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Depending on your skill level as a web developer you may or may not choose to use SP Page Builder by Joomla. We recognize that not everyone has the ability to write code. And that’s just fine. Our hope is that by using a tool like PageBuilder, you’ll be able to be more creative with your website. Without the need to custom code every piece of your design layout.

With SP Page Builder, you can rely on it to do what it does best – all the difficult work, generating lightweight, SEO-friendly code. Specifically, SP Page Builder Pro is the next-generation Joomla page composer extension that allows creating unlimited pages just using mouse drag and drop. It can be used to build Landing pages, Home, Contact, and About Us pages.

As well as, the whole website structure. Create a unique website using built-in 55+ addons, premade sections, animations, custom CSS, separate responsive designs, and more. All existing modules for Joomla 3.10 / Joomla 4.1 are already compatible with SP Page Builder. And now, with that in mind, let’s learn more about the Joomla SP Page Builder in detail.

Bear in mind, that hosting a website requires several technologies to work together. And as such, you need a platform for your website, as well as a great web hosting provider too — like Bluehost to help keep it online. And if you are within East Africa, Kenya Web Experts is yet another great web host we’d recommend to you.

What Is Joomla?

Joomla, also spelled Joomla! and sometimes abbreviated as J!, is a free and open-source content management system for publishing web content on websites. Now that there are so many web content apps one can design or develop nowadays. So, besides WordPress, Joomla is yet another simple and easy Content Management System (CMS) Software — to try!

To enumerate, Content Management System (CMS) Software is a web-based application used by various webmasters to create and manage site files. It also provides capabilities for multiple users with different permission levels to access it. In order to manage (all or a section of) content, data, and information of a website project, or even intranet application.

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Of all of the available platforms, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the leading options. Any of them can support your website, but each one excels in a different area. You need to know which one is right for your website before investing in any of them. Such web content apps that Joomla helps you build include discussion forums, photo galleries, and eStores.

As well as user communities, and numerous other web-based applications. Joomla is similar to WordPress in many ways but differs in at least one key area. Joomla is designed for larger websites. The code and interface are designed to make it much easier to manage pages across a large number of pages and posts.

Joomla can be used for:

  • Small and startup business websites,
  • E-commerce and online reservations,
  • Online magazines, newspapers, and publications,
  • Corporate websites or portals, intranets, extranets, etc.
  • Government, non-profit, and organizational websites,
  • Community-based, school and church websites or portals,
  • Personal or family homepages, etc.

Joomla! is used all over the world to power millions of websites of all shapes and sizes. Not to mention, you can discover examples of companies using Joomla in their official Joomla Showcase Directory which has more details. Because of how it is structured, you won’t run into performance issues when scaling your website.

Joomla’s biggest improvement over WordPress is that it is a two-part system, whereas WordPress is a one-part system. Joomla is made up of a Content Management System (CMS); similar to how WordPress manages blog posts and the website platform. Having these two systems separate from each other lets you build a website outside of the CMS.

So that you can ignore the CMS entirely unless you need it. It’s closer to how websites were built before there were powerful management systems with the ability to add blogs or other content. And now, let’s look into Joomla SP Page Builder. So that, in the end, you can have a clear picture of why you should give it a try in your next web design projects.

What Is Joomla SP Page Builder?

The Joomla SP Page Builder is a web toolkit with powerful add-ons to build super-functional sites. It offers 14 FREE Joomla page builder addons in the lite version for all. The Joomla page builder works with Joomla articles and extensions like K2 & J2Store. Use SP Page Builder to decorate and manage K2 content, and ensure the offering of stunning quality content.

With Joomla Article, you can easily edit and style native Joomla articles with SP Page Builder to create rich and professional blog posts. Make J2Store-built product descriptions even better using the fantastic SP Page Builder tools and boost sales! If you’re an agency that develops websites for your customers, then Joomla SP Page Builder is the perfect tool for you.

One thing is for sure, it’s designed to be easy to install and set up, even if you’re not an advanced user (have a look at its benefits and features). With a short learning curve (they provide free video training as well) you’ll be able to quickly build sites for your clients. Then, with a minimal amount of instruction, you can empower your clients to manage their own sites.

If your clients need specialized functionality, Joomla is highly extensible and has thousands of extensions. Mostly, some, if not all of them are available for free under the GPL license). And they are available in the Joomla! Extensions Directory for webmasters to utilize them. See! You just need to try it for free to get tons of reasons to choose the new page builder.

