Useful Accessories And Gadgets For The Laptop

Increasingly, a laptop, or even a laptop, appears instead of a desktop computer at home. A lot of us also have a portable business computer. Regardless of whether we need it for entertainment, learning or work, to use it comfortably, we need to buy some Best Laptop for Music Production accessories and gadgets. Below you will find the ones that are most useful.

Useful Accessories For Laptop

  • Wireless laptop mouse
  • Cooling pad
  • Laptop external drive
  • Extra laptop battery
  • Case, bag or laptop backpack?
  • Modem for wireless Internet
  • Laptop headphones – what to choose?

Wireless Mouse For A Laptop

Although every Top Music Production Laptops has a touchpad, and the latest ultrabooks have them much more sensitive than the buttons of many mice, this is the first thing that we usually buy. Why? It gives us more freedom to use the laptop . What to buy? Small, which fits in the hand or larger, which is for her support and has additional function buttons , and even – two rolls. What is worth checking is whether the mouse will work well on any ground.


Cooling Pad

The advantage of having a laptop is the fact that you can use it not only at the desk, but also for example on the couch. Unfortunately, we put him on a blanket or bed. Due to this device, it is not possible to give up heat , and high temperature can lead to its damage. The same is true if we play too much, or if we use software that leads to the heating up of components . That is why it is worth investing in a cooling pad . Such a device is equipped with a fan or two placed opposite the ventilation openings in the housing.

An External Drive For A Laptop

It is true that laptops do not have too much disk space. If you have many music files, photos, videos and other data, it is worth to put on an additional external drive . What we buy depends largely on the budget we have. SSD is more expensive than HDD, but also lighter , faster and more resistant to environmental conditions . So if we intend to use it only at home, then there is nothing to overpay. In turn if we travel often and we need to have a disk with us, it is better to choose SSD.

An Additional Laptop Battery

People who travel far to work or travel frequently will definitely need an extra laptop battery . It is not always easy to have a socket on the train or at the airport. Although the battery in modern ultra-books allows for many hours of work , it may not be enough. Although the battery prices are not too low, if we know that we will need it, then we should invest in it .

A Case, A Bag Or A Laptop Backpack?

Speaking of the fact that we can move with the laptop, it is worth noting that it should not be carried loose , as it may end badly for him. We can put on a cover made of neoprene foam , which adheres perfectly to the computer, thanks to which it does not take up much space in the briefcase or in a handbag. Unfortunately, there is no room for power supply, let alone a mouse or other gadgets.

So it is better to put on a laptop bag , which in addition to the device compartment has many other pockets – also for documents, pens or business cards . It works especially for people who wear a laptop for meetings with clients, because they can be obtained both elegant, with leather inserts, as well as flowery, checkered, etc.

If you carry your computer with you to work, and use public transport, a much better choice is a laptop backpack . Move more comfortably when the device that weighs your weight is on your back, not your hand or shoulder.

Modem For Wireless Internet

Another gadget that will be useful outside the home and office, especially when you want to use the Internet , is a modem. It is worth to buy it, because thanks to it, we connect to the network in a place where there is no shared Wi-Fi. For people who constantly need to be online modem is a must .

Laptop – What To Choose?

If at work, on the road or in other public places we want to listen to music, radio or watch movies, then we should buy headphones . Remember, however, that their appearance, brand or sound quality are not as important as not causing deafness. That’s why we should not use the theatrical , which is placed inside the ears, and the ear. Why? In such an acoustic wave, before it reaches the tympanic membrane, it is kind of “softened” by the air cushion, which is formed between the loudspeaker and the membrane, and also due to soundproofing on the headphones.

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