The Most Memorable Six Sixes In Cricket History To Know About

If you are a fan of cricket then you must be willing to know about the legends who hit six sixes in an over and added their name to the 6 ball 6 six record list. In sports, many records are made and broken but there are some records which are made to become history.

So we are going to delve into the world of cricket and will give you some exciting information. 

Some bowlers made the record of hat-trick likewise, there are some batsmen also who hit 6 balls and scored 6 sixes. Let’s check the list. 

Herschelle Gibbs 6 ball 6 six, South Africa vs the Netherlands

The list starts with the showstopper of the ODI world cup 2007 who entered the game in the 30th over Herschelle Gibbs and changed the history. Going deep into the match for the first ball of the over, Gibbs danced down the pitch and hit a long six.

This made some pressure on the bowler but the next six were also in the same style but long off. That was not all in the same direction Gibbs gift the third six. And it was natural to feel that stress but doesn’t mean the bowler should give a full toss to a player like Gibbs and there he hit his 4th six. The 5th hit was also from the long-off now it was the turn for the last ball of the over and the bowler wanted to stop this ball to become a six so he gave him a middle-pace delivery but that idea don’t work he made history by scoring six sixes in an over. 

Yuvraj Singh 6 ball 6 six, India vs England 

It feels too good to see our nation on the record list and the player is our Punjabi Munda “Yuvi” who add up his name to the record of six sixes by playing against England. Want to know how? There are some controversies about the Sixes mentioning that there was some argument between Yuraj and Andrew Flintoff but Yuvraj cleared that in a show Breakfast with Champions and revealed whatever the reason was but he played a memorable game that day which every Indian remember by their heart. 

Sri Lanka vs. West Indies, Kieron Pollard’s Six Sixes

Making records and breaking them is another favorite game of West Indies players however in this list Kieron Pollard made the runs against Sri Lanka on the home ground and the best come when it was a difficult time. The team was under pressure because Akila Dananjaya was struck with a hat-trick, But then Pollard decided to take charge of the game in his hands and he scored 20 runs so fast which was surprising for everyone. The Right-handed batsman continued hitting the balls and made the ball deliveries out from the ground and finally added his name to the 6 ball 6 six record list. It’s difficult to say that the player can’t make the same history in IPL as he concluded his IPL career. But still, we have some unforgettable moments from his game in IPL.  

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