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Who is Zari Hassan? Everything about the bosslady lifestyle

Probably, you may have been wondering who is this Zari Hassan that keeps popping in blogs, gossip sources, and news outlets. Now you can learn everything you need to know about her here.

Zari Hassan popularly known as, Zari the Bosslady is a Ugandan socialite, Entrepreneur, philanthropist, the flashy, and wealthy mother of five. She comes from an intricate heritage with her maternal grandfather being an Indian descent and Her grandmother a Ugandan.

Who is Zari Hassan?

In addition, she also has ties from Burundi from her paternal grandmother. Before she became this huge businesswoman and reality star. Currently, she resides in South Africa where she runs a chain of businesses one of them being Brooklyn City College.

She is a go-getter who knows her worth and is not afraid to reach her potential. As you may have heard her from different media sources. Not forgetting, she has since broken up with her former boyfriend Diamond Platnumz, a renowned Tanzania singer.

Where was Zari Hassan born?

Zari comes from an intricate heritage with her maternal grandfather being an Indian descent and Her grandmother a Ugandan. She also has ties from Burundi from her paternal grandmother. Before she became this huge businesswoman and reality star.

She was married to Ivan Ssemwanga, a very wealthy man whose life was splashing money and living a high life. Unfortunately, the man died on 25th May 2017 due to a clot in his brain at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa. Hence, this was a difficult time for Zari but this did not stop from becoming the woman she is today.

How she began her music career

Everyone has to start from somewhere so as to achieve a target goal. Hence, Zari is no different from the rest of us. She began singing while she was young and performing at school events. Then, continued to pursue music even in High school by joining music and drama clubs.

Zari won a couple of awards which motivated her to pursue music after completing Jinja Girls High School, Uganda. Thereafter, took a break from music and left for London in the United Kingdom. To study beauty, graduating with a Diploma in Cosmetology.

Jukila ft vampos

She came back to Uganda to pursue music as a career. It was then she recorded her first album with songs such as Nkaaba, Toloba, Jukila, and “Oliwange which means ‘you are mine’.

The song was commercially successful earning her a couple of awards and nominations. For instance, The Diva awards award of the year in the “Diaspora” category. And “Africa Channel O Awards” in the category of “Best East African Video of the Year”.

Her Rise to Stardom

As her music was peaking, She moved to South Africa where she met and fell in love with her ex-husband Evan Ssemwanga. Together had with three boys Pinto, Quincy, and Didy. However, they divorced after 12 years of marriage with claims that he was physically abusing her.

It was then that she met her recent ex-boyfriend Diamond Platnumz, an East African renowned multi-platinum-selling artist. Thou she was already successful on her own but her boundaries began broadening in Africa as Diamond’s music was being internationally recognized.

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Thou, they are currently not together due to cheating scandals. But, one thing is for sure is that the relationship was the key to her now a success and social influence. Also having a blessing of two beautiful kids princess Latifah and Prince Nillan.

Zari Hassan Achievements

Zari has since been accomplishing so many goals on her own. Having multiple businesses to run left behind by her late ex-husbands such as learning a college and real estate. She owns a cosmetics store and hosts both corporate and best popular nightclubs. 😊❤❤

Zari Hassan - the Bosslady

Currently, she is the ambassador software baby diapers, a very successful brand in East Africa. Also, she represents Uganda as an ambassador of tourism. Even as her achievements increase she gives back to the community.

She launched a Zari Foundation as a federation of NGOs to develop schools, hospitals, and orphanests. As a result to offer assistance to women and children in each country of Africa. For more information follow Zari the Bosslady on Facebook, Instagram.

Zari Hassan Bigwig Relationship with Diamond

In the first place, Zari Hassan was formerly the girlfriend of Tanzanian musician Diamond Platinumz and the two have two kids together. The singer sired a child with Hamisa Mobeto while still in a relationship with Ms. Hassan leading to the messy breakup that shook the interwebs on the 14th of February 2018.

As a matter of fact, the socialite Zari Hassan says her relationship with bongo star Diamond Platnumz was based on cheating and no respect. “Men cheat all the time but for Naseed (Diamond), he did it with a lot of contempt,” she said.

“He had to bring in women from the streets into my house and my bed that I share with his kids, and he didn’t use protection. The respect was not there.”

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She said Diamond has not spoken to their kids for a long time. “I have not spoken to Naseed for nine months and in those months, he has not seen his kids.

When I split up with him, I only left him but didn’t ask him to leave his kids.” She said her new husband has connected well with her five children.

Her New Boyfriend Engagement Updates

Zari had said in an interview with Tanzania’s Millard Ayo that the two would get married at the home affairs office in South Africa. Equally, she had indicated that the two would eventually go to Uganda after the nuptials so that King bae could meet her father and family.

Zari who was previously married to the late Ivan Ssemwanga with whom she had three boys has posted a couple of videos wearing the huge wedding ring on Instagram. In the interview, Zari described the feeling of tying the knot as scary but beautiful.

Eventually, she went on to praise the man only known as King Bae for being a caring, loving partner who has accepted her five children as his and that he is close with her boys.

According to the interview, the mysterious husband has bought the mother of five a house in Pretoria which they will move to in September after the transfer of documentation is concluded.

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