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Guest Blog Posting

In this guide, you will learn how our Free Guest Blog Posting Program works and how to join easily and quickly. This empowers us to contribute our/your practical advice and inspirational content to all new/existing web-based readers. Given our ultimate Editorial Guidelines, it’s worth mentioning that we aim to provide readers with insightful, honest, and comprehensive reviews and information about technology products. To support our work, we have affiliate and brand relationships. As such, we always work and are committed to editorial integrity.

On that note, all our business/brand/product reviews are legit. One thing is sure: They are evaluated based on their merits and performance. Our review process is thorough and independent, ensuring our opinions are based on the actual consumer or our experience with the product. As a rule of thumb, we do not accept payment for positive reviews. All opinions in our reviews are our own and reflect our genuine experience with the product.

On the contrary, our website has been a leading mobile technology media for over a decade, with an audience of millions of monthly readers who want to know more about us. Founded in 2014, it has solidified its position as one of the first and best technology blogs — regarding website design/application development technology, cloud computing, marketplace, AI, reviews, IoT, and more.

Be that as it may, if you’re here, you’d like to learn more about us. First, our commitment to quality and editorial integrity makes us the go-to resource for hard-core tech fans worldwide – and this is not a lie! We love everything related to technology, from upcoming firms to tech gadgets, phones, tablets, IoT, and even automobiles. Eventually, we believe that we’re genuine techie webmasters.

What Our Web Tech Experts Guest Blog Posting Program Entails

Technically, if you’re a designer or developer with writing chops, you can contribute to Our Blog for free or be paid through our Blog Posting Program for guests. At the same time, if you need a B2B Freelance Writer for your blog or a copywriter for your marketing content, we’re all here! Our team of Web Tech Experts and Webtechex is ready to simplify everything. And now, let’s face it.

In reality, we all know how busy you are, and have no time for valuable site content! We can significantly help! Our colorful web content is used as a lead-generation tool for many reasons. For instance, to help both our overall website undertakings and your web business reach its intended audience through blogging and social sharing. Grow your email subscribers or even boost your new business leads.

Free Guest Blog Posting Program

We specialize in all forms of content writing and optimization service solutions, for both our new clients as well as our existing customers alike. So, do you own a small business and think others would enjoy hearing your story or learning from your experience? Or are you a freelance writer interested in exploring topics of interest to our readers? If so, you can read on to learn more.

Explore how you can contribute to our Blog Posting Program. The next question most readers and potential contributors always ask is why contribute to our blog as a guest author? You too, may ask. We publish practical advice and inspirational content for all new, existing, aspiring, and active everyday entrepreneurs. As well as the web professionals who help them start, grow, and manage their ventures.

Our critical drives include:—
  • connecting with others
  • empowering each other
  • thriving to grow together

While, at the same time, for entrepreneurs, we focus on topics related to the four stages of their journey. Whenever we collaborate with a business, we always strive to meet all the needs and demands. All through strict consideration of our driving force.

Our guiding criteria are:—
  • Dream It: Nurturing the idea for a commercial, civic, or creative project with more automation and better tools.
  • Create It: Starting the project and creating brand assets, presence, and the first iteration of the product or service.
  • Grow It: Implementing regular and repeatable processes, strategic marketing, and investing more in technology.
  • Manage It: Improving business efficiency daily, including increasing productivity.

NB: As you plan to join us, please note that due to the volume of submissions we receive each day, we may be unable to respond to all inquiries on time. But you can always Consult Us with your brief and custom request.

In addition to publishing content related to the four stages of the entrepreneur journey, we strive to educate and inspire other entrepreneurs too. With content that addresses the three activities that span all four entrepreneur stages.

On the other hand, we publish content of interest to individuals in a variety of industries too. Including — artists to healthcare providers, restaurateurs to real estate agents, etc. Whilst, as qualified and lead web professionals, we focus on topics related to various activities. And, this is quite something that we all love and enjoy doing so to say.

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Not forgetting, we also share real-world stories about everyday entrepreneurs through our featured Online Marketplace and other more similar and related to eCommerce blog articles. With that in mind, you can simply visit our main blog right away to see some of the most recent articles.

NB: Our other service solutions include Language Translation, English Editing Services, Copy Content Editing Services, Substantive Editing Services, Publication Support Services, Proofreading Services, etc.

