How To Save Video From Snaptik TikTok HD Videos Downloader

To begin with, we benchmarked the SnapTik app performance against its competitors — keeping track of key indicators of onsite behavior — and the results were amazing. In November the SnapTik app received 110.9M visits with an average session duration of 10:40. Although compared to October, it saw a traffic decrease — by 29.9% — it has a great base.

That said, in this guide, we’ll let you know how you can download SnapTik App — a video downloader for TikTok videos — no watermark apk file for Android on PC, as well as both smartphone devices and tablet gadgets that are running 5.0 and up. Not forgetting, it is also one of the topmost best video players for games too — you too should give it a try.

There are several methods to download the video file — you need just to find one that is efficient and quick so that you can get to the video as soon as you want. By using this process you can Download MP4 & MP3 Videos Free in about 3 to 4 minutes — that is pretty fast, right? When it comes to mobile phones as well, it is necessary to download videos fast.

As well as a more efficient way because it is a moment that you can’t be missed. It’s no secret that there are different apps to download videos from video-sharing sites. Technically, as long as you link up with at any time, you can download any file, it just takes a few seconds. This is one of the best and fastest video downloader programs. 

The Simple Way To Make Videos On TikTok

Before we learn more about SnapTik, after becoming the most-downloaded app in the world, TikTok has become the buzzword of the entertainment world. Now, people have been showing off their dance moves in TikTok videos. But before you can make a video that people will post, you need a microphone, camera, and video editing software.

Generally, the TikTok Mobile App which is themed ”Make Your Day” is a social media networking tool that allows users to create short videos — which often feature music in the background and can be sped up, slowed down, or edited with a filter. They can also add their own sound on top of the background music, or even create a music video within the app.

Additionally, its users can easily, quickly, and freely choose background music from a wide variety of music genres, edit with a filter and record a 15-second video with speed adjustments before uploading it to share with others on TikTok or other social platforms. They can also film short lip-sync videos to popular songs.

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Suffice it to say, if you can’t afford professional recording equipment, you can just use the microphone that comes with your smartphone. Most smartphones have a built-in microphone that is powerful enough to record yourself on TikTok. But the microphone quality could be low, and your videos could sound really distorted.

You can also record videos using a traditional video camera that is connected to a computer. Using this method, you can control the camera so that you can do a proper recording. You can also apply effects such as blue filters, distortion, and other filters before you upload your video. For more information click here to gather more resourceful information.  

Why Choose SnapTik — TikTok Video Downloader 

We all know that TikTok is very popular among young people now, and everyone likes to watch or shoot short videos on this software for more fun. Unfortunately, TikTok itself does not support the download function. At this time, we need a TikTok downloader tool that can bring us convenience. This makes it easier to download when we see a video we like.

Or rather, a video that we want to watch over and over or even share with our friends. SnapTik is an online TikTok video downloader that is convenient and safe. They are fully responsible for their visitors and do not disclose personal privacy to anyone. And the downloaded video is high-definition and has no watermark. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, it is!

If you are looking for a way to make it easier and faster to get a TikTok video — as per the SnapTik app developers — this is the answer. A free online download tool that can download TikTok videos without a watermark. You can access it on any device (computer, phone, iPad, etc.) — you can even save the video as high-quality MP4 or MP3.

The reality is that TikTok only allows users to download videos through its application and downloaded videos contain the watermark. But, unlike other video downloading apps, using Snaptik video downloader, clearly means that you can now download any TikTok video with no watermark attached to it. No need to download or install any software!

Some of its key features are as follows:
  • No need to install, register or create an account, protect your privacy, and the like…
  • It’s always free — no registration and payment — and shall always be unless otherwise
  • Just a link to a video can help you download TikTok videos faster
  • No annoying ads at all — they only place some ads to support their free services, and further tweaks
  • No watermark for better quality, which most of the tools out there can’t
  • Download TikTok videos, and music videos on any device that you want (mobile, PC, or tablet)
  • You are free to download by using your web browsers — they want to keep things simple for you
  • The Snaptik downloader app doesn’t store videos, and neither does it keep copies of downloaded videos
  • You’ll also notice that it has also no limit on the number of downloads that you can do per visit

But, that’s not all, as a matter of fact, it’s one of those TikTok video downloaders that allows you to download countless TikTok videos for free. It’s also quick and easy since you’ll just need to open the tool to use, and a video link.

How To Download TikTok Videos Using The Snaptik App?

As you already know, the TikTok App is a Chinese-based social networking platform, which offers video-sharing features that allow users to share short videos. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, TikTok does not allow a user to upload a video that exceeds three minutes, and Facebook and Instagram limit a user to upload videos that are a maximum of 15 minutes long.

Meaning, that if you want to share short videos, then you have to download the TikTok app first (you can visit Google Play or Apple Store to get the application files). So, whether you are using Android or Apple, you will easily be able to do just that. With that in mind, below are the simple steps that you’ll need to follow in order to download HD videos using iPhone. 

Moving on, it’s worth mentioning that TikTok allows to make videos up to 20 seconds and it also allows users to edit the videos in various ways. The videos can be simple edits like frames or changing the voice. You can also download your favorite videos if you download the SnapTik app or rather, by visiting the official SnapTik website for the same reason.

The SnapTik downloader app system has a very simple interface that makes it easy to use, plus the main advantage of using this program is that it allows you to upload and download files in different ways, so you can use it to save all files on your phone too. Below, I am going to show you the way to downloadvideotiktok for free using the Snaptik app.

