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Is Speechelo any good? This is the first question you’ll find listed on Google search results for this software tool. And the simple answer is Yes! Yes, it’s powerful, Yes, it takes it to the next level and makes it so much more powerful. Definitely, its pro plan is for those that are serious about growing their business. But, of course, the pro plan may have a monthly plan in the future.

And that’s why you could miss out on getting it at it’s current price (get it at $47) forever! One thing is for sure, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely a video creator — even if you’re just an amateur. You could also be a business owner too, right? Perse, that’s if you want to create amazing voiceovers for your videos. In that case, Speechelo got you covered.

Speechelo text-to-speech software is designed to make a mutation and combine its tone of voice with textual words. The idea behind this is that the writing can be used in the form of audio and higher-pitched voices to the audience on a device software system or smartphone. While you communicate the sayings on a display, your mobile will send the data to a particular system.

The program might then be used to listen to your voice. Blastersuite Speechelo text-to-speech software had been created to assist with the proper speed. They received a written speech that was produced by a technology that can also read a text to the same person.

What Is Speechelo?

Technically, Speechelo has been a potent text-to-speech software tool since I first came across it🙂. For one thing, it allows you to instantly transform any text into a 100% human-sounding voiceover with only 3 clicks! All you’ll need to do is copy and paste your script.

And then, you can choose from the collection of voiceovers inside of Speechelo. To generate, download and that’s it! It’s a tool created by the blaster suite team — to create human-sounding voiceovers on per user demand.

Whether they are just beginner web users or they are eloquent on the Internet. Speechelo also gives you an option to change the speed or pitch of the script to match the kind of script.

In other words, Speechelo is a very brand-new AI-powered text-to-voice software. That allows you to convert any script into human-like speech. You just need to input your script, select from any of the pre-configured voices and choose your desired language.

The Key Speechelo Features 
  • Converts any kind of text into speech.
  • Ability to add inflections to the voice.
  • AI-powered engine.
  • Both Male & Female voices included.
  • More than 30 human-like voices.
  • Works in more than 23 languages.
  • Offers 3 different voice tones: normal, joyful & serious tone.

Not only that, but it’s also compatible with other numerous video creation software tools tool. Like iMovie, Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, Audacity, and so on. Whilst also eliminating the need to hire costly voiceover artists.

Speechelo software was created by the digital and content marketing shark Stoica Mihai — who also has founded about 14 unique software. He has been functioning in the field for more than 13 years. Mark you, he is always a step ahead with his concepts and strategies in the market.

Why Use Speechelo?

What makes Speechelo unique is its ability to add inflections to your script. Rarely you will find software that can add human-like breathing and pausing to a script. It also adds proper punctuation to your script to make it sound completely natural.

In addition, it’s currently available in English and 23 other languages too. Including Mandarin, Dutch, Arabic, Danish, German, French, Icelandic, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish, Welsh, Russian, Spanish & Turkish.

Notably, you can use Speechelo for creating various video content and marketing materials. Such as promotional sales videos, training tutorial videos, testimonials review videos, informational demo videos, etc.

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Perse, if you’re a video creator and need a voice-over artist, then Speechelo is your recommended choice. If that wasn’t enough, you can also emphasize certain words inside of your script as well. Another very special feature is the ability to adjust the actual speech itself.

You can adjust the volume, the speaking rate, and the pitch of your chosen voiceover. Unfortunately, there is no free trial for Speechelo. To the best of my knowledge, there never has been.

Fortunately, it can be purchased on its official site quite easily. Not to mention, they’re currently offering a 53% discount during the initial period of launch. In that case, you can visit this link to check if the discounted price is still available.

Why you’ll even fall for Speechelo Pro (OTO 1)

So far, the standard version of Speechelo is more than amazing, but how would you like to get DOUBLE the voices and even MORE FEATURES? This is where Speechelo Pro comes in (which is the first upsell within the funnel).

And now, let’s look at the main differences between the Standard, and the Pro version of Speechelo. First of all, you get double the voices inside of Speechelo pro. Normally the standard plan comes with only 30 voices, but with the pro plan, you get up to 60+ voices!