What the Joomla SP Page Builder offers you:
  • Customizable User Settings: Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, it lets you build a site independently!
  • Visual Website Page Builder: SP Page Builder features lots of amazing functionalities that make it the most complete and robust Joomla page builder.
  • Real-Time Website Design: Build your site in real-time. Browse a page, edit elements, and see changes instantly. Drag, drop, and customize everything live!
  • Save Development Costs & Time: This Joomla page builder minimizes the time & cost required to create web pages by reducing workload. It’s unbelievably efficient!
  • Super Fast Site Building: With ultrafast tools, the Joomla page builder lets you create full-featured, 100% responsive & mobile-optimized sites in a snap.

In addition to the above beneficial features, the SP Page Builder is also compatible with almost all Joomla templates, frameworks, and extensions. This means, that it’s a global tool — something that you can heavily rely on.

What Is Joomla SP Page Builder?

Be that as it may, any great CMS software helps you manage your content and turn it into a website so easily. Without needing to edit code every time you want to add/change content. Some of these tools are focused almost exclusively on helping you launch a website. While others are more focused on just managing your content.

And then, let you deploy it anywhere through APIs (while using the Headless CMS Software approach as such). If you aren’t a technical user (or don’t have a tech team at your back), you’ll likely want to choose great CMS tools. Such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, HubSpot CMS, or Squarespace. As you stay away from the Headless CMS options.

However, if you need to deploy your content to multiple locations, you might prefer the flexibility of headless CMS software.

Most SP Page Builder Features Are For FREE!

Technically, as we aforementioned, just like WordPress, Joomla is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) built on an MVC web framework using PHP and MySQL/MS SQL/PostgreSQL. As a result, this allows web developers to try their hands on the platform by creating new third-party add-ons and plugins.

Chiefly, the SP Page Builder allows you to create Web Pages with all-around functionality. This creation works perfectly across devices of different shapes and sizes. Whether you want to design your section, save it to the library, or reuse it elsewhere.

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The SP Page Builder is brought to you by the same JoomDev team. After the success of Astroid Framework, they decided to develop the next generation of Joomla page designing tool for webmasters — to help everyone whether coders or end-users to design attractive, creative yet highly responsive websites. By just dragging and dropping the elements.

Taking another leap into the power of the open-source platform, enthusiastic developers have developed various fantastic page builders for Joomla. Important to realize, that if you are looking for yet another Joomla page builder, there’s an alternative solution. Just stop searching anymore and download JD Builder right now. It’s a new-generation page builder.

(1). Real-Time Frontend Site Building

SP Page Builder is the world’s best Joomla page composer tool that you can use to create a site without coding a single line. It lets you build a site in minutes. It features a shiny new front-end editing system.  The Joomla page builder offers the fastest and most convenient web development experience. Watch your customizations LIVE in real-time.

Seamlessly, you have full control, with no popups, and no preview! Looking for attractive icons? Don’t worry, they have everything for you. They’ve integrated three icon libraries that are offering you more than 2000 icons within the page builder. You can choose icons from Font Awesome, Type Icons, and Foundation Icons. In the future, they plan to add more libraries.

Joomla cares about the responsiveness of your website. And with this Joomla SP Page builder, you can easily create highly responsive websites easily. You can have different settings for different sizes of screens with this Joomla page builder.

(2). Device-Wise Responsiveness Controls

The Joomla page builder offers groundbreaking responsiveness controls that empower you to make websites fit for each and every device. While editing, you can load your site right on board in mobile, tablet, and desktop views to check the responsiveness and tweak if required. The readymade Joomla page builder sections are pre-designed parts.

Meaning, that they are built by combining several elements that can be inserted into web pages of any design. The ready-to-use page templates are complete page layouts with several sections and elements arranged to make a full page structure. With the help of the Live Preview feature, you don’t need to save, refresh and change the window.

All this can be done automatically with the help of the Live preview feature. Need to do custom styling? Or need to write the CSS Code to make any section unique. The Joomla Page Builder comes with the support of Custom CSS and SCSS. You can write your own CSS or SCSS for any Page, section, row, column, or element. It works on all levels.

(3). Drag And Drop Software System

The award-winning drag-and-drop system of SP Page Builder makes it super easy to build a website. Everything is there on the Joomla page builder sidebar, you just drag and drop them on your site. Make the necessary tweaks using the live frontend editor, and you’re ready to rock! It has 40+ add-ons that you can use to add different elements to your website.

