99 Business plan, as well as the $299 agency. There is no way to purchase individual themes.

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