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Who is Mimi Mars? Exclusive details about the Mdees!

Sometime back in 2019, the Tanzanian singer Mimi Mars was in Kenya to promote her latest EP album titled; ‘The Road.’ Released in late 2018, the debut EP album which has 6 track received critical acclaim in East Africa.

It boasts of hit songs such as ‘Niguse’, ‘One Night’ featuring Kenyan singer Kagwe Mungai, ‘Ringtone’, ‘Mua’, ‘Niache’, and ‘Mdogo Mdogo’ ft Nikki wa Pili. Starting off as a TV host in Tanzania, Mimi Mars hosted the popular Weekend Gossip show on TV1.

Who is Mimi Mars?

Generally speaking, her break into the music scene came in 2017 when she released her debut single “Shuga.”

Her sultry tone coupled with amazing vocals made the song such a hit across East Africa – earning her well-earned recognition. She has gone on to release more hits among them “Sitamani” and “Dedee”, and collaborated with Quick Rocka on the track “Down.”

Mimi is signed on to Tanzanian label Mdee Music – run by East Africa’s first lady of pop Vanessa Mdee, who also happens to be her sister. Getting onto the music scene as part of a musical family has solidified Mimi’s brand. Another one of her sisters, Nancy Hebron, is a gospel singer. So, who really is Mimi Mars?

Who is Mimi Mars?

Marianne Mdee better known as Mimi Mars was born in Paris, France on 21 June 1992. She grew up in Arusha, Tanzania, and attended Arusha Modern School and St. Catherine’s Mountain View in Nairobi.

Born to a musical family, Mimi has followed closely in the footsteps of her sisters Vanessa Mdee and Nancy Hebron in the media and music scene. And in 2018, the three collaborated for the first time on the song “Beautiful Jesus.”

She is definitely a star to watch out for in East Africa in 2019. Now that she is a shining musician, actress, performer, and songstress star artist from Tanzania.

Then again, she has been soaring in her music career each day particularly after she made her debut on Coke Studio Africa 2019 – in the Big Break segment. Many called her a triple threat.

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Mimi, who started out as a YouTube personality has over the years worked to establish herself as a TV host, Mcee, and singer. Furthermore, her music has been smashing the charts in East Africa.

With tracks like “Kodoo”, “Shuga” and “Papara” slowly becoming singalongs for lovers of Bongo Flava. Not forgetting, on Coke Studio Africa, Mimi performed alongside King Saha (Uganda) and Yared Negu (Ethiopia).

Who is Vanessa Mdee?

Vanessa Hau Mdee (born 7 June 1988 in Arusha, Tanzania), is a Tanzanian singer, songwriter, rapper, youth activist, television personality, and radio host.

Mdee is popularly known for being the first-ever Tanzanian MTV VJ.  She later rose to prominence as a radio and TV host, hosting Epic Bongo Star Search and Dume CHallenge for ITV Tanzania.

Who is Vanessa Mdee?

Before signing to B’Hits Music Group in late 2012. Unfortunately, she shocked many with her big announcement of quitting the music industry. The cash madam hitmaker made this announcement on her podcast ‘Deep Dive’.

She said she was living in the industry as it is demonic. A world-traveling pop sensation, an activist for the African Women’s Movements, and an international tv star is only part of the picture.

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Vanessa Mdee has presented the world with ample proof that she is a powerful woman. You don’t have to be an expert to recognize the polished artistry in these brief clips, songs, and speeches.

In her own personal podcast, Vanessa brings more of her depth out to the world; through poems, personal stories, and inspirational guests. Look into her soul and her story in Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee. Visit her podcast here.

With that in mind, you can read and learn more about Vanessa Mdee here.

Who is Tero Mdee?

Tero Mdee is the former KTN Straight Up TV host who has been on a musical hiatus. Whereby, she made a comeback again with her official names Nancy Hebron.

She is one of the sisters to Mimi and is married to the prophet Hebron from Tanzania. Whereby, the two have been carrying out evangelical work under their ministry. And well, a few years ago the gospel reformed singer wedded, though her family was not so happy.

Who is Tero Mdee?

But, she went ahead and denounced her family names and called herself Nancy Hebron. Exclusively, through jmexclusives, Tero talked about how she met her husband and later became a couple.

“My husband was my brother’s friend, he is one of the people you confide to, talk to but you have never seen him but you end up meeting and even dating. My family was so upset about my relationship with Hebron.

Simply, because I did not tell them on time, but later I spoke to them and I told them. They had to understand that any relationship is built between two people. And, there is no way one can decide for me who I should marry.” – Stated Tero.

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That said, she released a gospel song collabo with her two sisters, that was well received. And from the look of things, the Gospel singer is now ready to open up about her mysterious disappearance.

Particularly, from the entertainment industry in Kenya just when she was at her peak. And at her prime as a television host, Tero, who is Vanessa Mdee’s older sister, was widely recognized as one of the most fashionable celebs in the country.


Notably, according to Ghafla, the Tanzanian songstress Marianne Mdee, aka Mimi Mars, released a new track recently and it’s getting a lot of love from her fans.

The jam titled ‘Haina Maana,’ which loosely translates to ‘it does not have any meaning’ has been ruling the airwaves since it was released in March 2020. And to be honest, I am also feeling it. Basically, this track is about a lady who is in love with a certain guy – watch the full video.

But, it’s like her partner does not really appreciate her. And as such, she decides to throw in the towel because she does not see the point in them being together. Haina Maana is really infectious.

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I’ve listened to it a couple of times since it came out and every time I play it, it’s like I’m hearing if for the very first time. Yup, it’s that good ladies and gentlemen.

Mimi, who is Vanessa’s younger sister, has amazing vocals and I believe it is something that runs in their family since their other sister – Nancy Hebron – also has a lovely voice.

Finally, you can read and learn more about the story of The Mdee Fate: The stories behind Namtero’s and Vanessa’s exit. Or even feel free to donate and support our research work.

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