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Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, author, and activist on a mission to raise human consciousness. Not to mention, he founded Mindvalley Masterclass in 2003 launching a variety of learning tools and platforms. Especially, which has helped millions around the world to experience a notable and personal transformation.

Vishen Lakhiani’s exploration of peak human potential began in 2001 when he took meditation classes to remedy his crushing work stress in a New York technology company. This soon inspired him to launch Mindvalley (a publisher and marketer of online self-help programs).

Mindvalley Masterclass - Vishen Lakhiani
Evolve Your Consciousness, Elevate Your Life, Become Limitless. – Vishen Lakhiani

From their award-winning Quests to our engaging masterclasses, there is something for everyone at Mindvalley. You can hear some of his most recent and favorite interviews on his Mindvalley podcast.

Today, the iBuy Group has a market capitalization of over US$120 million. Vishen is also an active philanthropist via the Mindvalley Foundation and sits on the Innovation Board of the X Prize Foundation.

What is Vishen Lakhiani famous for?

Not forgetting, Vishen started Mindvalley with $700 and a beat-up Toshiba laptop in a Starbucks. In 10 years, with zero VC money, loans or government grants, he’s built a company worth over $100M USD that employees 200 people in 4 countries.

Secondly, having founded Mindvalley in 2003, his goal was to bring the world’s top educators together and also, under one platform. After all, something he has successfully achieved. Especially, ushering in a new era for humanity that is more empowered, connected, and collaborative than the status quo.

From their award-winning Quests to their engaging masterclasses, Vishen Lakhiani if famous for making sure there is something for everyone at the Mindvalley Masterclass Academy. Then again, he has helped transform Mindvalley University to be education, evolved; (an un-university university with online and live curricula).

After 15 years, 3 million students, and numerous accolades from the likes of Huffington Post, BBC, Inc. Magazine, and WorldBlu, Mindvalley became recognized as one of the world’s top workplaces, and a leading publisher in the personal growth industry. But, Vishen’s vision extended further…

What does Mindvalley Masterclass Academy offer?

The way we approach learning today is deeply flawed. And that’s why Mindvalley Masterclass Academy welcomes you to Join over 10 million people worldwide doing it differently. However, their education system doesn’t prepare us for the world today. For one thing, we all fill the gap with a platform that does.

Consciousness Engineering - Mindvalley Academy
Discover What You Should Have Learned In School But Were Never Taught – Mindvalley Masterclass

On one hand, Mindvalley is the largest online personal growth platform in the world. Enabling you to choose from hundreds of personal growth programs and transformative content taught by brilliant minds, with results that stick.

The ultimate goal is not a degree or even a goal. It’s a better you. Why? We’re creating a more conscious and connected world by teaching people how to become the greatest version of themselves while doing good for the planet and the human race. – Mindvalley Team. 

On the other hand, Mindvalley Masterclass Academy works with the world’s most legendary teachers. Especially on programs and experiences that ignite massive change in their students.

About Vishen Lakhiani Support Team & Projects

Whether you’re 9 or 90 or thinking of supplementing your university degree or replacing it altogether, the Mindvalley Academy Masterclass is there for you.

In general, elevate yourself with some of the most transformational wisdom and ideas on the planet. Not to mention, presented through game-changing design, tech, and community models.

Of course, with the full support of a global tribe. And that which in reality, uplifts you and makes learning more easy and fun at the same time.

Here: See How Mindvalley Provides The Education That Regular Schools Forgot

As a matter of fact, Vishen works with a team of 300+ dedicated men and women from 54 countries. In that case, obsessed with building new solutions for human consciousness. In addition, they operate as one tight unit with a big mission. And also, not forgetting, they’re always hiring.

According to Mindvalley, being human is more than just what our broken education system makes it out to be. And that’s why they teach the world the art of truly living extraordinary, fulfilling, happy lives.

His Past, Current & Futuristic Projects

As an example, Nelson Mandela said that if you want to change the world, change education. Most of the Vishen efforts are focused on creating new education models for mankind and introducing these to consumers, schools, and businesses.

Above all, they have millions of students who are experiencing personal transformation and raising their human consciousness, after engrossing in the Mindvalley vast education library.

Be that as it may, they all know that one day this number will exceed 1 billion. And are aiming for 1 billion! Below are a few of his projects:

2. The Quest Learning Platform

The completion rate for an average online course is below 10%. Their solution to this problem is Mindvalley Quests.

Quests have radically transformed the traditional webinar, creating online courses that focus on community and micro-learning.

When you take a Mindvalley Quest, you begin on the same day as everyone else and you support each other as you make daily progress towards the finish line.

The result is their students are 800% more likely to complete their curriculums and experience transformational results, compared to normal online courses.

