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Social Media Hub | How to Create it for Social Beginners

A Social Media Hub is an aggregation of your social media conversation across different platforms. In most cases, the content will be curated and a mix between your client and brand’s photos and posts displayed.

Creating a social media hub can be a worthwhile project for brands that want to build strong relationships with their customers, and give extra value to those that are highly engaged with the brand.

The process is not lengthy, and the steps I describe below should help you create a thriving social hub on your website.

Digital Social Media Profiling

Digital Social Media Profiling and audience profiling is the process of constructing a user’s profile. Also, achieved by using his or her publicly and voluntarily shared social data.

NB: Through the jmexclusives, you can find the Useful and related guide on digital social media profiling.

What has Catapulted the Social Media Hub Creation

In the first place, Social media Hub has changed the face and pace of marketing. Everywhere consumers go they see Facebook buttons, Twitter feeds, and Instagram photos.

However, the biggest challenge for businesses is standing out from the crowd. Especially in an endless sea of choice, information and aspects such as Facebook buttons. But, how do you make sure you’re seen and heard by your customers?

A great way to do this is by connecting with your existing community. Not to mention, the people that follow and engage with your brand online. Whereas, you can provide a hub for these people, where they can communicate with your brand and with each other.

Creating a Social Media Hub and Clientele Base

1. Ask yourself why you need a Social Hub

Firstly, determine why you need a social hub on your site. In essence, do not add one just to say you are using social media. Instead, do you need one to keep in touch with a growing community? Perhaps you want to give conference attendees the ability to connect with each other?

You might even want to ask a select group of clients what they think of the social hub before you put it on your site. Getting client involvement in something like this will only help to nurture the feeling of ownership clients have with the social hub on your site.

2. Benefits to the Associated Affiliates

Figure out the benefits for your community. While your product might benefit from the additional exposure, your social hub will not prosper, unless you know how it will help your prospects.

This is a crucial aspect of social hubs. They are not just pretty social media posts to put on your sidebar. They need to integrate with the rest of your marketing and branding.

Using the right tools, as we discuss in the next section, will help you determine how you can best help your community. Making sure that the social hub you choose to use has all the right features, so you can best help your network will only help you in the end.

3. Community Base

This means you need to actively invite and engage with members of the community. A self-sustaining community takes a lot of work. Most communities never get off the ground, because the founders do not take enough time to build that community up.

If you are not an active part of the initial community, it is next to impossible for your social hub to thrive. On some social hubs like Social Engine, which operate similarly to forums – active participation is essential in the early growth stages.

Social Media Hub Helpful Tools

What are the best tools for creating your social hub? We listed a few of our favorite tools below.


This social hub is more like a mini social networking site with full community engagement and threads. Additionally, this social hub allows you to share every post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.


The only social hub to use hashtags exclusively to organize information across your social media platforms. Because of the reliance on hashtags, TagBoard works only on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine.


More half social hub and half social marketing analytics. The images that Curalate show on your website and throughout the web are rigorously tracked.

Especially to determine not only the number of fans, likes, pins, and shares coming in, as well as specific products,  carry the most social weight.


A full aggregation site with a wider variety of sites. They connect you to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, and Tumblr.


The only social hub to have more social networks than Tint. In addition to the networks mentioned above for Tint, they also connect with Flickr and Foursquare. They also have a dynamic set of analytical tools.


Provides not only customized feeds but customized layouts to fit your needs. Stackla is great for live displays and websites.

Social Media in Marketing and CRM

At first, people used social media to connect. But over time, they started to use and rely on social media more and more.

Social Media Management

Those who recognized Pinterest’s potential are laughing. They should be present on some niche social media sites that relate to their interests

After all, billions of people of all ages are engaging with each other directly and in various communities. Some users were too small to remember when social media first came about. They grew right into the social media world, so this world of interconnectedness comes naturally to them.

In response to that, brands realized they needed to build a greater level of intimacy with their customers and community.  All that shows us the growing influence of social media in marketing and CRM (customer relationship management.) See all related benefits of Social Media in Marketing and CRM.

Social Community Power Knowledge Base

For instance, do you think KOT (Kenyans On Twitter) privileges the Social Community Power Online? Especially on matters affecting first, second or even third parties. Including the social community general users, the state and media.

Well, that’s the question of matter everyone here at jmexclusives too has been clinging on. But, not until one of our reputable research and management consultants volunteered to provide some basic.

Therefore, towards the end of this blog, you too will have a general understanding of the social community power of influence. For your information, a social community such as KOT utilizes its online power in order to;

  • promote a particular agenda
  • share opinions, contributions, and further agenda add-ons
  • oversee the wrongs and faults in particular industry
  • speak on behalf of the less privileged (in accordance with social media platforms access)
  • transcribe, translate, comment or even elaborate on matters affecting the general society
  • incite on changes to a failed government operations
  • support individuals, corporates, organizations, and celebrities they follow, etc.
Social Community is the ability to affect the decision-making process. In addition to the use of resources, both public and private.

What is a Social Community?

In the first place, the Social Community is the ability to affect the decision-making process. In addition to the use of resources, both public and private. Especially, within a social community or watershed group.

As a matter of fact, Social Community Power is simply the capacity to bring about change. It is the energy that gets things done.

All levels of the Conservation Partnership need to know about community power structures. Particularly in order to more effectively implement and maintain locally led conservation

Below, find more useful and related topic links. In addition, here is the complete guide of Social Media Community Power.

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