Be that as it may, I (Joseph Mucira), the CEO & Founder of the jmexclusives team of Web Tech Experts, do call myself a professional writer for a reason. Since I’ve been a freelance writer since 2015 and am knowledgeable in my niche. Such as eBooks, blog posts, website pages, research guidelines, email newsletters, white papers, and more. Our main requirements…

For Blog Articles:

  1. First, the blog title should not be more than 55 words
  2. Likewise, it would help if you start your blog with the title Keyword Phrase at the beginning
  3. Secondly, the word count for each blog article should be at least 1k plus words
  4. Thirdly, the written content should be 100% original with adequate resource references
  5. Equally, the article should be written as per tools such as Yoast — writing style in a conversational tone
  6. The featured images on the blog must be at least 1200 (px) minimum width and 700 (px) minimum height
  7. Must consider at least using H2 or H3 for the main title headings and H4 or H5 for the subheading titles
  8. At least include 5 internal and 5 external links in the article content – whether dofollow links or nofollow links
  9. Use a tool like Grammarly to check spelling mistakes, grammar errors, sentence construction difficulties, etc.
  10. Have a well-written conclusion statement with terms like Takeaway, Final Words, Summary Notes, etc.

NB: Most preferably, all free articles shall be reviewed by our team before or after publication — without any prior notice.

For Anchor Texts:

  1. We allow both do-follow and no-follow backlinks
  2. Brand/URL Anchors (For example, a branded anchor for would be “Web Tech Experts” to represent the overall jmexclusives team. URL anchors are variations of the naked URL, such as:
    •, etc.
  3. Miscellaneous Anchors (click here, read more, go to this website, etc.)
  4. Target Keyword and Longtail Anchors (Anchor text that includes a variation of the keyword on the linked-to page. For example: ‘link building strategies’ linking to a page about link building.)
  5. Location base Anchor (For example, digital agencies in Kenya, moving companies in Nairobi, the best SEO agencies of the year, etc.)

Important to realize, that as you contribute, you can include statistics, numerical data, quotes, ideas, and fun facts. Ensure accuracy of content with adherence to grammar, punctuation, and correct terminology statements.

Perse, all the final drafts you contribute by email will be shared with our main writers for approval. Bearing in mind, if the articles being published are guest contributions, there would be no remuneration for writing them.

The Content Contributors Kind That We Need

First of all, we’re looking for both freelance writers and guest contributors. What’s the difference? Put simply, freelance writers are assigned topics and compensated for their writing. While guest contributors are subject-matter experts who submit mutually agreed-upon original work. Typically, a content freelance is someone who writes for various clients.

Sometimes, according to our blog posting program terms, they are paid per writing assignment or per batch of assignments. Perse, at jmexclusives, we have several high-paying freelance writing clients with recurring projects or ad hoc projects. You can call yourself many names depending on what service you want.

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For instance, let’s consider this: once you’ve worked as a freelance writer for a while, you can now officially call yourself a Professional Writer and much more. Forthwith, these are the kind of content contributors we are looking for.

Other content creative writer names include:–

  • Freelance Blogger:– Their main focus is on blog writing.
  • Content Writer:– Their focus is on different types of content (white paper, blog posts, eBooks…).
  • SEO Writer:– Their focus is to provide highly optimized content for search engines as a way to rank in Google.
  • Content Strategists:– They focus more on creativity and managing content.
  • Freelance Web Content Writer:– Their focus is on providing content for the web.
  • Ghost Writer:– The main focus of a ghostwriter is on providing ghostwriting (not in your name).

In a nutshell, a guest contributor or guest authorship is a practice in which senior researchers are listed as co-authors, despite having had little to do with the work involved in publishing original research reports — on research reports that are the works of others. For example, undergraduates and postdoctoral fellows work in their lab. You can read and learn more about other related Types of Freelance Writing Services You Can Offer in detail. Get all the guides to up your blog posting program game.

How Our Blog Posting Program Works

In other words, we’re looking for the Lead Blog Posting Program Contributors to our blog from around the globe. For beginners, it focuses on challenges and developments related to research, publishing, and academic writing.

If you are interested to write on such topics, the jmexclusives site is a great web platform to share your content on. With a diverse audience comprising of early-stage researchers, industry professionals, and graduate students. By writing for our web agency, you get a chance to interact with a diverse community from the research and STM industry.

