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Why Have Your Roof Cleaned Regularly | Top 5 Basic Reasons

Your roof makes your home more energy efficient, protects your home from water damage, and keeps pests away. To keep it in good repair, it needs to be cleaned about once a year. To prevent damage from pressure washers and protect your roof’s warranty, it’s important to hire a professional roof cleaning service.

5 Reasons To Regularly Hire an Expert for Professional Roof Cleaning

1. Prevent Expensive Damage

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When roofs aren’t regularly cleaned, algae, mildew, and mold grow on them and debris slowly collects. Over time, this damages the roof’s surface and leads to leaks. This is why the roof needs regular cleaning, about once a year, preferably by a professional who will treat it gently. Homeowners who clean the surface themselves with a pressure washer have found that this causes expensive damage to the material.

The truth is that roof repairs or replacements are expensive. If it gets bad enough, it can cause leaks that become even more costly when they create water damage in the house.

2. Keep Pests Away

Unfortunately, roofs that aren’t regularly cleaned attract pests like insects, wasps, bees, and even rodents. These pests love to make their homes in debris collected on the roof. If there is damage that lets them under the material, they have found a new place to make their home.

3. Protect Your Roof’s Warranty

It’s great news if your roof has a warranty. However, you need to read that warranty carefully. Many warranties mention that if the roof isn’t properly cared for, then the warranty becomes invalid. Because power washing it yourself can cause damage, the warranty may become invalid if they discover it was power washed.

One of the best ways to protect the validity of your roof’s warranty is to hire professional roof cleaning. The experts will know the techniques to get the job done well and within the warranty’s guidelines.

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4. Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

When your roof is first installed, it does a great job at keeping the cool out and the heat in. As age and damage happen, it doesn’t do as well. A regularly cleaned roof stays in better shape for longer, which means it does a better job of lowering your utility bills.

On top of this, the algae and mold that grow on a roof also absorb more heat. This can mean the heat gets absorbed into the home, making it harder to stay cool in the summer.

5. Curb Appeal

No one wants to look up at the home they’re proud of and see long black streaks across the roof. This happens when the roof isn’t cleaned, or when it is cleaned but improperly done. Those streaks are debris, dirt, mildew, mold, and algae spread across the surface. Even when people are unsure what it is, it definitely ruins the home’s curb appeal.

A regularly cleaned roof is something that looks great and makes homeowners proud. It also helps if you’re planning on selling your home.

There are plenty of improvement projects that homeowners can do on their own. Roof cleaning is one that’s easiest to hand off to a professional. Find a company with a strong reputation, so you can turn to them for quality work year after year.

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