It means a lot when someone Subscribe to our website (whether as a guest author or a basic user). And if the on-page work we’ve done on our Guest Posting is garbage, we’ll only get a fraction of the value we could get by doing it right. And if we want to squeeze the full link juice out of a post while being able to pass a manual review, there are several guidelines to follow.

For instance, there was a time when link building was very much a numbers game. Back then, the quantity was king! But, today, the situation is very different. Whereby, link building today is about quality, context, and simulating organic growth.

Guest Posting

We see ever too often that people opt for dozens of non-sense links rather than one high-quality contextual link. Simply, because they believe more is better. Now, my point isn’t that PBNs or Web 2.0s are dead – because they’re not!

However, it seems that people value the cheap mega backlink packs over a few incredibly relevant and well-placed backlinks. And to me, that’s a shame! Also, I’ve seen cases where websites with only a dozen backlinks outrank similar sites with hundreds of backlinks on very competitive search terms.

Having said that, you can read more details about Guest Posting | Why your Site Backlinks Counts on SEO.

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Apart from writing useful content on one’s blog website, it is important as a blogger to one’s reputation awareness by writing for or on other notable sites (like josephmuciraexclusives).

In addition, as long as you’re a Professional Blogger (like Joseph Mucira), you’ll get a chance to voluntarily write on the Blog Page as a Guest Author. Whereas, you’ll take the lead by amplifying and skyrocketing your writing skills and prowess to your Potential Online Readers.

Guest Posting

There is a wide variety of topics you can choose to write about on the jmexclusives blog site in relation to your field of interest. As well as upon approval to become one of our guest bloggers.

Category Topics to Blog about include; 
  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Celebrities Biography
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  5. Marketing Leads
  6. Promotional Campaigns
  7. Referrals & Affiliates
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  11. Digital & Social Media
  12. Consultancy Management
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  14. Food Recipes & Drinks
  15. Films & Movies
  16. Events & Tours
  17.  Plants & Animals
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What are the Blog Posting requirements?

In order to be a successful blogger at jmexclusives, it is important that you adhere to the following guiding principles;

Part One:
  1. Your Blog Post/Article must be 1000+ words.
  2. Your Post Title should be in the preferred format of;
    1. Keyword – followed by the separator (|) followed by additional words. For example, Guest Posting | Why your Site Backlinks Counts on SEO
  3. Blog post Permalinks must be shortened:
    1. (e.g instead of to be – See the complete article here: Guest Posting | Why your Site Backlinks Counts on SEO.
Part Two:
  1. The first Part should be the introductory section with 4 to 5 paragraphs.
  2. After the 2nd or 3rd paragraph the Featured Image must be inserted with correct Alt Texts. Other images (if available) can be inserted amidst other sections (specifically between paragraphs). A good source of images if Pixabay (free for use) or designed by the author through Canva (Presentation).
  3. The first Heading should be H1 or H2 (use this mostly) at all times.
  4. The rest of Headings should be distributed into H3, H4, H5 or H6 as per the requirements.
  5. Make sure that the paragraph lengths are suitable with recommended sentence length (words).
  6. It is important that all Guest Authors (READ AND LEARN) have some knowledge of Yoast SEO since its already incorporated on the WordPress Editor for the jmexclusives blog.
  7. The authors must not forget to add resources pointed back at the jmexclusives site. For example (Contact Us, Our Blog, About Us, jmexclusives, Join Us, Our Team, etc. as Inbound Links)

This among others are just but a few guidelines every beginner guest blogger must follow. And in case of further support or help, it is important to always seek help from the admin through (

Example of blog articles to sample out;
  1. GIPHY gets Acquired by Facebook for $400 Million
  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine | Everything you Should know
  3. Content Creation | A Simplified Step-by-step Starter Guide
  4. Ginger | 7 Health Benefits you Should Consider in your Diet
  5. Best SEO Tactics | Get More Rich Snippets CTR & Ranking

For additional links and resources, please visit our blog page.

Summary Notes;

In conclusion, as soon as you Subscribe as a jmexclusives team member, you’ll get a notification message. In particular, through your email box welcoming you to their Programs. 

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In reality, not only is the jmexclusives agency a free online training and learning blog site but also, it is interactive too. Allowing you to interact with like-minded persons.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the jmexclusives team today!

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