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In 1996, the CEO and visionary, a DIY dressmaker-designer of Tailornova, Yuliya Raquel, dreamed of becoming a professional fashion designer. She established a one-of-a-kind design studio in her bedroom, from which she created couture evening and wedding gowns for private clients.

One day, however, when shopping with her full-figured mother for clothing for curvy women and finding no high-end designer fashion-forward clothes for her or any women in such size runs, Yuliya realized a need existed. And thus, in February 2000, the IGIGI App by Yuliya was born.

Notably, IGIGI is a collection of fashion-forward high-end clothes for women size 12-32. And after she put her designs on the web, curvy women everywhere clamored for them. Through IGIGI, you’re able to ‘Fashion Your Way.’ As you customize each IGIGI dress 100 + ways.

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Fourteen years later, Raquel has become a 4-time award-winning as well as a world-renowned celebrity fashion designer. Who grew IGIGI into a designer label known around the globe as Tailornova.

What Is Tailornova?

Tailornova is a patent-pending online fashion design software that helps you create unlimited designs easier and faster than ever. Visualize your creations in 3D and get custom-fitted patterns in seconds.

It’s the first and only complete web-based 3D fashion design platform that delivers apparel and accessory design tools. Not to mention, it expands fashion design skills, maximizes entrepreneurial productivity, and simplifies the design process. Below is a video guide of how it works.

By all means, they empower, stimulate, and cultivate fashion talent worldwide, revolutionizing, and democratizing the entire fashion industry.

Meaning, you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to start your own designer line. Or even create a fashion powerhouse you can call your own. Simply, because they’ve done all the work for you!

Eventually, their mission is to inspire, empower, and expand fashion talents from all over the world. May it be enthusiast sewers, indie designers, and small manufacturers.

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Or even to fashion consumers – they exist to democratize the fashion industry. All in all, making it simple, easy, and accessible to anyone. So, before I let you know about more of their products, you can go ahead and try IGIGI for free today!

Additionally, you’ll also be able to Shop Luxury Designer Fashion in Sizes 12 +. Besides, the company has other related entities such as Mylinego and Bootstrap. Let’s have a look at them below.

What Is Mylinego?

In 2015, the IGIGI brand was acquired by Mylinego Inc. after Raquel had left the company in 2014. At the time of this article, the company is located in San Mateo, CA, United States. And is part of the Information Technology Services Industry.

In addition, it has 11 total employees across all of its locations and generates $234,526 in sales (USD). And well, running her brand had taught Raquel a lot about fashion. With only a few resources existing to help her run her business.

More often, this left Raquel and her sister Alla working from 7 am to 3 am daily. For one thing, they lacked the affordable, easy-to-master tools you’ll now find at Tailornova. Such as those of concept design like those of fabric selection to pattern making and more.

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But, of course, other aspects of apparel manufacturing were difficult and expensive for them as well. However, in creating Tailornova, she took what she could. While leveling the playing field to empower all fashion creators.

In that case, from hobbyist sewers who want to design dresses for themselves to professional designers who desire a masterful collection. Above all, a collection of unique pieces they can stylize and call their own.

What Is Bootstrap Fashion?

Basically, while partnering with co-founder Don Straub, they launched BootstrapFashion.com in 2014. And by definition, an online pattern customization platform that made it easy for dressmakers and designers to customize the fit of the sewing patterns.

After serving over 18K customers and selling tens of thousands of custom-fit patterns, they soon realized that their pattern customization service could be developed much further. Below is a complete video tutorial on how to download instructions on how to use Tailornova in detail.

By all means, they are looking forward to truly delivering a game-changing fashion technology to all who want to create fashion.

After searching far and wide, they launched Tailornova with CAD tech co-founding team from Bulgaria, Fractail. Today, Tailornova has been self-funded by the co-founders and no outside funding has been used in the creation of the platform.

How To Customize 3D FitMode With Tailornova 

In general, when it comes to customizing your Tailornova 3D FitMode, it all begins with a body and your measurements. Allowing you to customize your own true-to-life 3D FitModel. Especially, in order to replicate any figure, measurements, height, and body shape.

And while customizing the 3D FitModel, it will allow for automatic creation and customization of unlimited designs. As well as made-to-measure patterns in seconds, effortlessly, and with precision.

The Tailornova Patent-Pending Technology generates complex designs and patterns in seconds. Made-to-measure to any size, height, and body shape with unparalleled fit accuracy.

As well as by use of machine learning and several independent fully interconnected systems. To instantly generate custom designs and patterns that fit any given human body.

The Order of Tailornova systems;
  • First, the system generates an accurate 3D human body based on 15 simple measurements (or in the near future a scan).
  • Secondly, the system generates designs and patterns based on the configured design parameters and a 3D human body for the given measurements.
  • And then lastly, the system automatically simulates a resulting design in 3D, using real physics.

Additionally, Tailornova uses machine learning, 3D simulation with real physics, and proprietary anthropometric generative design algorithms. Particularly, to solve the global problem of apparel over-production.

After all, which is the second-largest source of freshwater pollution in the world. Having said that, you can see more of their new innovations or even get started with their fashion design software right away!


As can be seen, Tailornova ) enables custom pattern making in seconds, drafted to any size, height, and body shape. Currently, the software is in the beta testing stage.

At the same time, they’re offering a low-cost monthly subscription to Early Adopters for $19/mo. As you help them with software testing and bug reporting.

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