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To be realistic, there aren’t any other (GOOD) solutions as Speechelo alternative apart from Vidnami that I can give a benefit of the doubt. Both of them are amazing software tools for creating voiceovers. Just like Speechelo, Vidnami has an auto voice feature as well.

What I can say is that it’s mainly a powerful voiceover video creator. Whereby, it allows you to create breathtaking videos extremely fast, without ANY EDITING experience needed! Just copy and paste a script, and it will make a video for you.

Personally, I think Vidnami and Speechelo make a great combination together. Obviously, because they’re very convenient software tools for all video creators and marketers. Even if you are just started as a beginner or you’re even a Pro, it’s good to give them a try.

What Is Vidnami?

Vidnami powerful text-to-speech software tool that provides you the fastest way to create branding voiceovers and marketing content videos. And just like Speechelo, it’s a modern interactive tool for making video content. And now, this is much easier than ever before. All you need is a script (text) for your video. This incredible tool will allow you to save time.

The Artificial Intelligence built into Vidnami will automatically split your video into appropriate scenes. It’s not everything! The program will also select thematically matched movie clips. You don’t have to worry about their quality – they come from the well-known Storyblocks website. Yes, this is not a mistake.

By accessing the Vidnami application, you will also get access to their huge database of Storyblocks. And as such, you will be able to use video clips, static images, and audio tracks there. You can adjust everything perfectly to your content – either with the help of AI or manually.

How Vidnami Works

Notably, you are able to record your own voice track or upload pre-recorded voice track to use with your scenes. Otherwise, you can also select an automated voice style that you’d like for your video. You can choose between several male or female voices, and choose their accent. In that case, you should definitely try them out because they are of really high quality.

There is no faster way to create video content! Just go ahead and Get Started right away. Consider a Free Trial and even Get a Discount for the paid. As I enumerated, just like Speechelo, Vidnami is a software tool that helps you to transform test content into audio. Basically, the program is a cloud-based text-to-speech tool that will help you to create voiceovers for your content.

From my testing and research in the industry, I believe that this is a special option. Simply, because it is the single software of its type that injects inflections to the voice being said out loud.  For many creators, the problem they have isn’t content, but the voiceover part. You will especially appreciate this if you have a video or podcast.

You can use Vidnami for creating:
  • promotional or sales videos
  • training videos or tutorials
  • testimonials or review videos
  • demo or informational videos

Of course, you could hire a voiceover artist from an online marketplace like Fiverr or some other freelance marketplace. But, these might come at an expensive price. Aside from the cost of hiring such people, it can also take some time for them to deliver the project.

In that case, this is where a web tool such as Speechelo or Vidnami comes to your rescue. So, how does Vidnami work? Well, it’s quite simple to use it. All you’ll need is to just follow a few simple steps:

Steps to follow are:
  • Paste your text/script into the software.
  • Choose your desired language.
  • Select from preconfigured male or female voice
  • You’ve got 30-60 voices available for you to choose from
  • Adjust voice tone, pitch, and speed based on the script type.
  • Transform and download the speech.

That’s it, no complex settings or long waiting times for conversion. You also have the option to add breathing and pausing to your script, making Vidnami very unique from anything else out there!

Final Words, 

Whether you’re a voice actor building your home studio, a vocalist or musician, or a creative professional eager to launch your own podcast, using reliable voice recording software is a necessity if you want to achieve high-quality voice-over recordings.

While you may be tempted to save some money on your voice recording software, you may also ask yourself: “Should I just use a free software package for recording my audio files instead?” When software is available for free, some may naturally equate the price (or lack thereof) with “low quality.”

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However, there are a number of reliable programs available for no cost, many of which are easily available to download. So, in order to help you decide if investing in software — or downloading it for free — is a better option for your needs, it’s worth asking yourself a few key questions.

For instance, which voice recording software is the best? So, if you want great vocal quality for your professional voice-over demos, auditions, or even your podcast, there are some considerations to keep in mind. That’s if you’ll want to scope out the best voiceover software solution for your situation.

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