Consider the following simple steps:
  • First, open Snaptik and click on the TikTok icon
  • Now, you have to choose the video that you want to download
    • there is a button to copy the link, you can get a video link after clicking it
  • Paste the video link into the text box in the center of
  • Once the video file has been selected, click on the ‘Download’ tab — which has a variety of options
    • With features such as no watermark, MP3, MP4, and the like.
  • After clicking the ‘Download’ option downloading become starts and the video is saved to your device gallery

It’s, important to realize, that whenever you’re downloading files, they are usually saved into whatever folder you have set as your default. Your browser normally sets this folder for you. In browser settings, you can change and choose manually the destination folder for your downloaded TikTok videos.

How To install SnapTik – PC Application Version

There are a lot of ways to install SnapTik – Video Downloader for TikTok No Watermark on PC, but we are summarizing the easiest and the most reliable ones. The best emulator for android apps is the Bluestacks and then comes the Kn0x App player. We are providing you with the tutorials for both of them. You can try the one you are feeling most comfortable with.


  • To start, install BlueStacks on the PC
  • Then Launch BlueStacks on the PC
  • Once BlueStacks is opened, click the My Apps button in the emulator
  • Search for: SnapTik – Video Downloader for TikTok No Watermark
  • You will see search results for the App. Just tap Install to get it
  • Then you’ll be asked to log in with your Google account. So you can download apps from Google Play on Bluestacks
  • After login, the installation process will start for SnapTik – Video Downloader for TikTok No Watermark.

Knox Player

  • Start with Installing the NOx App — Knox Player on your PC, if you still haven’t.
  • After the installation run Nox on your PC and log in to your Google account
  • Search for: SnapTik – Video Downloader for TikTok No Watermark
  • Install the App by clicking on Install Button on your Nox emulator
  • Once installation is completed, you will be able to play SnapTik – Video Downloader for TikTok No Watermark on your PC

As you can see, it’s very easy to use SnapTik on PC for free — where you’ll consider using a preferable Android Emulator for the exact purpose at all costs — be it Windows 7,8,10, or Mac OS X.

How To install SnapTik – Mobile Application Version

The biggest advantage of installing the SnapTik apk on your mobile device is that you don’t have to worry about geographical restrictions. You can download SnapTik – Video Downloader for TikTok No Watermark apk from our servers and install them with the preferred methods in the link below. So, to download the Apk file, choose any link below.

Visit the following quick links:

After you have downloaded SnapTik – Video Downloader for TikTok No Watermark, copy the apk to your SD card or your device. Then use any preferred file manager you have and install it on your computer or mobile device. Since no need to download or install any software — their web-based app is for one purpose, downloading — you’ll only install it if you like.

What Is SnapTik Cloud?

The snaptik work apk is the main program on your iOS device that interacts with Snaptik Cloud — the same program that connects to the Cloud and updates the SnapTik app to start or stop the Snaptik Cloud. Snaptik Cloud also has a log-in option that lets you sign in with your Google account, Facebook account, Amazon account, or other social media accounts.

How To Use The SnapTik Cloud

In simple terms, SnapTik Cloud is the public cloud service that the app developers use to communicate with your Snaptik App. Whilst, keeping in mind, that using it is totally free — anyone with an Apple iOS or Android device can install the Snaptik app and use it. All Snaptik Cloud activities (such as measuring and uploading data) are data encrypted.

They do all this whilst using the topmost best Signal based on a military-grade Internet Protocol (IP) Address for the utmost privacy. So, do you have a link to a Tiktok video and want to play it? Now you can do this through the SnapTik App easily and without complications, you just have to click the Paste Link button and wait for the REAL MAGIC to happen!

So, Is SnapTik Safe To Download Web Videos?

Of course, YES! One thing is for sure, you don’t need to worry about anything about security. All along, just as it’s themed ”SnapTik Work” it always puts safety first. They will never disclose customer privacy as part of their job.

All you have to do is visit the snaptik work website homepage and put the link of the video you want to download into the text box. They also do not ask their visitors to fill in any content with personal information. So, the snaptik downloader is totally safe to use — that’s if you want to download any TikTok videos for free.

In a nutshell, the SnapTik App is one of the best TikTok Downloaders available online to download video TikTok without a watermark. You are not required to install any software on your computer or mobile phone, all that you need is a TikTok video link, and all the processing is done on the app side — you’ll be one click away from downloading videos.


With Snaptik, you can save a file for yourself (presentation, shopping list, or any other files). You can also use the Snaptik app to download files from the internet, especially from TikTok. And then, automatically, save them to your iPhone or iPad and android. You can use this app to download any video from TikTok without the TikTok watermark.

In general, this is a TikTok downloader that will help you save the videos you love for free. And, what’s more, getting started is so simple and easy. All you’ll need is to just enter the TikTok platform, select the video you like and want to download, copy the video link and paste it into our tool, you can get a high-definition TikTok video without a watermark.

That’s it! Everything that you needed to know about the Snaptik app, why you should go for it, how it works, how to download it, and the like. In that case, if you’ll have any key suggestions, recommendations, or even contribution questions (for FAQ Answers), please feel free to ping us (Contact Us) at any time — we’ll be so glad to sort you out.

Finally, for all your opinions and feedback — mailto: [email protected] to get more help directly from the Snaptik app developer. You are also welcome to Donate in support of what we do as well as to motivate our creative team for their good work. And now, until the next one, thanks for taking the time to visit and read this guide, you are welcome!

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