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Who is Nandy? The African Princess Family, Music & More!

Of course, Nandy is gifted with many talents. And eventually, the fact that she has collaborated with some of East Africa’s top artists tells it all. Including Chege on “Kelele za Chura” and Ice Boy on “Binadamu”.

Away from music, Nandy is also a fashionista and has an African attire store known as Nandi African Prints. Her career in music kicked off when a common friend introduced her to Ruge Mutahaba, CEO of Tanzania House of Talent (THT).

Who is Nandy?

This is where she met Ema the Boy, who produced her first mainstream single, Nagusagusa. The song became a huge hit within a week of its release.

In 2017 she released her hit single One Day which spearheaded her career and gave her a couple of opportunities. After all, she was one of the few artists who participated in Coke Studio Africa in 2017. And later on, the same year she was nominated in the All Africa Music Awards as best female eastern Africa and won.

Who is Nandy?

Notably, the African Princess, also known as Nandy, is one of the most vibrant and gifted musicians from Tanzania. The name Nandy is shortened from her real name Nandera. But, how did Nandy became a musical sensation?

Well, join Our Team as we try hard enough to bring you a preview of reality. Especially now that her two popular collabos with Kenyan Gospel-turned-Secular Musician (Willy Paul Msafi) is the talk of the town.

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In the first place, Nandy was born Faustina Charles Mfinanga on November 9, 1992. To Maria and Charles Mfinanga in Moshi, the Northern part of Tanzania. Not to mention, she attended Julius Kambarage Nyerere Primary School and later joined Lomwe High School.

Secondly, she studied at the College of Business Education (CBE) in Dar es Salaam. Not to mention, at the age of six, Nandy was already singing in church. Additionally, she joined the school choir at 15 years of age, where she started to nurture her music.

Why is Nandy so famous?

If you have not watched the two collabos by Nandy and Willy Poze yet, then you’re missing out quite a lot. Above all, the two featured collabos includes, Njiwa and Hallelujah. Below is the Hallelujah song that has been well received by the Netizens.

As a matter of fact, the 25-year-old Nandy is one of the fastest rising female artists from Tanzania. Known for her hit songs “One Day” and “Nagusagusa”, Nandy is a talented vocalist. Especially, those who earned a second-place spot at the Tecno Own the Stage. Back in 2015 and 2016 music contest held in Nigeria.

In addition, she makes her debut on Coke Studio Africa 2017 paired with Betty G from Ethiopia. Nandy started her music career in 2010 when she got to record her first three singles. She later joined one of Tanzania’s leading bands, B Band, performing alongside Banana Zorro for a couple of years.

She is also a Goodwill Ambassador

Not forgetting, her major break into the limelight came after the Tecno competition, a show that earned her crucial recognition beyond Tanzania.

Later on, the songstress then joined Tanzanian record label THT MEDIA and released her hit single “Bye” (My Ex). Popularly known as the African Princess, is currently Tanzania’s Goodwill ambassador for UNICEF water, sanitation, and hygiene program (WASH).

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The UNICEF Wash Program works in over 100 countries worldwide to improve water and sanitation services, as well as basic hygiene practices. The program focuses on providing people with clean water and basic toilets.

In April 2018, Nandy and Diamond Platnumz were arrested by the Tanzanian government for sharing ratchet content online which breaches the law and culture of Tanzania. The case would later be dropped.

Some of her music Singles includes;
  • I’m Confident (2013)
  • Nagusagusa (2017)
  • One Day (2017)
  • Wasikudanye (2017)
  • Kivuruge (2017)
  • Ninogeshe (2018)
  • Aibu (2018)
  • Hazipo (2019)
How do you connect with Nandy?

Finally, I hope you loved reading, learning, and understanding more facts about the topmost Tanzania-based Songstress Nandy.

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