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Who is Didier Madzayo? Brand Influencer – Versatile Artist

Didier Stanley Saburi Madzayo aka Didier Madzayo is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, model, professional lawyer, and actor. He is a Kenyan upcoming versatile musician with an urban touch from the coastal region. His artistic journey is admirable and commendable.

Didier has done so with the opportunities that he has had a chance to experience. Also, he has been a top model at Eloquent models a modeling agency from the neighboring country Uganda.

Who is Didier Madzayo?

Although, Didier is a lawyer his music career is still a part of his life.

Remember Tucker project fame the music show with the most critical music judges in East Africa. Didier was able to make it through the auditions into the academy where sang live alongside various talented artists one of them being songstress Ruth Matete.

Where was Didier Madzayo born?

Didier Madzayo was born on 14/August/1990. and raised in Kenya and have an excellent knowledge of the area as well as its cities.

In fact, Didier started singing at a very tender of four alongside his church choir where he was able to make his first solo performance at the age of seven.

Not forgetting, he is also a Versatile Artist and has done several songs including Covers songs to the some below.

He worked with established artists and also managed to come second place in the Bidii Music talent search. In the search, he performed “my trust in you” featuring the award-winning gospel star Tony Maluda.

Equally important, Didier was also a praise and worship while at the University. And has since continued in the same path as he does background vocals at the House of Grace Church in Nairobi West.

Although, later had to make an exit in TPF six to proceed with his school where he was able to attain a degree in Law.

What inspires his Music Career?

Every musician has a famous quote they live by or look up too at as a source of inspiration.

Therefore, Didier’s is “see I was on the verge of breaking down Sometimes silence can seem so loud. There are Miracles in life I must achieve but first, it starts inside of me.

And now I know my true friends… Not the ones who were there when it’s time for fun. Rather, the ones who were there when it’s time to talk business. not the ones who I always enjoyed their jokes but the ones who said let’s put Jesus first.

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Also, my very true friend drove me home after my surgery and prayed over the phone with me. When I just could pray for myself. Well, I know my true friends are less than 3 and they are out there.

For my true friends are concerned they observe me but never judge me. They reach out and do not condemn me. “My friend” were you really a true friend? never mind… I was just asking for a friend.”

Didier Madzayo Career Achievements

During the last 6 years with The Kampala International University. He managed to finally gather knowledge and graduate in Nov 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Law. By the same token, Didier proceeded to do an internship at Madzayo Mrima and co. Advocates.

And now has substantial knowledge as a paralegal and his main work was to draft legal agreements, expedite files and do extensive research. You can continue reading!

Although, he is a lawyer his music career is still a part of his life. Hence, currently in the studio recording and writing new music. Not to mention, he has so far released two songs. One of them being ‘Fatuma.’

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Fatuma has been received warmly in the coastal region he has also sung a version of ‘you-made-a-way’ a hit song by Travis Greene. And on the other hand, Didier is a blogger and shared this article with us.

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