Top 10 developer’s tools to use in 2020

There is a great demand for the best software development tools. The software industry is one of the most fast-growing industries in the world. The worth of the whole IT industry is $5.2 trillion and more and more people want to be a part of this industry. You will be more surprised to know that there are 21 million software developers and still the world is facing a shortage.

This article is about the best software development tools of 2020 and they can help you.

But first, you need to understand what is a software development tool?

It is a program used to create, support, and maintain other software or applications. There are two kinds of software development tools both paid and unpaid but the free tools have limited features.

There is a variety of software development tools and each one is performing its specific role.


No doubt Github is the most popular software development tool. It functions as a Google Drive where users can find codes and is defined as a web-based Git repository hosting service. In order to keep your projects safe and to share them with others, you can upload them on public and private platforms. If you want to know more about this, use your internet and find out more. To check the ptcl speed test and verify it.


It is not a software development tool it is a kind of data modeling tool that provides text-to-diagram service.

This software is free and there is no need to sign up for an account. You can use it through the keyboard as it doesn’t offer drag and drop service.


If you are a developer then this is made for you it’s actually a great place for web developers to find motivation.

In order to find a quick solution, you can share your problems related to CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.


It is another software development tool for developers. This tool makes use of delivery pipelines to establish, test, and build software.

There is a unique action system that will let you arrange the pipelines according to your choice and make them easy to use. You just need to spend 15 minutes on the configuration and it’s the best when it comes to deployments.

It supports a number of task managers, frameworks, and languages. It also runs builds in isolated containers. Its most amazing thing is the integration feature. It also works with WordPress, Google, AWS, and others.

Cloud9 IDE

If you are facing issues with the programming languages, choose it to find the solution to your problem. This online integrated program allows its users to replicate the entire environment without any problem. This software supports a large number of languages including Perk, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript.

It is really easy to use and you can use it to set breakpoints to save time.

Its code completion section offers amazing suggestions to code faster. Unlike all the other options in the list, this tool is for beginners and it also features a built-in terminal for a command-line wizard.


Any list of best software tools will be incomplete without this one. It is a well-known text editor and free to use. This amazing tool can be of huge help to developers.

You can customize it according to your needs and there is no need to modify the configuration file. This software is popular because it supports all major OS including Windows, Linux, and OS X.

The best thing about this tool is its autocompleted feature that helps to write fast.

It also has an incredible browser feature that makes management faster. If you want to edit or compare various files you can split the interface into several panes.


It’s a tool that’s perfect for use with CSS, JS, and HTML. It consists of various in-builds components that make the job easier.

Its popularity has decreased over time but it is still the best one. It consists of readymade code blocks and is really good at maintaining stability. Benefit yourself from its unique customization options.

HTML5 Builder

It’s the most versatile and fastest software development tools on the list. It used to develop mobile and web apps. It is amazing when it comes to collaboration and makes it easy to develop cross-platform apps. Due to built-in tools, a lot of developers use it to create apps that need geolocation.


Developers who want to build, manage, and develop web apps, this tool is for you guys. It supports a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and operating systems. It is really fast. Its best feature is the system’s ability to find out and minimize threats. It also uses a safe cloud system so it is best for apps that need private information.


It is mostly used by product managers, IT consultants, and business experts but it is also useful for developers that’s why we have included it in this list. Axure makes it easy to make prototypes, documentation, and wireframes. It is a good collaboration tool because it has cool sharing options. It also makes it easy to create and maintain widget libraries.

These were the best top 10 developer’s tools. There are plenty of more if you want to dig deeper you can by using your internet. If you are not satisfied with the speed of your internet, you can check it by clicking on this link

More tools for collaboration and communication

The software department needs several individuals and departments to come together because only using the app is not enough. You must need a project management tool like Trello and Slack.

These tools are used to put forward teams under one platform in order to make sure proper communication and flow. Trello is really popular because it lets users assign tasks to everyone with deadlines. It sends reminders regularly and the drag and drop feature has made it easier.  Slack is also the same but it is famous among freelancers and people who work from home. To improve productivity these two are the best project management tools. There are other options as well, you can explore more on the internet if you want to.


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