Another cool add-on is the ability to create longer voiceovers as well. Normally, your voiceovers can’t be longer than 700 characters. But they can with Speechelo pro, and get 4x the standard length.

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The third benefit you get with the pro plan is getting access to 40 mesmerizing background music and lead tracks. Whereby, these tracks come in multiple different genres. For example, cinematic tracks, joyful tracks, and even motivational music for your campaigns!

One of my favorite benefits is the commercial license feature you get with the pro plan. This means that you can sell the voiceovers inside of Speechelo to others (like on Fiverr for example), and keep all the money and profits!

Lastly, another huge benefit is that it’s pretty much the cherry on top for the Speechelo pro package. Especially, using their voiceover cash machine bonus. This bonus comes in an eBook format. Whilst, showing you how to post your voiceover gigs, and attract a ton of clients while doing so.

How Speechelo Works

As I enumerated, Speechelo is a software tool that helps you to transform test content into audio. Basically, the program is a cloud-based text-to-speech tool that will help you to create voiceovers for your content. From my testing and research in the industry, I believe that this is a special option.

Simply, because it is the single software of its type that injects inflections to the voice being said out loud. For many creators, the problem they have isn’t content, but the voiceover part. You will especially appreciate this if you have a video or podcast.

Of course, you could hire a voiceover artist from an online marketplace like Fiverr or some other freelance marketplace. But, these might come at an expensive price. Aside from the cost of hiring such people, it can also take some time for them to deliver the project.

In that case, this is where a web tool such as Speechelo comes to your rescue. So, how does Speechelo work? Well, it’s quite simple to use it. All you’ll need is to just follow a few simple steps:

Steps to follow are:
  • Paste your text/script into the software.
  • Choose your desired language.
  • Select from preconfigured male or female voice
  • You’ve got 30-60 voices available for you to choose from
  • Adjust voice tone, pitch, and speed based on the script type.
  • Transform and download the speech.

That’s it, no complex settings or long waiting times for conversion. You also have the option to add breathing and pausing to your script. Making Speechelo very unique from anything else out there! You can see a detailed analysis of this voice-over software to learn more.

What Are Some Alternative Application Platfomrs?

Well, to be honest, in regards to their amazing human-sounding voices, most tools don’t even come close to Speechelo. You might want to compare Speechelo vs (fill in the blank with your own for instance).

But, to be realistic, there aren’t any other (GOOD) solutions as Speechelo alternative. Apart from Vidnami that I can give a benefit of the doubt. Both of them are amazing software tools for creating voiceovers. Just like Speechelo, Vidnami has an auto voice feature as well.

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What I can say is that Vidnami is mainly a powerful voiceover video creator too. It allows you to create breathtaking videos extremely fast, without ANY EDITING experience needed! Just copy and paste a script, and it will make a video for you.

Personally, I think Vidnami and Speechelo make a great combination together. Obviously, because they’re very convenient software tools for all video creators and marketers. Even if you are just started as a beginner or you’re even a Pro, it’s good to give them a try.

Final Words, 

Whether you’re a voice actor building your home studio, a vocalist or musician, or a creative professional eager to launch your own podcast, using reliable voice recording software is a necessity if you want to achieve high-quality voice-over recordings.

While you may be tempted to save some money on your voice recording software, you may also ask yourself: “Should I just use a free software package for recording my audio files instead?” When software is available for free, some may naturally equate the price (or lack thereof) with “low quality.”

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However, there are a number of reliable programs available for no cost, many of which are easily available to download. So, in order to help you decide if investing in software — or downloading it for free — is a better option for your needs, it’s worth asking yourself a few key questions.

For instance, which voice recording software is the best? So, if you want great vocal quality for your professional voice-over demos, auditions, or even your podcast, there are some considerations to keep in mind. That’s if you’ll want to scope out the best voiceover software solution for your situation.

Bonus: In our report on How to Become a Successful Voice Actor, you can also view working professionals’ favorite mics, software, and more. That said, you can look at 8 Digital Voice Recording Software Programs to Consider too.

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