More about Mindvalley Quests

3. The 6 Phase Meditation

To enumerate, the 6 Phase Meditation is a technique I developed that merges eastern spiritual practices and modern science into a new, optimized type of meditation.

In fact, the 6 Phase is designed to enhance the normal human systems of compassion, happiness, peace, vision, and purpose.

For example, LA Weekly wrote about how rockstar Miguel meditates with the 6 Phase Mediation tricks before his concerts. And also, actor Gerard Butler has said “This meditation is so incredible.

If everybody did this our world would be a very different place. Our future would not seem so bleak.” You can get the training system for the 6 Phase for free from Mindvalley.

Learn more about the 6 Phase Meditation

Vishen Lakhiani Books Review

Important to realize, Vishen has authored and co-authored several top-selling books.

For instance, he has touched on a topic about the Code of the Extraordinary Mind challenges you to reject. As well as the inherited Bullshit Rules (Brules) that hold you back from;

  • succeeding,
  • earning,
  • loving,
  • healing, and even
  • growing to your fullest potential.
Vishen Lakhiani
What you need to know about Vishen Lakhiani Books – jmexclusives

In their place? A new model for living that empowers you to bend reality itself and create extraordinary outcomes in every area of life that matters to you.

In 2017, “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” became the #1 book globally on Amazon across ALL categories for 5 days and has now been translated into 25+ languages. Chiefly, his upcoming books include;

  1. “The Code of the Extraordinary Team” (Jan 2020),
  2. “Superhuman at Work” (2021), and
  3. “Unfuckwithable” (2022).

More facts you Should Know About Vishen Lakhiani 

Before I proceed, consider some of his personal motivational facts below. And generally speaking, connecting with people on stage is one of Vishen Lakhiani’s greatest gifts and passions.

Whereby, he believes a single impactful keynote has the power to ripple across mankind’s collective consciousness.

I view getting on stage the same way a pro athlete views his game. But, I don’t take this responsibility lightly and I prepare intensely. I see being asked to speak at your event as a profound honor and I do everything I can to deliver.

Also, I frequently arrive early and embed myself in disguise within the conference to understand attendee needs. And every talk is curated and customized to the audience I speak to. In short, I’m there to do my best to serve you.

Listing Down Crazy Moments By Vishen Lakhiani

Basically, Vishen speaks to elevate and unite humanity; with a focus on personal transformation and company culture. Audiences describe his talks as powerful, thought-provoking, and funny and theatrical (He’s a trained stage actor).

Vishen Lakhiani Bookings
Book Vishen Lakhiani on your next talk show. Get Started!

Below are some of his Crazy moments in Life.

2009 – Calgary Event

Vishen was given his first break as a speaker when he was put on stage at a major event in Calgary that featured the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, and other massive names.

Vishen tied as the audience vote for BEST SPEAKER. This launched his speaking career.

2010 – Underground Seminar

Speaking at the Underground Seminar in Washington DC, Vishen’s talk got a standing ovation. He asked the audience if they’d like to go deeper on his ideas.

Then and there, A-Fest was born. Today A-Fest, now 8 years old is one of the hottest events in the entire personal growth industry.

2014 – Speaker Magazine

Vishen was featured on the cover of SPEAKER MAGAZINE. He spoke at Wisdom 2.0 at Google HQ Dublin.

In the end, his talk became the most popular talk on their Youtube channel with 1.1 MILLION views and still counting.

2015 – Mindshare Summit

Speaking at JJ Virgin’s Mindshare Summit, his talk was so good, he was offered a book deal by an editor from Rodale Inc who happened to be in the audience.

It was one of the biggest book deals for a first-time author. That book – The Code of the Extraordinary Mind went on to become the #1 book globally on Amazon three years later.

At XPRIZE Visioneering, some 150 of the world’s smartest people came together to pitch new ideas to change the world. Vishen as a part of two different teams.

He was so persuasive his team’s won both the #1 and #2 spot out of approximately 100 ideas. His winning idea was the Human Dignity XPRIZE to support the world’s 70M displaced people.

2017 – Mindvalley Campus

In 2017, Vishen announced that he was going to create a new type of university. Mindvalley University City Campus was born.

Today thousands of people relocate to a new city for 1 month every year to attend hundreds of talks and events as part of this new vision for learning.


Most recently, Vishen Lakhiani penned the New York Times and Amazon bestseller “The Code for the Extraordinary Mind.” Eventually, which challenges you to reject the inherited Bullshit Rules (Brules) that hold you back from succeeding, earning, loving, healing, and growing to your fullest potential.

Currently, Vishen is constantly traveling around the world, meeting brilliant minds, speaking at conferences and corporations, and filming content you can find online. You can hear some of his most recent and some of the favorite interviews on the Mindvalley podcast.

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