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As well as increase your overall web visibility. You’ll also gain the experience of writing for a niche international audience of researchers. In addition to industry professionals from the STM industry, and academic societies.

Equally important, you’ll also get a chance to collaborate with like-minded peers on different writing projects. More so, have your own profile page with an option to link it to your website. As you also highly improve your writing portfolio.

We are looking for:–

  • Budding science journalists,
  • Specialists writing on science-related policy,
  • Featured experts writing in scholarly publications,
  • Industry professionals working with journals or publishers,
  • Academic or Research writing (Notes, Tips, Best Practices, “How to”, Checklists),
  • Careers in research or scholarly publishing industry,
  • Science policies and debates, etc.

It’s also important to realize, that all authors (both freelance writers and guest contributors) get a byline on their articles, plus a dedicated author profile page. While showing them how to put those insights they write about into practice.

What To Expect From Our Beginners

  • User Experience: If they can learn from your experience, all the better.
  • Interesting Topics: We want articles that give our readers new insights and ideas.
  • Mind Connect: Our blog’s editorial team both assigns specific article topics and accepts writer pitches.
  • Great Ideas: If you’ve got a great idea that you think will appeal to our readership, you can always send it our way!
  • Robust, Well-Cited Articles: We want blog posts that have practical examples and appropriate attribute sources.
  • A Fair Compensation: The amount we pay for each article depends on factors like article length and complexity
  • Agreeable Deadlines: We love ‘em. We give our freelance writers ample time to complete assignments.
  • Be Authoritative: We seek freelancers who can write with authority while keeping it real.
  • Strong Voice: Our blog’s editorial tone is fun and conversational, even a bit irreverent.

NB: Notably, we also consider author influence as a key factor to our blog contribution (an added advantage to our payroll).

What To Expect From Our Professionals

As a matter of fact, at jmexclusives, we strive to publish content that is useful and informative to our readers. But, guest posts should not include blatant self-promotion, link schemes, marketing, or sales pitches. Otherwise, include:

  • Original Work: All submitted work must be original (not syndicated/republished from elsewhere).
  • Trending Topics: We’re looking for a fresh take on trending topics in your area of expertise.
  • Experience Matters: Write about what you know: your experiences, expertise, and professional opinions.
  • Key Citations: Just be sure to cite sources where appropriate to support your claims.
  • Any Day/Time: Pitch us your topic and we’ll let you know if it’s a good fit for our audience and editorial calendar.
  • No Blatant Self-promotion: We’re happy to include a few linkbacks to relevant related content on your blog site.
  • Publish Date TBD: If we accept your guest post, we’ll let you know when it will publish, based on our editorial calendar.

NB: In all cases, we reserve the right to make edits to submitted work for content, formatting, style, and tone.

Reporting Notes:–
  • Language & Grammar
  • Journal Guidelines
  • Manuscripts & Grants
  • Reference Management
  • Figures & Tables
Publishing Notes:–
  • Selecting Journals
  • Submitting Manuscripts
  • Understanding Reviews
  • Understanding Ethics

By all means, our team will share the published posts (with proper credits) on different social platforms. Not forgetting, all writers should also promote their articles on their respective but best social media channels once blogged.

NB: You can also Advertise Your Business with us. It starts from as low as $99 for Banner Ads, $79 for Permanent Posts, and $29 for DF Backlinks, etc. As such, just use the form below to Get In Touch with our lead digital online service solutions team.

How Our Sponsored Posts & Links Program Works

Of course, yes! We accept sponsored posts on our website blog. Whereby, we have an editorial fee of $70 for a general post/link and $100 for a casino/CBD post/link. And, as mentioned, our blog articles cover almost everything! From trending news, app design, web content SEO, travel, lifestyle, crypto, finance, culture, health, politics, business, etc.

Allow our SEOs to take all your website content to the next level. Get quality guest posting with 5+ backlinks on our top-ranking websites. Some with PR9 & DA (Domain Authority) of 30 to 70 Plus. Bearing in mind, today, a web SEO audit is more difficult than any other time before. Why? Obviously, SERPs like Google mainly focus on quality backlinks.