For example, you can add a photo gallery, a contact form, a subscription form, pricing tables etcetera using the Joomla page builder addons. In short, you don’t need to worry about the live editing experience. With the SP Page Builder, you can experience live editing within the backend. Make changes and see them reflecting on the webpage so seamlessly.

In this Joomla Page Builder, you have full control of the web page, section, row, column, and even element typography. If you want to use page-level typography, set it on the page level, if you want to use any unique typography for a specific section, you can set it on the section level. You have full control to manage it on any level.

(4). Ready Sections And Template Designs

With SP Page Builder, you are all-in-one. Build a professional and functional website in minutes without any coding. Even, no previous designs are required. All of these tedious tasks are done by the Joomla page builder. You get more than 90 ready-to-use section designs and around 25 complete page layouts to launch any site in a few clicks.

It comes with an extensive library of pre-designed pages and different kinds of sections. You just need to insert the section or page and you are done with it. This library includes Hero sections, About Sections, Services Sections, Features sections, and much more. Simply insert and change the content with yours.

The Page Builder gives you full freedom to design any kind of layout from simple to complex. It gives you sections, rows, columns, and even an inner row element. With the help of the Inner row element, you can create rows within the column and design any complex layout easily.

(5). SEO & SMM Optimised Elements

Besides being fully responsive, the Joomla SP Page Builder correctly utilizes page titles, meta tags, meta keywords, thumbnails, and Open Graph data for perfect SEO & SMM. It also offers Multilingual Support — 100% freedom in languages. This means, that you can build your websites in ANY language you want!

Technically, all these Joomla Page Builders come with a drag-and-drop interface — so you just have to drag an element where you want to add. You can easily move any row, section, column, or element anywhere throughout the page. You don’t need to code anything, Just play with the available webmaster options the way you feel fits your web design needs.

What’s more, you can upgrade from the Free version to the Pro version at any time. In that case, you need to purchase the Pro version and install it on top of your existing free version. The Joomla page builder will keep your current page designs intact and upgrade the free version to the Pro version.

(6). Secure Payment, Money-Back Guarantee

Joomla uses industry-standard payment systems to facilitate online payments. They never store your payment/card information on their server. Thus, you can purchase their products with utmost confidence. Equally important, they are offering a full or partial refund within 15 business days — starting from the moment that you make the payments.

Please read their refund policy or get in touch with them if you’ll need further information or clarification. Don’t wait while competitors are thriving! Why would you lag behind? Start building amazing sites now! SP Page Builder is all you need (Buy the Pro version) to make your web-based business outshine your competitors.

Why Joomla SP Page Builder Is The Best Web Platform

The most powerful aspect of a Joomla web platform (all benefits & features) is its ability to help you create a website easily. Without working directly with the source code for each of your web pages. Learning to code is the same as learning another language (or a series of languages that work together). Giving it a large learning curve.

Web platforms rarely let you work directly with the code, instead of having you work with a predefined system or interface. Joomla’s web page and post screens are good examples of how such an interface works. Joomla is best suited to complex websites that need more flexibility. This often includes medium business sites and extensive content sites like Wikipedia.

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And now, with that in mind, you have all the tools you need to manage an extensive website. Joomla is similar to WordPress in many ways but differs in at least one key area. First, it’s designed for larger websites. The code and interface are designed to make it much easier to manage pages across a large number of website pages and blog posts.

Because of how it is structured, you won’t run into performance issues when scaling your website. Joomla’s biggest improvement over WordPress is that it is a two-part system, whereas WordPress is a one-part system. Perse, it’s made of a CMS (Content Management System); similar to how WordPress manages blog posts and the website platform.

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Having these two systems separate from each other lets you build a website outside of the CMS. So, go ahead and start using Joomla (download) today. Some companies and organizations have requirements that go beyond what is available in the Joomla Core package. In those cases, Joomla’s powerful application framework makes it easy for all webmasters.

Especially, for web developers to create sophisticated add-ons. With some of them even extending beyond the power of Joomla into virtually unlimited directions. The core Joomla Framework enables developers to quickly and easily build their web tools. And, as we mentioned, Joomla is free, open, and available to anyone under the GPL license.

As soon as download the free lite version of the SP Page Builder, you’ll notice that it has Google Fonts disable option added in Global Configuration. Equally important, there’s also an added description text in the language file for the SEO FB image and Text Block. Other new features are PHP 8 support, MySQL 8 support, Joomla 4 beta 7 compatibilities, etc.

