Which Plugins Should Every Author Have? A Beginners Guide

For an author or a content creator, being present online has been shown to be of crucial importance. Today, it is mandatory for every serious content creator to have his/her own website as an effective way to stay active and visible online.

Regardless of the time of day, having your own website will provide constant 24/7 access to you and your content for visitors, other authors, and business clients.

The market for content creators has become a very difficult place to succeed in, thus sticking only to offline service without building your brand and exposing your work to other people through a website will significantly decrease the chances of finding clients.

On top of that, owning a website not only helps you with an online presence but also adds credibility to your services. Potential clients and other content creators surely feel more comfortable and secure if they find your website easy to use, with all the information they need in one place.

Also, it is important to mention that even a geographical barrier is removed with a website because, at any time of the day, anybody from any country can visit your website, which you can use to turn them into potential customers/partners.

For every author or content creator, making content can always be simplified and improved by using special tools or plugins. In this article, I will tackle three useful WordPress plugins that every content creator should have.

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is a WordPress plugin that adds a box to the end of every post informing the readers who the author is, including his/her background, contact links, picture or avatar, etc. The idea of placing a box there was not only for some aesthetic purposes but to make a strong and trustworthy connection between the author and the readers.

Just by clicking on the author box, readers can easily find not only the information about the author but also all the posts that particular author has published, which besides making the user experience better, also improves SEO and content organization. Contacting the writer of the article was never easier because visitors are provided with a full list of all social media links of the author.


UnderConstructionPage and Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

These two plugins are doing somewhat the same job, and that is hiding the live version of your website in situations when you are making some modifications/updates, or your website is not yet officially released and available to the public. With them, you can easily build under-construction/coming soon pages through an interactive drag & drop system.

On the page, you can include an email list subscription form. In order to stay in touch with your visitors and send them some promotional links occasionally, you need their email addresses. Well, you can easily collect them using a form that is appealing to the visitor’s eyes.


This article showed only three plugins that every author should have as their asset, but there are plenty more useful tools out there, which are recommended to be used when creating and publishing content.

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