Sponsored Posts & Links Toolkit:
  1. The main Site URL:
  2. About the Site Ownership:
    • Joseph Mucira — founder/chairperson
    • Web Tech Experts — teamforce/taskforce
  3. Communication Emails:

We discuss charges with each individual client depending on various factors such as content niche, business category, etc. Either the client offers us the content or our team does the writing at a fee. Special articles such as CBD, Casino, Loans, PayDay, Crypto, Vaping, Law, etc. are allowed. Sponsored posts and links stay on our site permanently/lifetime unless there’s a need to remove/delink them on request.

We do not put “Sponsored”, Collaboration, or any other paid label tags on the articles unless it’s a requirement from the client. Likewise, we have no limit on the maximum number of posts we can accept each month. For one thing, it all depends on the client’s orders. We charge a different service facilitation fee for a product-based review post as well as editorial links on both new and old/existing blog posts.

Our Blog Posting Program Main Benefits

Without quality links, it’s hard for many sites to rank high. From Quality Guest Posts Blogging to Permanent Do Follow (DF) Backlinks! In the present day, your site backlinks mention the lifeblood of both on-page and off-page SEO. All websites are our own property, and we are not working as a middleman — this guarantees the best price on the market!

Other Blog Guests Posting Program Benefits Include:
  • Creation of relevant and resourceful user-based web content
  • Email sequences to get read, convert, and retain your customers
  • Long-form digital marketing content to get your business more traffic
  • Content that increases your search engine visibility and boosts your conversion rate
  • Web writing solutions that use a specific set of rules to maximize reader attention yet are easy to scan
  • Write with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) or Social Media Optimized (SMO) friendly content in mind
  • In the end, SERPs will pay attention to your website, deliver your content on your audience’s radar, etc.

By all means, we maintain all our websites, and blogs and we are continuously increasing our network of websites each day. For all existing and related clients, we are offering a free three reports no matter if you purchase our sponsored post or not. Just email us the domain, and we will provide the report in pdf within 24 hours.

Some more quick summary notes:

  • We allow at least 5 do-follow links
  • All orders over $200 USD have a 5% discount
  • All links are permanent and all links are do-follow
  • We accept PayPal as our main method for guests posting payments
  • All our guest posts are not marked as sponsored posts (unless requested to do so)
  • A limited amount of guest posts are available each month!
  • Our clients include Fortune 500 companies!
  • We only allow quality guest posts

Usually, we can publish within 24 hours or faster! Keeping in mind, we’ve got a 2 shift team to check emails 24/7. Finally, whatever the situation, you can now rest easy through our custom SEO services. So, do you want to rank your site high on all search engine result pages? Suffice to say, we provide 100% unique IPs, and safe & white hat-effective (indexable) content. And, it’s all manually done too (no robot use or software manipulation).

Ready To Start Guest Blogging Today? Just Get In Touch With Us!

In nutshell, we are passionate about helping early-career researchers overcome all challenges in publishing their work in top journals. This is also reflected in our efforts to help experienced and busy researchers in building their research profiles and maximize opportunities for growth.

Primarily, our Guests Blog Posting Program focuses on providing knowledge resources on research writing, publishing in journals, and promotion of published work. We see these areas as the least transparent and most misunderstood aspects of academic publishing. As well as a major obstacle for groundbreaking research getting published.

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Clearly, we believe that there is a better way to aid academics. For instance, in fulfilling their research goals through a more practical, multilingual, up-to-date, and less intrusive avenue. Where they can also gain insightful knowledge and acquire skills to achieve publication success.

By the same token, career progression for researchers primarily depends on their successful publication history. Of course, to facilitate this, that’s why we developed a structured, flexible, and certified online learning platform. Especially, for busy researchers that enables them to enrich their research skills and enhance their career growth.

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Keeping in mind, that there are so many difficulties faced by academic researchers in finding the right solutions to their research problems. Fortunately, our premier consultation service helps authors connect with renowned field experts.

Through live 1-on-1 video, interactions to discuss their research questions or address any writing or publishing-related issues. That said, for more support on how to join our Blog Posting Program, you can Contact Us and let us know how we can help. Likewise, feel free to let us know how we can make the Guest’s Blog Posting Program even much better.

Consult the Web Tech Experts Taskforce for free today! Whether it's inquiries, requests, contributions, suggestions, recommendations, and questions — or even to share your overall web accessibility experience — just use this form:
NB: Please pick the most accurate reason for reaching out from the drop-down above since priority response depends on it.
Terms Agreement: I hereby agree to receive emails from Web Tech Experts Taskforce and allow them to discuss my request for feedback.