How To Get Started With Joomla CMS SP Page Builder

Looking for the latest Joomla version for your site? Well, it’s version 4.1. 3 and it includes the latest and greatest features from the developers supporting Joomla. Please see the latest release announcement for more information. If you are already a member, to find out which version you are using, you just need to log in to the backend of your website, to begin.

Then, thereafter, Go to Help → System Info: this screen contains all system information you may need, the Joomla! The version currently running, and also PHP, database versions, and so on. That said, you can learn more about how to check the Joomla version in detail. Not to mention, if you’re ready to install and use it, there are a few steps to set up new pages.

The video above has everything you need — like how to download the latest Joomla version and install it, first! You can find it on Joomla! You can visit its official Downloads Portal for more guidelines and you’ll be up and running in no time. And then again, if you’ll need any more help, you can also visit their official forums and documentation channels for more.

You can also watch the basic Joomla free training videos to find out more. Joomla also provides another way to get started without having to install it: And that’s none other than the free tools on its launch.joomla.org site. Keep in mind, that this is the easiest way to start your first Joomla website immediately — with so much improvement to the Joomla codebase.

Additionally, you can launch a totally free and fully functional website in seconds and start publishing your content online right away. You can read more on Getting Started with Joomla to find out the basics.

Joomla SP Page Builder Features Summary:
  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly layouts
  • Simple to complex convenient row-column structure
  • Copy-paste or clone page elements
  • Enable or disable rows and columns or Add-ons
  • Flexible undo and redo functionality to reverse the process
  • Powerful media manager to organize different types of files
  • Custom CSS for customization and flexible designing
  • Content favoring page builder for making pages more content-rich qualified
  • Compatible with JCS, K2, and J2Store
  • Can add Facebook open graph data

As you can see, Joomla SP Page Builder (get it now) has tons of great features to create pages quickly with the help of a drag-and-drop user interface. With page layouts, you can export and import files for future use — which need the same page layouts. Features like Access Control List (ACL) can hide/show the page elements for a set group of visitors.

Quickly, launch a conversion-friendly website and limitlessly grow your online digital business. Instead of writing hundreds of lines of code, design your website visually with 50+ add-ons. So far, the SP Page Builder has the trust of 200,000+ people worldwide. And, therefore, it makes this Joomla page builder an extremely powerful drag & drop tool.

Other Topmost Joomla Page Builders Include:

In addition to the above list, Gridbox is yet another revolutionary drag-and-drop website for Joomla CMS. It allows you to build modern and beautiful Joomla pages with just drag-and-drop tools. The powerful live code editor helps to edit the scripts and styles on the page on the go hassle-free.

In nutshell, Joomla is a very fantastic platform to create websites and robust web applications. The adoption of the platform into the business is slowly increasing and attracting developers to create more plugins, extensions, and website builders. Hope you’ll like some of its fantastic plugins and page builders as aforementioned.

Takeaway Notes:

If your intention is only to inform you about your business, products, or services, it is enough to have a website. With different web sections and categories under one roof (MultiPage). Or even by gathering all the information on a single page (OnePage).

At times, your website needs may surpass your overall web user needs, right? Such as when you want your customers can have some interaction with the information you provide. Or even buy online (e-commerce), and then receive statistical data on your business. As well as simply provide the ability to search the catalog.

In such cases, what you’ll need is a web application. Some businesses launch mobile apps for this type of situation. But, depending on the size of the business, it is sometimes counterproductive. For this reason, that’s where a toolkit such as the Joomla SP Page Builder comes in handy. It’s also useful if your intention is to automate the whole process.

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Whilst, allowing your potential customers to synchronize their actions through different devices. You can even add some other key functionality to your service. Or even integrate with other business services too. Overall, the powerful site page builder with seamless addons by Joomla is all you need. In particular, that’s if you want your web business to grow and rank high.

That said, just follow this guide to the latter and you’ll never regret it. Finally, if you’ll need more help support with Joomla SP Page Builder, you can always Consult Us and let our team of Web Tech Experts Taskforce know how to sort you out.

But, if you’ll have additional ideas, let us know. Whereby, you can share your thoughtful contributions, suggestions, guidelines, personal experiences, or even further questions (for FAQ Answers) you’d like to share, please feel free to share them in our comments section below this blog article guide. You can also Donate to support our work.

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